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Back after nearly a 5-year hiatus

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by aliensushi, May 30, 2022.

Back after nearly a 5-year hiatus
  1. aliensushi Platinum

    It's been nearly 5 years since I was last online, I used to be a very active Annihilation player back in the day until I moved on with college and started to focus on life. I wonder if there's still some OG"s left around.

    Throwback to some memories from 2014.

    2014-07-15_14.35.30.png ‎- Photos (gyazo.com) Lizze__/@squizze
    2014-07-16_17.49.28.png ‎- Photos (gyazo.com) Maggie_May_Play/@Maggie
    2014-07-16_17.53.12.png ‎- Photos (gyazo.com) Robertthegoat/@Robertthegoat
    2014-07-17_17.27.35.png ‎- Photos (gyazo.com) LavenderGirrafe/@LavenderGiraffe
    2014-07-21_17.14.25.png ‎- Photos (gyazo.com) lh8608/@lh8608
    2014-07-31_20.44.48.png ‎- Photos (gyazo.com) gizcow/@Gizcow

  2. GiveLifeB2Music Platinum

    good old days
  3. DiviXion Platinum

    Been here for a very long time as well, ever since mid 2012 when it was just MineZ.

    Some names I have not seen in a long, long time! Earliest memories of Annihilation was Red Team never winning and Coastal being the only map.

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