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Axyy's Journey

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Axyy, Aug 16, 2020.

Axyy's Journey
  1. Axyy Marketing Team

    Welcome everyone to my Shotbow Journey thread. I have been thinking about this for weeks and I finally decided to gather all information and start working on it.

    I want to start by saying that my time on Shotbow was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I've met such amazing people, got a chance to be a part of the staff team, and I have to say. When I look back at my very first forum posts my English was horrible, Shotbow and its community really helped me with my grammar.

    Let begin, shall we?

    It all started back in February, 2015. - Shotbow got recommended by a friend, called Jard9 andhis friend jtgamer11. We started playing Annihilation and I absolutely had no idea how to play it, and I was very unaware about the forums so I couldn't buy any classes, I didn't even gather any experience since I didn't have a forum account. But then, it happened. My friend told me about gathering shotbow experience, and told me how to buy classes, so It was the 7th of February 2015 when I finally signed up to the forums. I was able to gather experience and I finally had the ability to buy classes.

    Soon after I got into Annihilation, I made some new friends and I slowly got left behind by my old ones. At this time I met 3 amazing people, KickingTurtle, Darkkiller264, and fastjorn66. I remember having a skype call, and we used to chat and play Annihilation all-day long. I can't really remember when this happened, but fastjornn66 (known as jorn_p), kinda left the group. Shortly after, a new person entered our group chat, called GwnNLj. We were more active than ever, we just couldn't stop playing Annihilation. You could say at some point, that I was really addicted to the game. It only got better and better because us four started a clan, called OLYM (This was for short, I can't remember the full nname). - We had clan games, skype calls that lasted for hours. It truly was amazing, and I'm glad I got to know this people. It's sad to say but, I don't have contact with any of them anymore.

    Now we've landed in December 2015. I met some new people, such as UnlimitedPvP_ and DutchBartje, this was because of SiglerSpeak. I was aware of UnlimitedPvP_'s clan called TvT and so I decided to send them my application. Soon after I got a message that I got accepted and so I became a member of the well-known clan called TvT. At this time I also released my GG build submission with DutchBartje. We decided to build a GG KoTH map. Click HERE for the map.

    I eventually joined UDG, a mostly Dutch clan leaded by MizuIsAwesome. A lot of familiar people were in it, such as Darkkiller264 and KickingTurtle. I eventually became a clan officer and I had one of the best times in here. So so so amazing, all the banter we had. It was just amazing.

    Let's move on a few more months. I eventually left UDG and got to know some more people. I met Unicycle43, a truly heart-warming person, and I really hope he sees this. Once a year we have a little chat, and I'm really thankful for the time we've had on Shotbow. Unicycle43 and I decided to start a clan, called TeamRisk. (I am happy I never left the Slack, so I was able to get some names) - Here they are: Kazumii, Sherlock_Ikers, Superbob1000, Wobblewalrus, Thomas_Dorland, Reconal, Wazowski, Christian_PvP_, Athys, Iram_, BeatThePro, Jetix, tmgirlswek, low_ping, Noatjee, Noobfan, Pindah, Elacris, Techno141, and Unicycle43 of course). We've had great times.

    During my time on TeamRisk, I was also part of another clan called, Team Galaxy. (Name Explanation: Galaxy was a mix between my name and GalavonBordeaux). - Members of this clan were, GalavonBordeaux, Cuube, DrachenCube, Kingey, Kubi_Tier, and Heatfluxion) Somehow, we all made it to SMASH Mini Admin.

    So there it is, we've landed in the period when I was Mini Admin on Shotbow. It was really really really fun, to become a part of Shotbow's staff team. People who knew me back then, were aware of the fact that I really wanted to become a part of the staff team, and yes I did it, finally... - I remember punishing a lot of rule-breakers and having fun games with friends, since I was able to use worldedit. A few weeks ago I was re-watching evidence of rule-breakers and nostalgia really hit me. I really wish I could go back in time, and done things differently. There would have been a good chance that I was still staff at this point, Shotbow was the server I was in love with. So later on, I became a part of the GG Admin team as well. I was asked by JesseTheDemon to become a Mini Admin for GG and yes, I of course accepted that invitation. I became a part of the team, and got to punish even more rule-breakers! >:) - Besides that, I was able to host GG events for the community. And gosh, this was so fun. I wish staff members still did this, I would host events from FFA with custom kits, to tournements with special prizes. Such a fun time.

    To all fun things comes and end. 2 weeks before I was going to leave the staff team, I banned a few players with lack of evidence which I got re-trained for. Everything went well on my Shotbow life, but not in-real life. What people don't know is that I was really sick for a few months, also during my time as staff. I won't go too much into detail but that is one of the reasons I decided to leave the staff team. Besides that, I was forced to make a decision. I had to choose between helping my friends out with their server (Building and stuff), or being an Admin on Shotbow. At that time, I already felt extremely sick and was not looking around for people that were putting this kind of presure on me. Even though, I was trying to become staff for so long, and I absolutely loved Shotbow, I still choose to help my friends out. Because they were not the ones to put such presure on me.

    2 weeks after leaving the staff team, I tried to join Shotbow but I couldn't. An error message popped up saying I got permanently banned for the reason "Talk to Adam". - I really did not know what I done wrong, and I was shocked. Literally. - I went into Teamspeak and joined BrendanLeeT's channel immendiantly. At first, he didn't want to tell me why, I I just had to contact Adam (Shotbow's Lead Dev at the time). So yes, I decided to shoot Adam a Discord PM. I quote "hi, I'm currently banned for 'Talk to Adam' - and I was wondering when I can talk to you." 2 days later and still no response so I sent him another message: "I do understand you're busy, but I really want to play again." - And you can already guess, I never got a single message from Adam.

    Suddendly, my ban reason changed to "Staff Abuse & Internal Affairs." - I was still shocked, I didn't know what I did wrong and I didn't even know what Internal Affairs meant. I went into Teamspeak again and asked BrendanLeeT what I done wrong and he decided to tell me since Adam didn't reply. So yes, what did I do wrong, was the question. - I told a friend of mine about the XP-Multipliers change 1 day before HighlifeTTU announced it to the public. - At that time, I was really angry. How could I ever get banned over such a small thing, after everything I've done for Shotbow. From dontating 500 bucks, to putting in hours of my spare time to help Shotbow's community. At that time, I was really angry and I started being a big meanie of the forums. And I kept appealing my ban. You can guess, all my appeals got denied. After my fourth appeal, I got forum banned and I was unable to post messages on the forums for years.

    4 years passed, I still appealed once a year but those would all get denied. - Still, when the pandemic came up, I returned to Shotbow on my alt: Upside_Down. - I released a SMASH map called Stadium, and made a Shotbow Community Thread. I started to show my interests to Shotbow again, and I showed everyone that I matured, and actually understand why I got banned. Leaking is not allowed, it doesn't matter how big or small it is. Leaking is leaking, you could say that it's unfair because of all the things I did. I still have to follow the same rules as everyone else.

    I appealed one more time, and it finally got accepted by Mistri. After 4 years, I was given my second chance. I released another SMASH map called Pac-Man, and released a post about Network Changes and a SMASH Feedback post. I even introduced new people to SMASH which can be seen in this video, SMASH WITH FRIENDS.

    Even though, I'm not a 2013 player. You can say that I had a hell of a journey here on Shotbow and I'm so so so thankful that. I wish that I could go back in time, and take on some things differently. But yes, I believe that everything happens for a reason.

    I want to thank a lot of people, guess I'll just sum up there names here.
    (Thank You: Unicycle43, GalavonBordeaux, Cuube, DrachenCube, Kubi_Tier, Kazumii, Sherlock_Ikers, Superbob1000, Wobblewalrus, Thomas_Dorland, Reconal, Christian_PvP_, Iram_, BeatThePro, Jetix, tmgirlswek, low_ping, Noatjee, Noobfan, Elacris, DutchBartje, Agredris, Barskey, DiovaX, Jorn_P, SquallyTheWally, LegendaryAlex, MisuIsAwesome, Darkkiler264, KickingTurtle, Fluffoon, BrendanLeeT, Reconal, Inferides, MTrout, Athys, NotSwipe, Vampire_Toothy, JesseTheDemon, Christian_PvP_, Hollow_Leg, Thomas_Dorland, Mistri, Pinguuuuuuuuu, Miscii, Aerux, Titanium_Ranger, iAnnii, Iram_, ItzWoz_, ItzFoz_, Its_Bos, ItsLucaPvP, Maasgh, Markparry7, Monster_Bug, MartianCactus, Jard9, jtgamer11, LegendaryAlex, SirTrishaIX, sizuku499, Tonkatsu129, YouSeeKenny, _Arty)
    I am really sorry if I missed someone :(


    I skipped the part of my forum journey since it's a story with too much detail. I just list everything by me on the forums here:

    Map Submissions:
    Community Threads:
    I really do not hope my journey ends here, I will never ever stop playing Shotbow. I am here, when the server closes it's doors.
    Thanks for reading.
    :heart: Axyy :heart:

  2. LegendaryAlex Platinum

  3. Hollow_Leg Platinum

    Team Risk is a name I haven't heard in a very long time
  4. 2kJard Platinum

    ''Shotbow got recommended by a friend, called Jard9 andhis friend jtgamer11'' (famous lmao).
  5. Axyy Marketing Team

  6. Superbob1000 Retired Staff

    Brings back those Team Risk days lol I completely forgot about that. Good to get to know you some, my dude
  7. Uneaven Platinum

    Oh lord my old name haha, it was a good time indeed axyy. :wink:

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