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Annihilation Autumn Anni Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Murgatron, Sep 23, 2019.

Annihilation - Autumn Anni Update
  1. Murgatron Retired Staff


    Annihilation Autumn Update Changelog

    Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce a wee update to Annihilation has now gone live - changelog below!

    [IMG] Dasher & Defender [IMG]


    Replaced the pearl with a dye item (renamed to Guardian's Warp).
    Replaced the pearl with a dye item (still called Blink)

    Sadly in our current version of Spigot there is an inconsistency in code that means that sometimes enderpearls would function as a vanilla item - i.e be thrown. For now we're implementing this change to Dasher and Defender. The pearl items may return at a later date.



    Newly respawned players do not count towards your bow upgrades anymore.

    There is no honour in counting newly respawned players as kills! After 30 seconds or so though they are considered fair game (this is the same amount of time that you cannot gain SBXP).



    Vines are now silent upon despawning
    Reduced cobwebs to 4
    Cobwebs thrown will now form a pyramid structure upon landing
    Projectile has been replaced with a snowball

    Spider had potential to be a stealth class but sadly the vines were extremely noisy. You can now climb around the edge of the map in complete silence!

    Cobwebs were finicky to throw and land accurately to be effective. We hope that with these changes the webs will much more powerful. Additionally they can now also stick to the side of blocks, allowing for more versatility.



    Stopped the life drain ability working on ghosts.

    This could be quite a haunting experience...

    [IMG] Tinkerer


    Diamond pads broken by teammates no longer fragment (this was a bug!).
    Removed the undroppable / class item tag on books.

    Other changes

    [IMG]Portal Mechanics

    When going through a portal the game will now check to see if you are in close proximity to your nexus. If you're not (i.e. at an enemy base) you won't get teleported anymore - so beware!

    We made this change as it felt cheap for enemy players to escape if they could make it to a portal.

    • We've increased the PvP immunity upon respawn to be 5 seconds. This will be removed however if you move away from the spawnpoint or deal damage to a player.
    • Farmers bones are now bonemeal - whilst soulbound you can use them!
    • We have also disabled natural mob spawning (don't worry the witch will still appear!). This is to ensure that players cannot farm gunpowder from creepers, for example :wink:
    • Only food items (and a shield of course!) can now be held in the offhand - this is due to a number of bugs relating to offhand item usage.
    • Swappers no longer receive fall damage immunity when they swap someone (only the person who was swapped will receive fall damage immunity).This has been a longstanding bug.
    • Classes are now listed in alphabetical order, with locked and unlocked classes being on separate pages for ease of navigation.
    • We have also updated a number of class icons so they are more intuitive reflective of the class and in other cases more unique (ie no more 3 swords in the menu!).
    Assassin is now a potion of leaping (was a golden sword) since it's active is called leaping!

    Builder is now a brick item (instead of a brick block) to help distinguish it better from other class icons for those who are colourblind (ie crafting bench for civilian).

    Defender is now a shield (was a wooden sword).

    Enchanter is now a enchanting table (was a bottle of enchanting).

    Robinhood is now a specteral arrow (was golden melon) - since this was an inside joke and melons did not represent what the class was about.

    Spider is now a Cobweb (was vines).

    Tinkerer is now a redstone block (was a stone pressure plate).

    Credits :heart:

    This update was possible thanks to the tremendous hard work of our newest junior developer and resident full builder - Mosh_Von_Void. Under Robertthegoat's mentoring Mosh has quickly picked up coding and has excelled at thrashing this update out for us before he resumes his IRL studies. Thank you Mosh for your efforts and to Robert for enabling him - we owe you both!

    As always thanks to the Anni Admin team who have helped contribute ideas, feedback (and from the players too!) as well as their hours of bug testing.

    We have a few other updates in the works that we hope to release soon. Please keep posting your ideas on the forums - we honestly do read every one of them! :D

  2. connor564 Platinum


  3. Unhinge Platinum

    I'm sad natural mobs are gone, it was fun getting early gp as it was so rare or the ocassional enderman RIP
    Otherwise most of the update/patch is cool

    Some bugs I've experienced are
    -Robinhood anti farm thingy spams me when you rush and kill people when I didn't even go robinhood once that game
    -Spiders webs are easily glitched and made permanent i.e throw the webs then /kill , they won't despawn and you respawn with all 4 again

    spider is actually quite fun and somewhat useful now cool!!
  4. Jarool Emerald

    I'm happy about almost every single change here. The only two I'm a little iffy/sad on is the Spider cobweb change and the Swapper fall damage change.

    Although as I'm typing this, I'm kinda ok with the Cobweb change now, so I think it's fine.

    The Swapper no fall damage thing was really cool in very specific circumstances. For example, swapping with someone on top of a wall and then jumping into their base. Or swapping someone on top of a tree in Coastal and then jumping down to immediately fight them. I understand it's a longstanding bug, but it was a very cool, niche bug that had its uses.

    The other change I'm kinda worried/wondering about is the portal change. I can understand why, on the one hand, since making it an easy escape can be a real pain in the 9000 IQ brain, but on the other hand, sometimes you need a quick way back, for instance, to fight off a rush of theirs. This has happened to me on a few occasions. I suggest that this IS a good change, but could be made a bit better. For instance, maybe that portal is usable if that team is dead AND/OR you haven't been hit by an enemy for the last 5-15 seconds. This way, you can't just use it as a quick getaway if, say, an enemy on Red is fighting you on Blue and Yellow is dead so you just use their portal to make an easy escape.

    Overall, good fixes, good changes, good update. Hope to see more updates like these in the future.
  5. Daethy Platinum

    Can Dasher get a nerf. You don't even use hunger bars when you dash now.

    Dunno about spiders web buff. Just played a game with all of mid covered in webs.
  6. soto Platinum

    good update. necessary changes finally made. thumbs up fellas
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  7. Ivandagiant Silver

    Can you please re-add the recall stone to the store since you removed teleporting home? I mean I guess you could leave and rejoin but that puts you at a bit of risk...I would rather use a recall stone
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  8. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    • All classes with two words in them removed spacing and made the second word capitalized. (except for portmanteau like Handyman, Iceman and Lumberjack.)
    • Fixed eating offhand food while using bow in main hand.
    • Right clicking to pick a class in the select a class window has been removed.
    • These Trivia entries have now been removed from the A.Q.R. Trivia Page:
    [Fact] Armor with thorns effect will be applied if it is held in your hand or offhand. (as well as armor slots)
    (The functionality remains but the ability to put anything in your offhand aside from food has been removed.)

    Persisting Problems:
    • Some class descriptions don't match. (Archer, Dasher, Hunter, Succubus and debatably Thor)
    • Spy can drop their class ability, destroying it.
  9. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    Can ninja receive the next buff?
    ChickenMac7 likes this.
  10. GiveLifeB2Music Platinum

    Bug : Can't use [Hotbar slot 9] stuff on Crafting Table

    Remove Void Scp plz
  11. HumorlosLP Platinum

    Very nice Update!!

    But there is still 1 Bug, i know: When in Crafting Table, Hotbar Slot 9 is acting like a soulbound item (cant grab/move it whilst crafting)
    Pls remove that because its a bit annoying.
  12. ChrisWoW Platinum

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  13. DutchSurvivor Obsidian

    Wow, that's been some time!

    All well?
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  14. Lauren_Faust Obsidian

    So Glad to see this stuff being updated! Can’t wait for my new laptop so i can play again!

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