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August: Gun Game News and Feedback

Discussion in 'Gun Game' started by Robertthegoat, Aug 8, 2016.

August: Gun Game News and Feedback
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  1. Robertthegoat Developer

    Howdy Folks!

    I want to thank everyone who contributed the community feedback thread from the month of July, and who voted on July's monthly poll. See below for information regarding the results of that input.

    Special thanks to Kayaba for handling the development work transitioning Gun Game to 1.9!

    News for the Month
    Gun Game for Minecraft 1.9 has been opened for public testing on the Beta instance. I encourage everyone to join:


    and give it a try. We will be compiling bugs via the comments section here!

    Don't forget, there's a contest on! Reporting unreported bugs enters you in a chance to win free Shotbow packages!

    This Month's Highlights
    This month, we're focusing purely on bug fixes on our 1.9 instance. No poll for this month.

    Updates From the Previous Month (May)
    Gun tweaks on-going.
    Map changes on-going.
    A content update for Gun Game will be coming sometime post 1.9 update to add in the features approved by the community in the monthly polls.

    We will be making adjustments to some of Gun Game's current maps, as well as continue to look for new additions. The feedback from July's poll gives us a good idea what to look for, and should be referenced if you're interested in making a map of your own.

    Final Notes
    A thank you to everyone who is willing to voice opinions, and for those who will be joining us for testing!

    Have an awesome month!
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  2. Haichao Platinum

    Bugs that I noticed while playing (keep in mind I don't have much experience with gun game so I don't really know what's a bug and what's a feature).

    - You occasionally kill yourself by, I believe, walking into your own bullets. I feel like this is especially prevalent in close quarter combat
    - The scoreboard is confusing. One round I was playing with 4 names on the scoreboard but I'm pretty sure that only 2 people where in the game
    - Adding on to that: The names on the scoreboard weren't colored
    - Friendly fire was enabled

    Not a bug:

    I'm really surprised at how well this game plays with my EU ping of ~200ms. Great job on that!
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