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Suggestion Assist Points

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by IBlakeI, Jun 25, 2014.

Suggestion - Assist Points

What's your opinion on this suggestion?

I want this implemented or something similar to be implemented! 15 vote(s) 93.8%
I don't want this implemented, even with changes. 1 vote(s) 6.3%
  1. IBlakeI Emerald

    What if there were assist points in Annihilation? Where you'd hit an enemy, then your team mate would finish the job. How much xp would you get? And how over-powered would this be? All questions will be answered below!

    First off, assist points aren't for every assist kill you get. It would be about a 30, maybe 50 percent chance that you would even be able to get xp. Secondly, you wouldn't be rewarded that much xp. Just maybe like a third of your original amount. So say somebody gets 3 xp per kill in Annihilation. An assist would grant them 1 extra xp. This wouldn't really be that over-powered because it's not that much more of xp being added. But it would for sure help get xp quicker, for those that aren't very good at getting it. If you want too, let me know what you think of it in the comments and the pole! Have fun out there!
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  2. JackT8ers Gold

    Maybe 1 XP if you do at least 50% of the damage?
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  3. IBlakeI Emerald

    Yeah that could work. Otherwise people could just hit with their fist and get xp.
  4. Extranormal Silver

    It is very annoying to fight a long battle and have a teamate swoop in and take the kill. Id like to see this be implemented, but It also may cause people to run at someone, hit them once, and run back and let the teamates kill them, so maybe you could add a percentage/amount of health that the enemy has to be at before its considered an assist?
  5. Ivandagiant Silver

  6. MOAB4leader Platinum

    I love this idea as I use my bow more then my sword, and a lot of times a guy will come in and do a one hit and I get no points.
    This is a good idea I support...
  7. Furrion Regular Member

    I thought about this kind of thing for other games, so here's my idea of the criteria (it may be a bit hard to code, but if not it should be like this):

    You get an assist if you do equal or greater damage to the enemy than the person with the killing blow (so multiple people who all pitched in a lot can get an assist). Any healing or regeneration the enemy receives gets subtracted from the damage dealt to him in reverse chronological order (the last hit he received, then second to last, all the way to first, when he gets fully healed). Damage dealt to the enemy is calculated in a percentage, with -1% damage credit per second after you hit him. Therefore, it needs to be a significant amount of damage that was not healed by the enemy and was done fairly recently to warrant an assist. Yes, I overthink things, and yes, it is important that people get credit even when their kill is stolen. Like if you agree.
  8. Drago265 Regular Member

    I fully support this; speaking for all archers of Anni.
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