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Discussion Assault - New Gamemode by MrSnare

Discussion in 'Assault' started by gingernut84, Dec 10, 2013.

Discussion - Assault - New Gamemode by MrSnare

If you were to play this, would you be Hero or Villain?

Hero :D 136 vote(s) 53.5%
Villain >:D 156 vote(s) 61.4%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. gingernut84 Platinum


    Assault is now released. Go and give it a try :D

    What is Assault?
    For those who have ever played Star Wars Battlefront 2, you may know about the Hero Assault game-mode which is available through Instant Action (If you haven't played it and you own Battlefront 2, stop reading this and start playing it now!!!). In this game-mode you fight on Tatooine on 1 of 2 teams, Heroes or Villains. The Heroes and Villains each have their own weapons and abilities and you fight against each other in a team deathmatch based game style.
    MrSnare leaked the image above in the chat earlier today (10th December 2013), to tell us what he has been working on recently.

    Assault is being developed by MrSnare, one of the Shotbow developers. Assault has been getting developed on and off for almost 2 years, with at news at one point that the gamemode had been abandoned.
    But now, it looks like it is back, better than ever.
    Keep an eye on this thread if you are interested in receiving updated on the progress of this gamemode, and as stated above, there is no planned release date at this point.

    You can watch the Shotbow weekly development stream which MrSnare ran, showing him doing some coding on the gamemode, as well as showing off some gameplay towards the end, by clicking this link.

    Below is a video from Murgatron. In the video we can see some sneak peak game play of the gamemode that has been developed so far.

    Also below is some test gameplay that I was able to record.

    Information we have so far...
    • The above image, showing what looks light force choke and lightning as well as Lightsabres :D
    • Although this may be false he has announced that there may be classes of which you can purchase using Shotbow XP so you can get into a different style of play whilst playing this gametype. (Source: Chat from earlier today)
    • The map that is being used is this
    • A lot of in game mechanics have been announced/shown. For more information on these, keep reading.

    NEW UPDATE 24/03/15:
    I apologize for the inactivity of this thread. Over the last couple of days there has been more shown regarding this gamemode.First up is a video showing the overheating blaster that hero Han Solo will be using.

    Secondly is a video showing the new updated Jet Pack that will be available to the villain Boba Fett

    Old Updates:
    UPDATE 4/06/14:Despite the fact that this information wasn't released today, I have only got around to editing this post. MrSnare has said that he has done some more work on this gamemode, and it won't hopefully be too long before initial players tests begin.
    UPDATE 24/02/14: Been a while since anything has been mentioned on this particular gamemode but I was given this video by MrSnare. This video shows a 'force choke' effect taking place. This will be one of many different force abilities available.
    Please stay tuned for more information :D
    As for the moment this is all the information that I have available, but I will add to this thread as soon as more information is given.

    So what are your thoughts on this game mode? Would you be a Villain or a Hero in the epic battle between good and evil?
    Image by Oweoz :D

  2. GlorifiedPig Platinum

    Good work. I like it.

    Maybe some kits? Just an idea.

    If you do add this, I would like it to be like GhostCraft as the ghost with all his special ability. Oh, and don't forget the XP system! For killing a hero / villain you get XP. Or anything else. The kits or really like what hero and whatever you want to be, Heros are whatever and Villains are Darth Vader or some stuff

    I don't know why I suggested this because its not even an idea -.-

    I like the idea so far. Good luck! =)
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  3. Razi Platinum

    Good job guessing what it was!
    gingernut84 likes this.
  4. Bracko Emerald

    Gee, this looks sweet! If this actually gets released, that'll be very fun to play! :3
    gingernut84 likes this.
  5. Qik Silver

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  6. MrSnare Retired Staff

    Well looking at the poll, I won't need to even out the teams myself :D
    gingernut84 likes this.
  7. FPSHater Obsidian

    Sounds awesome! Great job Snare, and all involved. Though I still think nothing will be able to beat Unavowed :D
    gogbe likes this.
  8. Tora_Kaji Platinum

    retaHSPF, Great post. I second this.
  9. TwoFrost Regular Member

    Very awesome please put this on Shotbow Network.
  10. FPSHater Obsidian

  11. Tora_Kaji Platinum

    :heart: ^.^
    cr7fanboy likes this.
  12. Megaplaylist64 Platinum

    I would be a Villain!

    Call me Lich Vader.
  13. Mrguddi Platinum

  14. zap109876543210 Regular Member

    Copy right problems?
  15. Noer Emerald

    Star wars battlefront 2 was the shit
  16. Megaplaylist64 Platinum

    About your photo: :eek::eek::eek::eek: :D
  17. gingernut84 Platinum

    Since Disney holds the rights to star wars now, Snare can't use real character names due to possible copyright problems.
  18. Noer Emerald


  19. Oweoz Emerald

    Can't wait :wink:
    MrSnare likes this.
  20. Wingdude100 Platinum

    I LOVE BATTLEFRONT 2! And will soon install it on my new PC.

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