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Question Assassin?

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Establishment, Dec 8, 2020.

Question - Assassin?
  1. Establishment Gold

    I have a few questions about assassin.

    Why did they remove the haste the class gave you? Was it because they wanted it not to be a rusher class? Did it ever receive compensation or was it supposed to be a nerf?

    Did assassin ever have reduced cooldown on kill? If it did why did they remove it.

    What state is assassin in right now? Is it balanced? Its cooldown seems awfully long and compared to other mobility classes it doesn't seem as good.
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  2. Ivandagiant Silver

    Assassin no longer has reduced cooldown on kill. I miss that feature sooo much.

    Basically before you got like 8 seconds reduced cooldown per kill, and you also got haste when you used your ability. For some reason they reworked assassin to make it spawn a stationary clone of yourself??? It was so bad and the community was not happy because it was nothing like the original concept. So, eventually they reverted the change but they never readded the haste and cooldown reduction on kill and I have been salty ever since
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  3. Establishment Gold

    Was assassin even good when it had cooldown reduction? I can't remember but I played when it had haste. So they just nerfed it when the rework failed? What did people say about it, didn't anyone complain. It feels like such a terrible class right now.
  4. Tobi472 Platinum

    So basicially: Nerf and add a feature. Feature was bad so they gave it to spy. Assassin stays nerfed.
    It is supposed to be a rusher/ mobility class. It had/ has a decent skill cap (higher then current mobility classes).

    Assassin needs some love. My suggestion to make it viable and as strong as other mobility classes:

    - put on armor after you hit a player. I dont know whther thats already done but its not done for spy yet.
    - extend buff duration to the old 8 seconds
    - reduce the cd to 30 seconds and get 5 sec of cd per kill
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  5. Ivandagiant Silver

    It was. It was good for literally assassinating people. Leap into someones midbase or nexus, kill a target and maybe a few leathers, leap out. Invis lasted longer back then too I think. It was my favorite class when it came out. Now it isn't good for assassinating targets since you have no way to escape afterwards, and if you have good gear the first hit you take does full damage because it takes your armor off. It just isn't good anymore, only good for sneaking into nexus now
  6. Establishment Gold

    Giving it its cooldown reduction back would make it such a decent class, that sucks that they nerfed the only part of the class that made it an assassin.

    Also did old assassin leave your gear off for the first hit you take too? Or did it give you armor when you hit someone.
  7. Tobi472 Platinum

    You did put ur armor on after u hit a player

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