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Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by I_Dont_Play_This, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. I_Dont_Play_This Platinum

    Any of the older Annihilation players from 2013-2015 still active on the forums or the server? -darien1215

  2. Manaea Platinum

    Yeah some of us are still around, but we aint with many.

    2013 bedrock walls player here.
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  3. Murdey Platinum

    I don't play too often anymore. Was actually on quite a bit at the beginning of this past summer playing with some friends who I discovered the game with initially tho.

    We started back in early late 2013/early 2014 & found out about it through mineZ.

    As for our recent activity, we stopped playing due to a few things.

    1: Team stacking
    2: Scummy tactics by other players (sometimes the game was just more frustrating than fun to play)
    3: Lag

    It's unfortunate. I'd love to see this game mode and its community thrive once again but it seems it's far past its prime.
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  4. Setrci Silver

    I start to play other games instead of stay in shotbow for my whole life lol
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  5. connor564 Platinum

    2013 with walls over here. Why do you ask?
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  6. connor564 Platinum

    not to mention the hackers
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  7. I_Dont_Play_This Platinum

    Logged on after 6 months and wanted to know if people still roam the website?
  8. Emilio737 Regular Member

    i've been playing anni on shotbow since 2015 until now. altough i must say that shotbow has seen better days.
    I_Dont_Play_This likes this.
  9. Rebel_Vanguard Platinum

    I come to take a look at the forums every so often, but whenever I get the spare time to play, there's usually only one game going. I miss seeing multiple games open at the same time and them being nearly full. A lot of good memories that, sadly, can only be looked back on fondly. I know it's just a pipe dream, but I'd kinda love to play another hectic match with some of the older people I knew at least one more time. It'll likely never happen, but it's nice to dream, huh?
  10. drewko09 Mini Builder

    Annihilation is one of those old games you always will remember fondly but when you go back to play its just not the same.
  11. I_Dont_Play_This Platinum

    So Sad :(
  12. VictorLight Regular Member

    Used to play almost all the time, but now my formula is (Doing anything > Playing shotbow)
    GSISLIFEOLDTIMES likes this.
  13. Catsgood123 Silver

    Started in 2014, had a blast way back then! hard to come to terms with how much it has changed, but I hope it one day bounces back and brings in (hopefully) more nice people that just wanna have a laugh and play some games, as its the main reason i still stick around to this day :D Still suprised tho how many people from when shotbow started still play today!! (personal Side Note: would also like it to revert back to 1.8-1.7 but we can't have everything :lmao:)
  14. hossra Platinum

    Joined forums in 2013, played before then as well. Now in college dealing with real life, but I love coming back to relive the fun I had with this community.
  15. Smartz_ Platinum

    Aren't many of us left. I joined the forums late and was part of the HCF reddit. I too was a bedrock walls player, and miss them very much.
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  16. noahvr Silver

    miss the late nights playing this game :(
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  17. 323465963 Retired Staff

    2013 player too. Played for 4 or so years, got into it cause of Wasted. After the 1.7.3 update, kinda just went all downhill, plus IRL job/school took over. Pretty impressed that SB's still going given that it's primarily volunteer-run, think it's been up for over a decade. Usually just check the forums a couple times a week, just to see how things are going. Glad to see others still check in every now and then
  18. Matt900_ Regular Member

    Been here since the old T-shaped Anni lobbies with the fireplaces.

    Life things, the decline of people to play with, friends gravitating towards other games, etc.
    Annihilation is inherently a repetitious game to play in the conventional sense, so I can see why people would eventually fade out in the long run.
  19. Smartz_ Platinum

    Oh my god I forgot about that lobby. So many memories, I remember trying to jump from a bench onto a fence post and never being able to do it. (I now know the jump was impossible lol)
  20. soto Platinum

    2013 player. Reasons for my absence:
    - the tournament finals suddenly vanished and never happened
    - developers (volunteers) don't bother adding things since they're busy with more important matters in their lives.
    - admins lack activity and recruiting new ones won't solve any existing problems
    - no proper marketing happening, no one is attempting to make the game surge again, even if it requires a risky investment
    - . . .

    (this list could go on and on but right, it's a dead game with only the old gems still attempting to come back once in a while)

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