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Question Any updates?

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by Dorminu, Jan 30, 2019.

Question - Any updates?
  1. Dorminu Silver

    I recently started playing minecraft again after taking a break for a few years and I came back to one of my all time favorite servers, Shotbow. Wasted was by far my favorite game mode and I'm sad to see it in the garage! Is it a work in progress or not so much of a priority right now?

  2. Mohawk2 Regular Member

    It's a work in progress, but I can say the progress is very... slow...
  3. Robertthegoat Developer

    While we had every intention of reviving it, circumstances have made it so we cannot spare the resources at this time. The project is effectively on indefinite hold. That is extremely painful for me to say, but its the honest truth.
  4. _Swipe Platinum

    robert pls ;(
    NotDiezel and Mohawk2 like this.
  5. rasmus_tiger0622 Gold

    @Robert Can you just give the man in charge of shotbow a little slap from me(and like the entirety of the shotbow community), and tell him that Wasted is life and needs to be #1 priority. And after that you tell him that Wasted will revive Shotbow.
    MrRitmo and _Swipe like this.
  6. Dakarik Regular Member

    I just got back into minecraft to look if wasted was still there and play a couple of hours. so sad to see what happened to thatdiamond of a gamemod... me and a couple of friends was on shotbow mostly for that gamemode and smash.
    rasmus_tiger0622 likes this.
  7. rasmus_tiger0622 Gold

  8. RiverSapp Platinum

    I agree. Wasted was amazing and I remember putting so many hours into it. I miss it a lot and hope that it can be revised eventually. I do believe bringing it back will attract a lot of your old playerbase.
    sanguipe likes this.
  9. sanguipe Regular Member

    How isn't it back yet? It's been years!
  10. Sacrificial Gold

    The reason it isn't back is because all of the shotbow staff are volunteers, meaning that they all have lives outside of Shotbow and since they don't have a developer specifically for Wasted it's hard for them to make progress because their devs are busy with the other gaemodes that aren't in the garage. Hopefully that makes sense
  11. Robertthegoat Developer

    The developer for Wasted was needed to work on just about everything but Wasted up until a couple of weeks ago...
    ZantaClauz likes this.
  12. Tdiaz5 Silver

    Up until a couple weeks ago? that sounds slightly promising, doesn't it?
  13. Sacrificial Gold


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