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Question Any Updates regarding revival?

Discussion in 'MineZ 2' started by I_like_trains88, Feb 24, 2019.

Question - Any Updates regarding revival?
  1. Daki_on_mc Regular Member

    its been kind of a long time since i was last here. So ive read that a dev wants to revive this game? If yes, has it begun/how far into it are you?

    Already excited to hear back

  2. MuffinMinister Platinum

    No Shotbow staff has mentioned anything about developing MineZ 2 for a possible re-launch since it was moved to the garage.

    Wait for Origins part 2 to come out for MineZ Classic first as well as Gold Rush, after that there might be a chance.

    I would not expect it to return at all.
  3. SwineFlu Platinum

    Is anyone actually excited for Gold Rush? I feel that MineZ 2 has a much larger fanbase considering the amount of posts like this that have been made. I think a lot of people would be really happy if MineZ 2 were to come back, which in turn would be beneficial for Shotbow, so it's in SB's interest to at least acknowledge the yearn many players have for MineZ 2 and start working on it in the background (this may {keyword being may. Don't get too excited} be already happening behind the scenes). However, considering how slowly things get released on Shotbow, and that MineZ classic has both a larger playerbase and simpler code, I doubt we'll see MineZ 2 come into the forefront until after Doc feels content with MineZ classic. I predict that MineZ 2 may be announced as returning in about 2 years, if Shotbow even lasts that long.
  4. Rosstail Regular Member

    Like as I said in another topic, all depends if they really want a comeback from Minez2. Honnestly, it was the main factor of my presence on Shotbow. Now, many already existing plugins are avaiable to easely update MZ2 for weapons/items, npcs, drops, housing/harvest/mining... But we may should take the in-map features, and other things like competencies, which are more difficult to update. And finally, maybe they want to do their own code, and not depending of an existing plugin into spigot '-'.

    I prey for be mutilated in Minez 2 again, or just visit the map from south to north, with just features of MineZ classic. HOPE.
  5. Bearhallow Regular Member

    I have been periodically checking in on MineZ2. I personally find the map much more fun and interesting compared to MineZ. I really want it to come back as I know many people do. At this point, I am willing to learn Java and just take a crack at it myself if they will let me. If not, I'm cool with that but I really want it to come back online and I am willing to do something about it. Do you know if there is anyone I could talk to about this? Maybe a Developer? If not, that is fine, I just thought I would offer some support since I am personally invested in MineZ2's return.
  6. Goliac Silver

    Exactly what i've been thinking for a while now. Unfortunately the game isn't coming back. I'm seriously considering learning java to give it a try.
  7. Daki_on_mc Regular Member

    Someone offered the dev team 3000$ to revive it on the discord, and while i don't know how serious that offer was, let's hope for the best

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