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Question Any Updates regarding revival?

Discussion in 'MineZ 2' started by I_like_trains88, Feb 24, 2019.

Question - Any Updates regarding revival?
  1. Daki_on_mc Regular Member

    its been kind of a long time since i was last here. So ive read that a dev wants to revive this game? If yes, has it begun/how far into it are you?

    Already excited to hear back

  2. MuffinMinister Platinum

    No Shotbow staff has mentioned anything about developing MineZ 2 for a possible re-launch since it was moved to the garage.

    Wait for Origins part 2 to come out for MineZ Classic first as well as Gold Rush, after that there might be a chance.

    I would not expect it to return at all.
  3. SwineFlu Platinum

    Is anyone actually excited for Gold Rush? I feel that MineZ 2 has a much larger fanbase considering the amount of posts like this that have been made. I think a lot of people would be really happy if MineZ 2 were to come back, which in turn would be beneficial for Shotbow, so it's in SB's interest to at least acknowledge the yearn many players have for MineZ 2 and start working on it in the background (this may {keyword being may. Don't get too excited} be already happening behind the scenes). However, considering how slowly things get released on Shotbow, and that MineZ classic has both a larger playerbase and simpler code, I doubt we'll see MineZ 2 come into the forefront until after Doc feels content with MineZ classic. I predict that MineZ 2 may be announced as returning in about 2 years, if Shotbow even lasts that long.
  4. Rosstail Regular Member

    Like as I said in another topic, all depends if they really want a comeback from Minez2. Honnestly, it was the main factor of my presence on Shotbow. Now, many already existing plugins are avaiable to easely update MZ2 for weapons/items, npcs, drops, housing/harvest/mining... But we may should take the in-map features, and other things like competencies, which are more difficult to update. And finally, maybe they want to do their own code, and not depending of an existing plugin into spigot '-'.

    I prey for be mutilated in Minez 2 again, or just visit the map from south to north, with just features of MineZ classic. HOPE.
  5. Bearhallow Regular Member

    I have been periodically checking in on MineZ2. I personally find the map much more fun and interesting compared to MineZ. I really want it to come back as I know many people do. At this point, I am willing to learn Java and just take a crack at it myself if they will let me. If not, I'm cool with that but I really want it to come back online and I am willing to do something about it. Do you know if there is anyone I could talk to about this? Maybe a Developer? If not, that is fine, I just thought I would offer some support since I am personally invested in MineZ2's return.
  6. Goliac Silver

    Exactly what i've been thinking for a while now. Unfortunately the game isn't coming back. I'm seriously considering learning java to give it a try.
  7. Daki_on_mc Regular Member

    Someone offered the dev team 3000$ to revive it on the discord, and while i don't know how serious that offer was, let's hope for the best
  8. Rosstail Regular Member


    I learn java since one year now, and I can tell that the majority of the basic features can be done quickly (skills, crafting, zombies pops, thirst, weaponry..., healing others... evenEven gathering resources without breaking a block), especially if you "hard code" that in a first time. I even think chest spawn can be pretty easy too. But maybe I'm just overestimate myself / they need specific things that a simple plugin.

    Maybe the most difficult part is the housing, and maybe the IA from my point of view. Plus, many things must be adapted to the map. Now, is there any hope for a come back ? Honestly I still want to: With a music mod, I was traveling the whole map alone with the Explorers of Sky OST. It feels great, and i want to feel that again.
  9. SpeedMe Platinum

    Hello and sheesh, $3000 is a worthy chunk of change for a taste of what was once an era of a one's childhood. As I once was a kid exploring and fighting my way through the Minez2 map; I too hope to see its eventual return.

    Speaking of return, going from being packed in a garage in 2017 or whenever to being available to the public would take a considerable amount of effort. To mention a few of such efforts; updating / re-visiting certain aspects of the game, adjusting assets for compatibility reasons, and lastly general code updates to meet modern runtime / language specifications. With so many tasks to be completed (my speculation) and an open-source world ever growing, may I suggest taking things to open-source, Github? For those who are unaware, Github is, and I quote “a provider of Internet hosting for software development and version control using Git.” (src). Shotbow’s developers could create repositories with readme’s describing the issues or work needing to be completed and allow the community to contribute pull request (suggested code changes). As Microsoft does, before a PR can be made, the contributor must sign off on an electrical waver designed to protect the repositories (the organization’s code) from infringement related matters (without people can contribute and then later ask for a share of profit). I understand this increases the chance of plagiarism of Shotbow’s minez2 work, but with proper de-coupling of the existing system and the new systems that need to be developed, I think this could be feasible. Moreover, updating existing systems internally, (Shotbow team) and turning to the community for new would mitigate this. I hope to possibly see such a system devised or even considered so that individuals like myself can make contributions.

    In summary, we have all seen Shotbow’s decline in recent years, but it is worth mentioning that I think all servers have felt a hit since 1.7.10+. To put into meme-speak, “modern problems require modern solutions”, and I would like to see the opportunity to contribute in an open-source fashion to Shotbow.

    Thank you and will provide my contact info below if anything I have said resonates (I do not check these forms often).
    - Willy8020/PurpleRain/SpeedMe/Lil :lmao:

    In the off chance a simple web crawler is stealing emails and visits this page, my email has been converted from ASCII text to the backing ASCII hex values. To encode back just use an online tool like this.

    Email in ASCII hex:
    63 78 72 36 39 38 38 40 72 69 74 2e 65 64 75
  10. MuffinMinister Platinum

    ShotBow will never go for an open-source approach in fear of the source-code being stolen and re-hosted on a different server. I think any dev has to sign an NDA w.r.t. the code they work on.

    I think there are some posts on the forum by some of the network leads (iirc including highlife) that they toyed with the idea of hiring a full-time dev. In hindsight, back when shotbow was at its absolute peak, that would have been the time to hire someone to do development work full-time, to supplement the volunteer devs.

    But for whatever reason (could be cost!) they opted not to do this and stuck to their volunteer-based dev team, which is fair enough, considering the fact that it may have been too risky to hire someone full-time without guarantees as to the future cashflows for the server.

    In my opinion, and this is speculation, I think Shotbow would have done a lot better if a lot of the things we take for granted today (regular updates by staff, monthly/weekly forum posts about changes), as well as the relatively huge staff team would have been implemented 2-3 years earlier, and it would not even have cost them much (evident by the amount of staff we have despite diminishing revenue). I think we have at least triple the amount of staff that deals with bad actors in-game than we had at the peak of shotbow's history, which honestly is kind of sad, since we needed the amount of volunteers back then more than we needed them now.

    Honestly my biggest question is why Shotbow was so inhibitive in changing the way their staff system worked, they were in desperate need of staff back in 2014-2015, when player numbers were staggering compared to now, but we have (to the best of my knowledge) at least double the staff dealing with bad actors than we had back then, which is strange.
  11. SpeedMe Platinum

    Thank you for the quick response and also giving me a further look into the history of what brought Shotbow where it is today and their practices.
  12. Rosstail Regular Member


    I've greatly improve in Java and Minecraft modding since my last post. I can tell you that the great majority of MineZ 2 can be updated easely. Even housing, custom items, healing, stats, saving and loading players data, spawn etc so i don't really know why they may recruit a full-time developper.

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