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Question Any updates on the gamemode Wasted?

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by DylanenBowie, Feb 4, 2023.

Question - Any updates on the gamemode Wasted?
  1. DylanenBowie Regular Member

    Hey guys,

    It has been many years and whenever i look back at minecraft i always felt like the gamemode Wasted on Shotbow was my favorite experience on minecraft overall. I have been waiting for it to hopefully come back. I read some messages that shotbow was testing the gamemode again last year. Any updates on it now if it will come back any time soon?

    Thank you for your time.
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  2. Robertthegoat Co-Lead Developer

    I ran the helm of a long-term project to bring back Wasted. We have a functioning game, but unfortunately, I no longer have the time to run the project solo, and I lost my graphic artist that I was relying on. The game is shelved indefinitely, but may be brought out for individual play sessions hosted by staff should there be any interest.
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  3. Marley_F_M Regular Member

    I agree, Wasted was an incredible game. I’ll always remember the time I spent on Wasted all those years ago, during my Minecraft heyday. Haha You guys made something special with that one. And whenever I find myself back on Minecraft, I can’t help but check to see if it’s back on Shotbow, and play a little Annihilation while I’m there..
    Would lovvvee to one day revisit it if you guys decided to do an event or something. This was always one of the best servers out there.
  4. TheSavagePanda Platinum

    Wasted brought so many players to shotbow too. It's pretty quiet now.
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  5. Xelpha_ Gold

    I miss Wasted.
    It was such a fun gamemode.
  6. Repressing Regular Member

    A testament to the growing need of new management.

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