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Discussion Any Plans for Anni?

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Tobi472, Jan 22, 2022.

Discussion - Any Plans for Anni?
  1. Tobi472 Platinum

    Since we know COVID is not over, instead the thread got in lockdown after 3 hours, and the last updates had ppl going on a rampage... this can only mean its finally time to ask for the future plans.

    We got this to work: "When we started that multiplier, we didn't think COVID would last this long. The multiplier has been active for nearly 2 years, so we thought it was time to deactivate it. However, we’re planning on doing more frequent XP multiplier weekends in the future, incentivizing players to join on frequent 2x XP weekends, for example." - Mistri, Networklead.

    I dont wanna be mean but noone was thinking that COVID would last that long and you tell me you think but if I think I dont come to the same point since you can clearly see that COVID is still going and I dont accept your excuse.

    But I would accept it if you would stand for your word and make the second part become true. 2XP weekends!

    Maybe readding COVID multipier or adding the 2XP weekends would make the changes to Anni xp gains more bearable.

    Its actually crazy how one Annilead can change the entire beliefs of admins, since they all have to agree somehow on the changes its said, that a Scout nerf and leaver punishments would happen. Things which would have never happen with someone else.
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  2. ILoveTinkerer Silver

    And I got perma banned for inappropriate chat lmao.

    Shotbow keeps getting better and better.
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  3. JTGangsterLP6 Annihilation Lead

    I would like to clarify 2 points:
    • Disabling the server-wide 2x corona multiplier wasn't the idea of the Anni Team.
    • The Anni Team makes all decisions as a team. The narrative that there was a single dictator is simply wrong.
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  4. soto Platinum

    I genuinely doubt the entire team was in favor of both scout changes & the recent update changes. If that's the case, then I genuinely question if the Anni team is here for their own selfishness or for the community. If it's the latter, I guess it makes sense that in the last 5 years, only people ''You'' deemed worthy were made fellow admins (cause of that they probably agreed to the same vision you shared) without opening up applications for people that could've had a more open input or people that have a better bond with its community. Luckily the only one that fits those shoes right now is Outra. If it wasn't for him, Anni would've be in deep sh*t a long time ago.

    No offense to our two latest mini admins but genuinely no one had any idea who they were by name alone (both of them joined SB 2020-2021, according to forums), let alone saw them have an impact in the game or with the community. So it really leaves me wondering how you choose your admins. I guess it's pure favoritism if anything but I won't be the judge of that.

    Things need to change JT, your Anni team is a mess and there's no structure. There's no transparency. There's no reassurance. The Anni Team still adopting the same system it used to back in 2015. What kind of toxic mess are you guys operating in your team. I kinda feel bad for the Anni Devs at this point.

    All in all, knowing you, I don't expect an answer.
  5. Hingey Platinum

    Still so salty about the scout changes. We have complained for years its nice to see an Anni team that actually did something about it.

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