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Servers Announcing Our New Partnership!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by HighlifeTTU, Sep 10, 2017.

Servers - Announcing Our New Partnership!
  1. HighlifeTTU Network Owner


    It is our pleasure to announce that we’re officially partnering up with DusDavidGames to bring the best of both worlds to our collective playerbase! Before we get into the nitty-gritty, we’d like to introduce David Harms and the DusDavidGames-server.

    David Harms
    David Harms is one of the first large Dutch YouTubers. He started out with a couple different English channels before creating the DusDavid channel. His best friend created a gaming channel, and not long after that David followed suite with DusDavidGames. He then gathered all the large YouTube personalities in the Netherlands to join in one large medieval-fantasy themed roleplay series - The Kingdom.

    From this background, the DusDavidGames-server came into existence. The DDG-server is the largest Minecraft server for players in Belgium and the Netherlands with around 7,000 unique players a day and a large variety of games. There are plenty of minigames and a couple long-term games such as Minetopia and Open Kingdom - and there are always more on the way.
    Now, I’m sure you all have some questions on how this is going to work, so let’s handle what the two most obvious ones are:

    What does this mean for the future?
    One of the biggest and most exciting parts of this partnership is the sharing of development resources and games. This means in the future you’ll be able to play some of Shotbow’s hit games on DDG servers (staffed by DDG staff), and some of DDG’s hit games on Shotbow servers (staffed by Shotbow staff). While we don’t have the exact details to announce at this time, we’re incredibly excited at the possibility and look forward to announcing specifics in the future.

    Will my ranks, items, or other in-game details carry over to Shotbow/DDG?
    No. While we are partnering up we are still maintaining separate ecosystems. This means that your rank, inventories, stats, bans and other information will remain completely separate.

    Where is the DDG-server located?
    The DusDavidGames-server is hosted out of France - the perfect location for our legions of European fans.

    What does this mean for our existing games?
    While we’re sharing games - we’re also sharing our development resources! With these combined resources, we open the possibility for quicker and better updates, as well as a chance for games in our garage to get a little more love, too.

    What are some of DDG-server’s games?
    DDG-server has lots of minigames like Skyblock, Skywars, CastleDefend, and others - in addition to their major, longer-term games:

    A massive game where players can enjoy a “real-life experience,” Minetopia requires players to choose a city to live in, find a job, buy a house, furniture, food, cars, and clothing! Players can trade or sell their items, start a business, or choose to live out a criminal life.

    Open Kingdom
    A game where people can choose a kingdom and start from the bottom up. Become a builder and help your King build the largest castle and strongest wall; a farmer or miner to gather supplies to feed armies or craft the strongest gear; or even a knight to protect the Kingdom during wars on event-days in huge PvP fights with hundreds of players.
    And that’s just only a taste of what the DDG-server has to offer.

    We’re happy to be joining forces with DusDavidGames and we have much more planned for the future, so stay tuned and thanks for flying Shotbow!

    DDG Twitter
    Shotbow Twitter
    DDG Forum - Announcement

  2. DJ_Pedro Mini Admin

    Hype! :D
    Kronoz and Dinohoot8 like this.
  3. Thomas_Dorland Obsidian

    I'm actually kinda enjoying this partnership, but things would have to be kept in mind.

    I already thought partnering with a Dutch server even if the Dutch Shotbow community is gone was a bad idea, but it actually is different.

    I'd like to say that the DDG well... I don't see it happening, like, I don't see a community that's mainly between the ages of 6-12 playing a complicated English game like MineZ.

    I wouldn't see Annihilation on there either, I mean, pay to join a server in the first place, then what, 5$ for a kit? Games like SMASH would do great on DDG.

    I Also don't really see SB playing DDG games on SB. Why? Take Minetopia and Kingdom, those types of things aren't made for the Shotbow community, althought, There's much else on DDG.

    So I really think, this could Some way work out. I like this partnership, but what I think is that you should realise those 2 communities are really, ENTIRELY different, and hat you have to make them work. And I really, do believe in this case, Shotbow WILL be able to make it work.

    I kinda don't like DDG, but because I think Shotbow and DDG will make it work together, maybe I will like it? But afterall, I'm sure this is a good decision. :)
    Macrolide and Harry_eZ like this.
  4. Pico4 Regular Member

    :eek: I was expecting Alex to be first to comment
    P.S: Hype!!!!
    LegendaryAlex, MTrout and Mistri like this.
  5. LegendaryAlex Gold

    oh my...
    I dont know if I am happy with this...
    Jeroenhero and cyclone_43 like this.
  6. Dinohoot8 Platinum

    I cant wait :D
  7. MCDuckler Platinum

    Maybe MTA EU experience again? Holy cow :eek:
    EDIT: I don't know if i am happy with that either... how should that work? I will stay at shotbow...
  8. cyclone_43 Silver

    I'm not at all. It's a terrible idea, and they didn't ask the community before making the decision.
    ACrispyTortilla, Ericclck and Meme_MC like this.
  9. riverboys101 Platinum

    Just wondering.. Does this mean there may be more English speaking people than other languages on the US server now?
    Hingey likes this.
  10. ACrispyTortilla SMASH Mini Admin

  11. DenDonia Regular Member

    Macrolide likes this.
  12. Jered Platinum

    For people who don't know who Dusdavidgames is he's an irrelevant dutch youtuber and his viewers aren't older than 12.
    Avqlon, Harry_eZ, kqce and 1 other person like this.
  13. JoordiW Platinum

    No big fan of the Dusdavidgames server, not that special games. But cooperation can make the servers together better, so love to see how it ends.
    Macrolide, Ktrompfl and Navarr like this.
  14. Wayvernia MineZ Lead, Web Mod Team Co-Lead

    I am SO proud of this partnership. I look forward to working together with DusDavidGames!
  15. Thomas_Dorland Obsidian

    just gonna say, DDG is Dutch, Dutch community died since 1.9, DDG server has Dutch players, mostly 9 year olds, I don't think bringing them to an english server is a good idea

    also if DDG is shotbow means shotbow is cringe
  16. Navarr Network Co-Lead


    I don't think Dutch players would want to come join a foreign server - that's part of the reason for this partnership - Dutch players will be able to play Shotbow games on DDG-server. We'll also be looking at bringing popular DDG games over to Shotbow for our American and Japanese players.

    So look forward to that!
    Macrolide and _RunningKing_ like this.
  17. JustTimm Regular Member

    I'm one of the people who works on the Minetopia Resource Pack and I'm very excited that DDG and Shotbow work together!
    _RunningKing_ likes this.
  18. Cole5slaw Platinum

    I would just like to point out partnership does not equal merge to the confused
  19. 1999rocks Platinum

    wow. This is the biggest change in the 5 years i've been on shotbow... dont know if this is such a good idea...
    Hingey and Ericclck like this.
  20. Aexon Regular Member

    If I understand, games will be "shared", but can they not share skyblock, skywars castledefender and the bunch of other very unique games they have on their network ?
    Macrolide, Rixhack, Hingey and 2 others like this.

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