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Suggestion Annihilations Problems and some Solutions

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by donnerblitz_1, May 13, 2020.

Suggestion - Annihilations Problems and some Solutions
  1. donnerblitz_1 Platinum

    Hello everyone!

    As one of the players who got back to Annihilation because of the Quarantine I was happy playing this gamemode with some new and old friends.
    But after some goofing around my attention went to the unoptimised gamebalance and how it killed the fun after a while.
    Thats why, out of pure boredom, I begun to search the Problems and some Solutions for Annihilation.
    I’ve put them all in a document which I shared with some experience players to get to know their thoughts.
    Together we came up with these results and I’ve wanted to share them with you so you can give your opinions and ideas down in the comments.

    !!!!!! = Problems
    !!!!!! = Solution

    /Fix void acro not working.
    /Give more forward leap
    /The cooldown should be lowered again?

    /Tier 3 pots drinkable only pls (buff str II / III)

    /Bonus damage doesn’t seem to exist/doesn’t feel consistent at all

    /Dont allow to spam all effects all at once the first time u place it down

    /Respawn with chainmail chestplate

    /Engineer is either used to undo enemy griefing (e.g. in gold mine) or to make a builder ragequit
    /Make it not be able to use its ability while invis/through blocks

    /Make farmer regrow his own crops with bonemeal, as it is right now it has 2 insane active abilities and ez apples.
    /Instead lower apple+ghast tear gain

    /Maybe a bit underpowered?

    /Fix the explosion trap, allow traps to be placed on walls too, give it more trap choices cause it’s so limited and boring (maybe a trap that glows people like mercenary . . . )
    /Fix not putting traps on cobble

    /Maybe give an additional eff level to axe

    /Too OP in a group against non groups
    /Visual cues are necessary
    /See a good thread (riftwalker radium: https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/annihilation-update-riftwalker-radium.400537/)

    /Stop it from using its ability as invis

    /Unbreaking X Grapple
    /When grappling on stuff and it doesnt connect, let the cooldown restart (or make a soundcue or sth else)

    /Stop sniper from doing maximum speed damage from any POV
    To explain: Bows usually don’t do maximum damage unless you shoot from very high, Sniper does full damage without that.~ Fat

    /Please add the actual heal chance/amount to the description

    /Make it impossible to use when invis (The only counter to swapper is not being close to them)
    /Make Swapper more Skillful by giving it something to throw to swap with the target (Snowball,Bow etc)

    /The resistance is too much tankiness
    /Maybe give it the scout treatment? Iron/Dia doesn’t get res

    /Emerald pad needs a cooldown

    /Dont let it fly to everywhere

    Other things:
    /When you use your Ability, the invis should disappear
    (not on assassin,maybe acrobat too?)
    /The Knockback from an enchanted sword feels higher than usual.
    /Let your teammates see your health like a Healer would, it makes more teamplay possible
    /Obviously there should be a gapple counter which measures how many gapples you've made :)

    Thank you for your time and thanks for everyone who helped me with this, especially fat3_94!

  2. SupremeGustice Platinum

    Scout should be harder to use, not easier to use.

    Should also get rid of fortune so that people actually hold mid instead of hanging out for 5 minutes then dipping.
  3. Darth_Bachious Retired Staff

    Scout should definitely be less clunky to play, but overal weaker in combat. I would agree with making the grapple more consistent in attaching and also I would say trade off the grapple cooldown with an few seconds cooldown on everything (including speed) when being hit by someone, hitting someone or using a bow.

    Edit: Also the bungeejump issue with scout being able to land and live is something needed to be taken a look into.
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  4. DutchBartje Emerald

    Hi donnerblitz_1,

    Your ideas look very promising and I firmly believe that it will positively influence Annihilation.
    I, however, would like to catch on some of your ideas.

    I think that Archer is in a pretty weird place right now. Archer gets 32 arrows from the arrow drop. I think that is too much. It encourages people to bow-spam. I think it is a good idea to give the resources to craft arrows rather than giving arrows from the drop.

    I didn't see Iceman on the list, so I will add it to my message.
    Iceman can currently walk on water whenever they want. What if Iceman gets an ability to walk on water rather than a toggle-able passive? I am not sure if the class would be under-powered if that change is implemented, but I would love to see something along those lines.

    I have been thinking about this for a while and I don't know if it has been proposed yet.
    Riftwalker should still be able to rift to invisible players. However, as soon as a Riftwalker rifts to a player, that player gets a cooldown (~30 seconds). This limits Riftwalkers from rifting to the same person at the same time. This would mean that you need multiple invisible players in or around an enemy base to rift in big groups.

    I completely agree with Darth_Bachious. Perhaps Scout should lose its speed when you get hit. This gives Scouts the ability to Scout the area, but it doesn't give them an advantage in PvP battles.

    I am not entirely sure what you mean with "/Dont let it fly to everywhere". Does this mean that a Vampire should not be able to use the void to fly in? If yes, I completely agree.

    Other things:
    I agree with donnerblitz_1. It is very hard to counter a rush with a lot of players with gapples. I would love to see a change of meta in Annihilation as it hopefully spices things up. I believe it is fun to explore effective strategies. However, it appears that there is one dominant strategy in terms of rushing right now. Alchemist potions are too strong right now and it makes it very difficult to defend those rushes.
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  5. SupremeGustice Platinum

    I really like the invis rift idea, and scout. Iceman shouldnt be nerfed tho.

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  6. Ganzativity Platinum

    Hey I just want to give my thoughts and possibly play devils advocate on some topics. I need to learn how to quote you segment by segment but any way.

    I agree with change to Bard, Defender, Riftwalker, Sniper, Succubus, Thor, Tinkerer and I would like to add Mercenary with its chain helmet

    -I agree the void jumping needs to be fixed
    -However I do not think the cooldown needs to be lowered. I think Acrobat is in a very good place right now and is a lot of peoples favorite class, I personally do not see a reason for it to be buffed.

    -I have also thought about the only drinkable pots but then it does not become a team playable class really. OK ya it becomes drink only, then an entire team of ALC rushes you with STR 3 how are you suppose to defend that when you have STR 2 splash. With splash alc pots you have a chance to match the rushers coming in.
    -Personally I do not see a problem with Alchemist. I see the problem with rift and not being able to prepare to rush.

    I feel like needs a slight buff, not many people are using it right now, everyone seems to lean toward sniper.
    -To go off DuthBartje, I think giving archer a supply drop of materials, at a lower amount is a better option for archer.

    -As a builder myself I think Engineer should be removed from the game, but that is my opinion.

    -I think you may be on to something with regrowing their own crop.
    -My original thought was to have farmer have a supply drop like Alchemist/Builder. They would be able to receive all the items they farm in drop. Then when they break wheat at the farm they keep the passive ability of regrowing wheat but it does not drop anything except wheat and seeds. All apples, tears, nether wart, etc come from the supply drop.

    -I think is in a good spot as well, I think if we change anything with it then we are going to end up having what it was before. 10 man healer p2 rush, unstoppable.
    -Healer is suppose to be a support class and it is that right now

    -I agree with your points here, Hunter needs a buff
    -One thing I think could improve it could be the ability to place more traps

    - I think my most played class is lumberjack. I do not think it needs to change.

    -I do not see a problem with this class other than voiding. I've just accepted this as part of the game, I do not think the invs nerf would do much.

    -Same thing I do not think the invs will change much.

    Now obviously as staff has mentioned before they are putting their efforts on updating Anni so we have to give them time to take in consideration our class changes.
  7. Sevy13 Annihilation Lead & BAC Co-Lead

    Some really nice ideas here. Have you guys been spying on our Trello again? :stuck_out_tongue:
    A lot of these things already have cards that are either going to be addressed in the next update or are under discussion.

    - The void double jump bug should hopefully be fixed in the next update.

    - Tier 3 potions are getting a tweak in the next update that will retain their use as a team item but make them a little more manageable when used as a group.

    - Has a card and is under discussion.

    - There is a card for the chain chest plate not being equipped, a fix is pending.

    - As a builder I... well I'll let you guess how I feel about nuke

    - Is getting some nice additional functionalities to it's existing abilities in the next update

    - Has a card in discussion regarding spawn point void scorping

    - Has a card in discussion regarding a possible cool down mechanic for the sniper bow, this would not affect regular bows.

    - Has a card and is under discussion. I asked for suggestions in this thread ( post #48 ), please weigh in if you agree or have any other ideas https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/the-meta-has-to-change.401746/page-3?_params=Array
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  8. AgentPanda_ Platinum

    Engineer is fine... ( coming from the best defense builder in the game)
    Vampire needs to be removed
    Riftwalker needs to be removed

    Buff builder
  9. SupremeGustice Platinum


    Agreed. I also think swapper and fortune never deserved a place in Annihilation, but that might be too spicy of a take.

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