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No Prefix Annihilation

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Crystallinq, Sep 30, 2021.

No Prefix - Annihilation
  1. Crystallinq Regular Member

    Hello owners of shotbow.I wanna make a suggestion.I love annihilation and many people do too but 1.12 isnt the best for us.You have probably heard that a million times and im sorry for making this suggestion again but can you please bring back 1.7 annihilation just for a week or even just for a day for a test?When it was 1.7 i was a little kid and i didnt know much about shotbow so i didnt get to play much.I only played like 2-3 times at my friends house,i really wanna play 1.7 again and i feel like everyone does too!You can see on the comments of semific's videos(you probably know him,if not search semific on yt).I hope you get my suggestion into consideration and try bring 1.7 back for a week or even a day to see how it perfoms.Thanks for taking the time to read this have a good rest of your day :)

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