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Annihilation Annihilation - Winter Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Murgatron, Dec 22, 2019.

Annihilation - Annihilation - Winter Update
  1. Murgatron Retired Staff


    Annihilation Winter Update Changelog

    Hello everyone!

    We've got an early Christmas present for you all - an update to Annihilation! :D

    XP Store

    Whilst the development of the new Milestones system is underway (think daily challenges, new stats and more!) we have enabled temporary class purchases to allow new and newer players to access more classes in Annihilation faster. We hope this will make it easier for players to jump into and enjoy Annihilation for longer. The new purchases times and costs are:
    • Daily - 500 SBXP
    • 1 Week - 1,000 SBXP
    • 1 Month - 2,000 SBXP
    • Lifetime - 15,000 SBXP
    [IMG] Builder


    Bunker Busters will glow when within delay block radius

    Locating an enemy bunker buster could be frustrating - we've now made it a bit easier to find!

    [IMG] Berserker


    Freshly spawned players will no longer grant you hearts

    We made the same update to Robinhood earlier this year - you'll have to earn your extra hearts more honourably now!

    [IMG] Immobiliser


    Added visual indicator for players who are immune from being immobolised.

    When a player has been immobilised they are immune to being immobilised again for 10 seconds. In the Autumn update we added a chat message. However we've added this visual indicator to ensure all players are aware that this player is immune.

    [IMG] Miner


    Gold Rush active ability will now grant the player a 100% chance of double ores and a 33% of triple ores!

    The old active ability had very little feedback meaning that players often wondered if it was even working (it was - respawning ores were a few seconds faster!). However we've made this change to make it clearer and more rewarding to the individual player. This will also allow you to gear up even faster with a higher ore attain rate.

    [IMG] Ninja


    New shurikens - left click will now fire shurikens that deal considerably less knockback. Each shuriken (3 per throw) has a 100% chance to inflict either:
    • Slowness 1 for 3 seconds
    • Poison 1 for 2 seconds
    The chance to inflict either effect is 50%. Followup shurikens that hit will also apply the effect.

    • Player A is hit by the 1st Shuriken and gets Slowness 1 for 3 seconds.
    • If the 2nd Shuriken hits it will add another 3 seconds of slowness ontop for a total of 6 second of slowness.
    • If the 3rd Shuriken hits it will add another 3 seconds of slowness for a total of 9 seconds.
    These duration's may be slightly less depending on how long the effect has been active for.

    Right click will still fire the old shurikens that deal much more knockback!


    Smoke bomb can now be instantly activated by left clicking on it.
    Ninjas will keep their speed buff for an extra 2 seconds when outside the smoke cloud.

    Ninja has been outclassed by other classes for a while now so we felt it was time to update it to be able to stand toe to toe with them. We hope these changes will make Ninja more impactful and fun to play!

    [IMG] Spy


    Spy's can now use their Flee ability within the radius of their own nexus.

    Now you can double the number of defenders!

    [IMG] Tinkerer


    When breaking any enemy pad they will fragment.
    Quality of Life changes to disenchanting books.

    Similar to Diamond pads currently, now all pads will fragment when broken by an enemy player.
    Books are no longer soulbound and multiple enchantments can be removed more easily. We hope this makes this mechanic less frustrating to use.

    Other changes

    • The shops have been redone to be more visually pleasing
    • Descriptions have now been added to all class items to explain their functionality to players ingame
    • Fixed an issue with invisible, indestructible teleports
    • Fixed a duplication glitch with Bard
    • Fixed a duplication glitch with Hunter
    • Fixed invisible players not being revealed by Ninja shurikens or Thor's lightning
    • Fixed particles not showing when using Assassin's leap ability in certain conditions
    • Fixed potion effects being applied incorrectly when using milk
    • Fixed vampire knocking teammates when transforming back to a human
    • Increased the defensive kill radius from 12 to 18 blocks
    • Allowed cobblestone to be placed
    • Added additional commands for staff to use to set players teams (Sandbox)

    Credits :heart:

    Mosh_Von_Void has once again provided us with a fantastic update so it is no surprise he was recently promoted to Full Developer!! Congratulations Mosh :D

    Thanks also to Doc for porting over his MineZ PvP changes to Annihilation - we hope the combat will feel even better!

    Many of the tweaks we've made in this update have come from you, the community, and the Annihilation Admin team who continue to help guide me on making Anni the best it can be! All credit to them and all complaints to me :zanonymous:

    We have more updates coming in the new year, including updates to older classes (looking at you, Hunter!).

    Before I forget - have an EARLYGIFT on us :wink:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone on the Annihilation Team.

    Enjoy :)

  2. Monster_Bug Platinum

  3. Ungenes Platinum

    Tinkerer pad change is great and quite significant, the rest of them are really lacklustre honestly..
    I hate being negative when something good finally comes around but there’s so much more we wanted to see before these kinda ‘obscure’ changes like builder, miner, spy - it feels like the development priority process is misguided.

    By the way, thank you mosh! Your time and work is really appreciated!

    I think the lead team should work on figuring out what’s a *priority* e.g critical game changing elements
    The community really wants alchemist pots balanced or removed , tinkerer books removed/non enchantable again, dasher balanced, random kB bug fixed , immo mining fatigue fixed, lag hits fixed, al abuse, invincibility bug fixed ETC
    Some good archaic bugs were ironed out here but none were game breaking (except dupe ofc lol)

    I hope this update is a start to more consistent updates and fixes, and I don’t think there is a need to wait till the next big update to fix bugs. Also the kB bug was 1 year old last month js :r

    Merry Christmas all~
  4. soto Platinum

    I don't think the entire community, nor the majority of the community stands behind your points. The random KB is supposedly fixed in this update.

    I feel (and this is my opinion), that dasher is awfully well balanced. Of course you could nerf it when for example "can't dash on wool block; can't dash whilst on fire; can't dash whilst . . , and on that behalf, I can absolutely vouch for it. As of right now, defenses / building a defense serves no purpose anymore since you can simply dash onto a wall. I honestly think that could be worked on but movement wise, dasher has great value.

    What's the harm with tinkerer books? Spend 5 more minutes mining and you can get yourself full prot IV instead of full prot III.

    In terms of immobiliser, it's a kit that solely punishes solo rushes, and this can have mixed opinions. Annihilation, primarily, is a team-based gamemode. Having a kit that punishes a lone wolf can either be seen as good or bad, however, it serves little to no purpose in a major rush so I feel like people generally overvalue the kit.

    Everytime a new meta comes out, of course people are going to demand a "kit-balance or nerf", and no one will ever truly be satisfied with how things have been tweaked. It started off with pots being less powerful, Bloodmage getting completely reworked, gapples getting nerfed, regen 3 getting removed, . . . There is always going to be something that'll become "overpowered", and that is just part of the game, and any multiplayer game.

    The one thing I can agree upon is the ./al abuse. There should definitely be something that punishes combat-logging. A 30 second timer until you can hub back to base or something else, anyways, should get #fixed.

    Thank ya dev team for the update & a jolly Christmas to all of you. Looking forward to more exciting news in 2020.

    Happy new years!
  5. ChickenMac7 Platinum

    XP Shop change is great for newcomers. The Ninja buff seems decent. Happy to hear the class desc has finally been updated in-game. Good to have an update, might have to play a game again sometime, s'been a while.
  6. jorn_p Platinum

    Decent update nothing is really game changing tho.
  7. Scorty_ Regular Member

    Finally Hunter will have an update soon! Glad to hear that!
  8. Ungenes Platinum

    Dasher is confirmed to be getting nerfed, it’s just not been decided how so they didn’t work on it
    Tinkerer books are not intended to be used like this - it was possible to get before from shop but removed then it depended on map resources which makes a lot more sense than you need to buy a class to get free books every game
    Immobiliser got nerfed last update ... they just never released the update ...
    pots were never nerfed , they only got improved ... then alc brought unnecessary powerful potions which got changed but still too op and are also confirmed to be getting nerfed/changed further but they haven’t decided how so it’s not in the update
    Al abuse fix was decided but not implemented and i see no reason why other than development time being used else where

    Ivandagiant likes this.
  9. soto Platinum

    - That's why I agree on dasher needs something that doesn't let him bypass through anything and everything besides iron bars.
    - Tinkerer books are something I like. It was a great addition, even if it was harder to obtain before.
    - Then why does immo need another nerf if it already got nerfed before?
    - Do you not remember when tier 1 pots used to one-tap leathers with a sharp 1 diamond sword? Regen 3 got nerfed. Strength pots got nerfed. Invis 3 got nerfed. . .
    - /al abuse fix was decided not long ago. The dev team ain't as #strong anymore to be shooting out productive and big updates on a seasonal basis.

    Fluffoon and DutchSurvivor like this.
  10. HeilCorona Regular Member

    That's one decent Update ! I agree with you soto, dasher is kinda powerful. But I personally think that the Immo and Mercenary are way 2 overpowered with their gadgets, because u can just sit on the nexus, aim anywhere - where invis ppl would come - and hold right click, that's it. And it works. And this is too powerful i think because it makes Assassin rushes kinda impossible on many maps... :/
    ChickenMac7 and soto like this.
  11. Johhngames149 Regular Member

    Everything it is okey, I just want to remove the alchemist potions, it is almost imposible to kill a player with those kind of potions, and that is not only my opinion, most of the annihilation players want the same.
  12. Dahiann Platinum

    did nOT like
  13. SmileSlime Regular Member

    code not working
    LadyAzuquitar and Joey_nINJJa like this.
  14. HeilCorona Regular Member

    are there any XP codes? EARLYGIFT did not work for me :/ i remember codes like MerryXmas and so on :D ???
    Joey_nINJJa likes this.
  15. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Can admins change the team color of someone already in a game? That would do wonders for combat based testing.
  16. JTGangsterLP6 Annihilation Co-Lead

    Yes. :stuck_out_tongue:
    Mysterious_Seven likes this.
  17. ShotbowEveryYear Platinum

    Builder's delay block effect need back to Mining Fatigue 2.

    I spent 1 hour making wall and collecting Delay blocks ,I can’t change Class during this time.
    Result It took the enemy only 5 seconds to dig through my wall.
    This is disappointing I rather use other class to defense.

    New Builder's delay block can Locating TNT is great, But Mining Fatigue1 is so weak almost useless.

    Delay block effect need back to Mining Fatigue 2.
  18. Murgatron Retired Staff

    I've just tested and can confirm that the delay blocks are working as intended (mining fatigue 2). However remember that engineer's only get mining fatigue 1 against enemy delay blocks, as a bit of counter play with classes :)
    Made_inTaiwan likes this.
  19. ShotbowEveryYear Platinum

    I just tested Delay block again

    it only work in the first delay block, other delay block not working.
  20. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    I think he means the delay blocks from the resource drop do not have these additional features, while the ones from respawn and class changer do.

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