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Annihilation Annihilation Update - Wise Neon (2.9.0)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sevy13, Oct 14, 2020.

Annihilation - Annihilation Update - Wise Neon (2.9.0) | Page 2
  1. JTGangsterLP6 Annihilation Lead

    They used to, but then a bug occurred:
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  2. Tobi472 Platinum

    lol so what about maps like hamlet or villages??? Gaps are still op there. Gapples are now more rare. Is this a nerf? I dont really think so since it is still the most op item in the game. If a clan was able to get lets say 10 gaps in x amount of time they now might get 3-4 gaps if they dont adapt. What we probly will see is ppl investing more time and space in their farms to get about 8 gaps in x time. In a cw it wont happen anymore that the farmer can stop after p3... All in all its not a real nerf on the gaps. They just moved the problem somewhere else and thats poor game design bc they didnt adress the actual problem.
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  3. Superbob1000 Retired Staff

    It's hard to tell yet, but in my opinion, it is not necessarily bad game design. The devs wanted gapples to have the same strength as they already do. There still needs to be a tactic that is an effective game-finisher (nexus bleed definitely also helps with this issue). The problem was that people were using their gapples very loosely because many players have several on them at a time. I've seen people gapple when they don't necessarily need to: at mid, to kill the boss, just when they get in a little bit of a corner). A player having 10 very powerful items is not the same as a person having 3 or 4. Decreasing the amount of apples in the game actually will help the flow, I think as people will be a lot less willing to use their gapples so sparingly. But we'll just have to give it a few weeks to see the actual results.
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