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Annihilation Annihilation Update - Wise Neon (2.9.0)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sevy13, Oct 14, 2020.

Annihilation - Annihilation Update - Wise Neon (2.9.0)
  1. Sevy13 Annihilation Co-Lead

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    Annihilation Update - Wise Neon (2.9.0)

    Hi Everyone!

    It's that time again and we are happy to present you with yet another Anni update, Wise Neon!

    Most of these changes are based on community feedback. A lot of thought and reasoning has gone into them so please give them a chance before passing judgement. As always, nothing is set in stone and things can be tweaked where necessary.

    Many thanks to everyone who offered suggestions and reported problems.

    Knockback is currently being worked on. Once we have a working version there will be play tests to get community feedback, followed by further tweaking if necessary.


    NEW - Beacons
    • Due to popular demand Beacons can now be activated and used again. Yay!
    Class Changes:

    [IMG] Bard
    • The Bard Box now persists after death (like TP's and Tinkerer pads).
    • We've added a recall feature so you no longer have to find your Bard Box and break it.
    • There is now a 15 second overall cool-down before you can select a new song, to prevent spamming effects.
    [IMG] Builder
    • Building a defense should come with a reward for your hard work. We increased the amount of XP Builder earns from placing blocks by reducing the cool-down from 2.0 to 1.5 seconds.
    [IMG] Enchanter
    • Until now Succubus ignored the extra enchanter levels that would normally be converted to HP during combat. We've raised the level at which Enchanter XP is converted to prevent this from happening. Enchanter XP is now converted into HP once Enchanters health drops below 7 HP, that way all levels are fully converted before a Succubus can use their Life Drain ability at 6 HP or less. Previously levels were converted once HP dropped below 2 HP.
    [IMG] Farmer
    • 1./ Crop Immunity:
      • Crops that are being grown by a Farmer now have immunity from non farmer team mates for 80 seconds from the time they are broken.
      • Non farmers team mates are sent a message advising them to use farmer to break crops.
      • Enemies can still break crops at any time.
    • 2./ Feast Ability:
      • Gives players feedback for the Feast ability, in the form of:
      • Area of effect particles (similar to famine).
      • A chat message notification (similar to famine).
      • A new sound effect.
    • 3./ Farmer drop and inventory changes:
      • Decreased the drop rate of apples - Enchanted golden apples have become much more common and are no longer mainly used to rush/end games, an increasing number of players use them at mid and to mine rush. Strong items are necessary to break stalemates, but should be difficult to obtain.
      • Increased the drop rate of iron ore.
      • Added a chest to Farmers spawn items.
    [IMG] Immobilizer
    • Increased the Absorption hearts which a player receives upon being immobilized from 1 1/2 (3 HP) to 4 (8 HP). This will bring it in line with Swapper.
    • Scaled the time which a player is immobilized for, based on their armor points: A player that wears full diamond (20 armor points) is immobilized for the full 5 seconds, a player who doesn't wear any armor (0 armor points) is immobilized for 2 seconds.
    • Invisible players who don't wear any armor at all can no longer be immobilized - defending used to be a skill that required your undivided attention, listening for footsteps and looking for particles. AFK defending as Immobilizer has been getting increasingly common. Not only does this takes the skill and the fun out of defending, it also takes the skill and fun out of solo invis rushing.
    [IMG] RiftWalker
    • In addition to the recently added notification which alerts the riftee of an incoming rift, we have now also added the 10 second countdown to their chat.
    • Can now be used in more situations, the hook is no longer cancelled if there is a block behind the Scorpio.
    • The hook now breaks on first contact if there is no room for the hooked player, or if the player is changing class, and gives the Scorpio a chat notification telling them why it has failed.
    • Added reasons to Scouts "Unable to grapple" text notification (i.e. while on fire, in deep water).
    [IMG] Spy
    • Spy used to be a very popular defense class but is rarely used for defending since the extra backstab damage was removed. We've re-added this popular feature to give it more versatility. This also allows spy to use it's flee ability to double back and come up behind an enemy to deal more damage.
    • Added a clock to Vampires spawn kit, as well as a clock at each base. That way it's clear when the passive ability begins and ends since it's not based on light levels but rather on the day night cycle. Suggested by Quiglet in the Nifty Boron update thread.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that caused saturation to deplete too fast while regenerating health.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Shields to block 100% damage.
    • Fixed a bug where damage from Thor's hammer, poison and the wither effect were affected by unenchanted armor.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Farmer to get afk drops.
    • Fixed a bug where farmer crops keep growing if broken by an enemy.
    • Fixed a bug where base level regeneration potions had the same duration as their extended version.
    • Fixed a bug where Alchemists brew stands that were blown up by Engineers bunkerbuster were not returned to the Alchemists inventory.
    • Fixed a bug which rendered many temporary potion particles invisible (e.g. golden apples, Bard's BuffBox, Tinkerer's PowerPads).
    • Added functionality to prevent falling blocks going through webs (they now pop into their item form)
    • Various Admin related fixes and other nerdy dev stuff.
    :heart: Credits:

    As always, many thanks to:
    Our amazing devs, Mosh, Galap and MissHilevi, for their hard work and dedication in bringing us these updates. A special thanks to MissHilevi who is responsible for the bulk of this update.
    My wonderful Co-Lead and technical guru, JTGangsterLP6, who manages bug documentation and update-testing.
    The Anni admin team for all their hard work, testing and bug hunting.
    And all of you who offered suggestions, reported problems and gave support along the way.

    Many of the changes we have made in this update have come from you the community, and our wonderful Admin team who continue to strive to make Anni the best it can be.

    We have plans for many more exciting updates and new features, so stay tuned!

  2. hoodcapalot Platinum

  3. ShayminPlays Emerald

    Can't wait for Thoughtful Holnium
  4. Nachaves Platinum

    why they decrease the rate of apples? They do nothing but beneficiaries once again to the clans and one more disadvantage for the solo players
  5. Ivandagiant Silver

    Good changes all around. Gonna miss spamming bard songs, but I can 100% see why that shouldn't be a thing.

    I am very happy to see Spy get the backstab back!

    More consistent hooks will make scorpio MUCH more playable too- it was so frustrating before to have a decent amount of your hooks land but not hook.

    Immo nerf looks helpful, but it still doesn't change the fact that the class is boring to play for both the immobilizer AND the victim. I think we need a full rework and not just a nerf.

    Looking forward to trying the update out!
  6. Logiz_ Regular Member

    How much extra damage does spy's backstab ability do?
    Ivandagiant likes this.
  7. sandstoner Platinum

    Nothing yet about beacons? Are they coming back anytime soon?
  8. Spavky Platinum

    That's... That's an amazing work! :heart:
    JTGangsterLP6 likes this.
  9. Tobi472 Platinum

    So you nerf gapples by decreasing the drop rate?? You know that ppl will just make bigger farms??
  10. JTGangsterLP6 Annihilation Lead

  11. soto Platinum

    Pretty good update. I would like to state I'm not too fond with the "The Bard Box now persists after death". For instances like TP or tinkerer pads, for enemies & teammates, you need to visually see & interact with it to make use of it or to break it. For bard boxes now, teammates or enemies don't even need to see/ interact with it to gain its advantages/ disadvantages. This means you can put that piece of a box somewhere properly hidden, put some delay blocks & wool around it and it's pretty much stuck there until the bard feels like changing his class.

    I honestly think this is gonna be gamebreaking to some extent (especially on mid). Now, finding the damn box is gonna be more problematic cause before you had 2 ways to get rid of it (a - kill the bard, b - break it). I hope you'll give this some more thought.

    Otherwise the update is pretty nicely done, thanks to the Dev Team for their hard & active updates ( & admin team for their efforts).
  12. Superbob1000 Retired Staff

    Appreciate the Immobilizer changes. Although I think it largely needs a redesign, I’ll give it a go and see how it feels now with the changes. Does mercenary still tag invis players?
    ChickenMac7 and Ivandagiant like this.
  13. Ganzatron Platinum

    I agree with soto about the bard boxes. It has always been hard to find delay blocks and bard boxes since they can be hidden anywhere and be covered. Unlike the TP or Tinker pads where they basically need to be in the open for your team to more or less find/use.

    Just throwing an idea out there with delay blocks showing both Bard and Delay blocks if they are in the radius.
    Have another class with an ability to send out a circle around the player and highlight Bard and Delay blocks if they are in the radius of when the player sends out the circle.
    Just allowing other players from the other teams see the bard box music notes it has.

    Last thing I want to add is just a personally preference, I don't know how other people would feel about bringing back the old way of changing classes. I know you do not die any more because you want to keep your items, lvls, etc... but I just thought maybe if you right click a class you would die and respawn with the kits gear. Cause I know I almost always pick a class and then /kill. Just an idea.

    Other than that I love the update should be seeing a lot of new metas out of this one!
    Ivandagiant likes this.
  14. Nasar Obsidian

    Thanks for considering the knockback thread.
  15. Outra Localization Lead

    Yeah, Mercenary is still intact!
  16. JeTi_Brothers Platinum

    Very nice that the beacons are enabled again, definitely going to give that a try in the coming week.

    I don't think the changes to farmer fix the issue regarding gapples, but it's a start. As for immobilizer, does this mean assassin can get past it if leaped?

    I didn't really think of it in the way Soto describes the bard boxes but I agree with him that the bard boxes might be too strong to remain permanent yeah. Even though it sounded like a nice change, it might just be a tad too strong.
    Ivandagiant likes this.
  17. sandstoner Platinum

    you guys have all the rights to call me blind
    JeTi_Brothers likes this.
  18. JeTi_Brothers Platinum

  19. JonnyDvE Jr. Developer

    Enemies are able to break your farm now while your farming. Getting apples consistently requires to put in effort to prevent that as well.
    Gapples are not as op anymore, you are able to kill someone on gapple of you have the right gear. Making it harder to get apples is a good way of nerfing them without actually changing how they work
    JTGangsterLP6 likes this.
  20. Ivandagiant Silver

    They always could

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