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Annihilation Annihilation Update - Tender Titanium (2.13.0)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Anni Team, Sep 18, 2021.

Annihilation - Annihilation Update - Tender Titanium (2.13.0)
  1. Anni Team Administrator

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    Annihilation Update - Tender Titanium (2.13.0)

    Hello and welcome!

    Today, we are thrilled to announce our latest update Tender Titanium!

    Most of these changes are based on community feedback and include some requests which have been popular.

    As always, nothing is ever set in stone and we appreciate constructive, well-founded criticism (positive and negative). We would ask that you try out the update before giving feedback.



    [IMG]Hunter active ability: 'Flurry'

    The all new Flurry ability is a hunter's best friend. This ability will fire out a flurry of missiles that will seek out all enemies within a ten block radius.
    Missile features:
    • Hunt down enemies for 20 seconds, if it cannot reach its enemy, it will self-destruct.
    • Upon hit, it will:
      • Deal six hearts of damage (armour and all effects are taken into account)
      • Knock the enemy back
      • Sets the enemy glowing for the hunter for five seconds
      • Reduce the hunter's cooldown by five seconds
    • Can destroy enemy team doors that get in its way
    If you find yourself the target of a missile, follow these simple steps:
    1. Listen. Can you hear the fuse of the missle?
    2. Look. Can you see the missle glowing?
    3. Act. If you can't run away, you can punch the missle!
    P.S: This feature is a bit experimental and we are looking forward to your feedback!

    Class Changes:

    [IMG] Miner
    • To indicate that its Gold Rush ability is active, small yellow particles now spawn on ores upon hitting them.
    Other Changes:
    • Abandoned Stats
      In order to incentivize staying in games to keep the number of players per team balanced, Abandoned stats are now given to players, if:
      • they are on a team
      • the game has started
      • they abandon the game before their own nexus has been destroyed or before their own team has won
    • Leaderboards
      There are 2 new leaderboards:
      • Win/Loss Ratio has been replaced with Biggest Winners due to the number of player quitting before their team loses and thus skewing the statistics.
      • Biggest Deserters that will show the top 20 players who continuously leave the team high and dry.
    • Record Stats
      As record stats served no purpose and made it harder to view your stats, they have been hidden.
    • Item Stash
      Previously, you would not receive items that were directly added to your inventory if it was full. We have now added the Item Stash that will store these items for 60 seconds. After making enough space in your inventory, you can either click the chat notification or type /stash to retrieve these items. This list includes all retrievable items:
      • Boss Buffs
      • Team Doors
      • Private Stands
      • Purchases from the Brewing Shop and the Weapon Shop
      • Alchemist's Stand
      • Arrows from Archer's Arrow Drop
      • Bard's BuffBox
      • Builder's Delaying Blocks
      • Tinkerer's PowerPads and its fragments
    The Item Stash does not allow you to store items, once retrieved, items cannot be put back in the stash. Items that are not retrieved within the 60 second timer will disappear forever.
    • Chat Command
      To speed up replying to private messages, we have introduced the /r <message> (alias for /reply) command. This will allow you to send a message to the last person who you privately messaged.
    Bug Fixes:
    1. Players turning completely invisible to anyone.
    2. Scout not being the only class which can use the Grapple.
    3. Certain regular items working like specific Boss Buff items.
    4. Sea lanterns functioning as Builder's Delaying Blocks.
    5. Melon blocks and logs disappearing permanently.
    6. Not being able to break blocks that are placed in the spot of melon blocks and logs.
    7. Player-generated melon blocks and logs regenerating.
    8. Ninjas' Shurikens launching up enemies very high.
    9. Defender not receiving permanent Regeneration and additional HP.
    10. Defender not losing additional HP.
    11. Boots of Grace not breaking.
    12. Losing Invisibility despite Boots of Grace cancelling fall damage.
    13. Helmet of Extinguishment not extinguishing flames when having Fire Resistance.
    14. Chestplate of Fortitude and Leggings of Swiftness giving their respective effect to enemies.
    15. Armour being put on upon hitting a player or being hit by a teammate after using Assassin's Leap.
    16. Armour not being put back on upon breaking a block after using Assassin's Leap.
    17. Armour not being put back on upon taking fall damage or breaking a block after using Spy's Flee.
    18. Thorns on armour vanishing.
    19. BloodMage being able to inflict Poison II on enemies while being immobilized.
    20. Alchemist, Bard, Builder and Tinkerer losing Class Items upon rejoining.
    21. Not being able to stack stackable purchases from the Brewing Shop and the Weapon Shop while having a full inventory.
    22. The name of Transporter's Portal Maker not updating properly.
    23. The name of Defender's Alert Item not updating upon rejoining; thanks to Benjamin_Loison for reporting it!
    24. Water buckets appearing empty after attempting to place water on cobwebs (1.13+ only bug); thanks to shajunghoon for reporting it!
    25. Castaway missing rift points; thanks to nashinium for reporting it!
    26. Nature having a high number of entities in Yellow's base; thanks to Manuel32 for reporting it!
    27. Nature and Nature1v1 having a few glitchy spawn points.
    28. Andorra having a couple of spawn points which are too close to the void.
    29. Hamlet having some glitchy spawn points.
    Closing Words:

    While we have fixed quite a few bugs in this update once again, some you may have experienced and others you probably didn't know were there, we are aware that we still have bugs to fix and we appreciate all the help you can give us with getting those fixed. If you find a bug in Annihilation and want to have a chance of getting a shoutout in the next update thread, you can report it on our official Discord by using this command: !support bug <IGN>.

    :heart: Credits:

    First and foremost, thank you very much to our awesome Devs: Hilly, Mosh and Galap, for making this update possible and to the whole Anni Team for working hard every single day!

    Of course, many thanks to you, our passionate community, for offering suggestions, reporting bugs and supporting us!

    As always, we have plans for many more exciting updates and new features, so stay tuned!
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    Oh nice
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    Nice update
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    Yay a hunter buff! Looking forward to trying it out!
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    Hunter come back
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    Potion kills leaderboard missing -.-
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  7. M4NUEL Platinum

    Nice update , always nice to see that the game is getting better and better :D
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  8. dany03 Platinum

    i really like this update looks nice, now is time to play
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  9. Vietmyke Platinum

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  10. commando0301 Silver

    Why is there no scout nerf?

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