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Annihilation Annihilation Update - SCOUT Community Vote

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Anni Team, Nov 1, 2021.

Annihilation - Annihilation Update - SCOUT Community Vote | Page 2

Which option do you prefer?

Poll closed Nov 7, 2021.
Option A 24 vote(s) 51.1%
Option B 11 vote(s) 23.4%
Option C 12 vote(s) 25.5%
  1. Nasar Obsidian

    Why would the Dev team change Scout after so long, I mean that would terminate the server considering that the player base is around 80-90 players, these changes should've been made a long time ago, it's just the same bs about EU stats. why did you guys decide to bring EU stats after 4 years? People wanted their EU stats back in 2017, when SB closed EU. My point is, why would you guys come up with random ideas out of nowhere after so long. It wont change anything, that's my POV.
    Also i'm not lying about the player base lol

  2. soto Platinum

    I think you should consider buffing the other mobility classes instead of nerfing down scout to smithereens instead. The only nerf that would be tolerable would be a longer cooldown on the grapple. Otherwise why not buff the other classes so there's more diversity. This is clearly not the best time to start nerfing the most played class on the server unless you plan to wipe the remaining player-base off the map. Here's my suggestion:

    1 - Add a triple jump that recharges every 20-30 seconds combined with the double jump which stays unchanged at 10 seconds
    2 - Lower acrobats double jump CD to 5 seconds and give it a better leap forward. Something in-between the current acrobats max double jump distance & assassins leap distance.
    3 - Allow acrobat to double jump when in contact with any sort of wall (wall-jump) (just like how your jump recharges in DbV) but only once.

    1 - Introduce left click ability that brings back the blink ability (original dasher ability) that allows you to phase any direction without the need of targeting a block (You can't blink through solid objects). Keep in mind the right click ability can also be used together with left click.
    2 - Left clicking as a final means of escape will have the same effect as the chorus fruit has, teleporting you randomly within an X-block radius
    3 - Upon dashing you're granted speed 3 for 6 seconds.

    I came up with these suggestions as fast as I wrote down this chunk of text, so of course there's room for polishing. Please consider the suggestion of buffing instead of the continuous nerfing. Balance isn't created by tearing apart a class, it only creates room for another class to take scout's spot in being ''broken''.

  3. ericivi Silver

    I think this is the wrong approach. First of all, bard, as a weak class, should have its slowness 2 buffed to slowness 3 to combat scout (broken class). Second, bard's weakness 3 should be upgraded to weakness 4 because it is too underpowered. Swapper's range should be increased, and thor's axe knockback increased, so the swapper thor combo will finally be not underpowered. Also, I think Robinhood's bow should be able to have infinite upgrades, each one increasing the power enchantment level by 1, because robinhood is a very underpowered and not fun class.

    Personally, I think that scout should just have its grapple removed, and all that it should have is speed 1 which disappears during combat. Although then it would still be broken.
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  4. Royia Regular Member

    Actually, come to think of it: Scout should have no Speed 1 at all, and instead have permanent Weakness 2 (because Bard already makes Weakness 3) and every time the Scout chooses to use their grapple, they get Nausea 3 for 8 seconds (make it so that Scouts can't use milk to overcome the effect). Sorry everybody, I just started Annihilation (I'm Silver 1) and I was mining logs at Coastal and I got comboed by AbomXation (he was Scout of course) and I couldn't catch up with him!!! What the hay!!! Debuff this class ASAP!
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  5. ericivi Silver

    I think that's a better idea. I'm silver 1 as well right now, and it's really hard dealing with scouts (mainly AbomXation like you said, and also that Humillar guy, they're so good at PVP) as a healer. I hope Shotbow chooses option C at the least, so the game will finally be playable.
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  6. Ivandagiant Silver

    Wow. The day has finally come. I've been pushing for this since 2013. Yet...

    I have to agree with others here. This change is too late. Anni has been bleeding off players due to lack of updates over the years, and all you have left are veterans who enjoy playing scout... The grapple is something I have never found in any other minecraft server. While I 100% agree that scout needs nerfed, doing it at this point of the server's life is almost suicidal. It pains me to say it. I just wish this change could have come earlier...
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  7. nefmaster123 Regular Member

    por fin la gente probara otras clases :lmao:
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  8. ericivi Silver

    This is a summary of how most of my conversations with people who want these changes go.

    Me: "Weakness 2, Slowness 2, can't grapple, my class is 100% useless. How is this fair?"
    Conversee: "Pick another mobility class!"
    Me: "Alright, I will. What's your reason for wanting Scout to be nerfed?"
    Conversee: "Well, I went healer and drank a slowness 2 potion, and tried to kill this one scout, I think his name was AbomXation or something. I couldn't even catch up to him, and when he turned around and we fought, he killed me. Scout's speed needs to be removed."
  9. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    So the poll is not very useful. Option C split the vote (see "First Past the Post") and there is no abstain option.
  10. ericivi Silver

    If you go into inspect element and look at the actual poll on this forum page, there's a hidden element for Option D titled "Cease the Shotbow Service Permanently." That's the one I voted for. I hope to see the rest of you join me.
  11. SrRicard0_ Platinum

  12. Tobi472 Platinum

    It appears to be option A!

    Scout nerfs:
    Permanent speed 1 while wearing light armor gets removed

    After the Scout hits/ shoots a player and/ or gets hit, he cant use his grapple for 5 seconds

    Scout buffs:
    Scouts can drink speed 1 and speed 2 potions even if they wear heavy diamond armor!

    The grapple has no cooldown anymore.

    Everyone who thinks that this change will kill scout, make it unplayable or will destroy anni, is blind.
    The combat tag is a very healthy change for the entire playerbase and from the 2 combat tag test games Ive played I can tell you its not taking 2 long 2 play around this new feature.
    Many new strategies come in play here and a game as complex as anni needs new updates from time to time.
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  13. soto Platinum

    A game as dead as Anni is right now doesn't need this particular class update right now. This couldn't have come at a worse time, the priorities are all messed up for what is getting worked on and what should've been worked on.
  14. fire_killer124 Gold

    Worse update ever... Literally thing I like about the game.... Removed... Just got angry cuz of it last game and got a 5 day ban lmao GG shotbow. Im done
  15. ahet Regular Member

    good solution only in 5 seconds everything can happen change it!
  16. soto Platinum

    let's just say one week into this update and scout has become a complete joke. good job.
  17. Jerrybibo Emerald

    Not going to lie, am genuinely curious how long Shotbow is going to last at this point.

    Annihilation was probably the gamemode that brought a lot of people in (after the YouTube GhostCraft boom yada yada), and that was the one big positive inflection point for Shotbow.

    Now, with a largely unpopular scout change, along with an already dwindling player count (as echoed by many players above) and increasingly unorganized CW (that definitely helped band the tight-knit community somewhat together), this might just be the last straw to break the camel's back.

    Yes, I understand -- I hate an unnerfed scout to the point where I make an effort to not play it. I hate the playstyle. But I don't disrespect those who are good at it. Scout isn't as fundamentally broken as the old Bloodmage; it still takes a conceivable amount of time to master and truly consistently outplay enemies that outgear you.

    Taking this away, and especially now, just screams that the passion within the game you developers poured a considerable amount of time to balance and nearly perfect, and the responsibility of those that maintain it, is just gone.

    I might have not been with you through thick and thin, Shotbow, but it doesn't take a server admin to see that this was a practically objectively incorrect move, and it shows a flagrant disregard of the lifeline of this server -- the aggregate playerbase.

    It's nigh time to face it, Shotbow. This isn't sustainable.

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