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Annihilation Annihilation Update - SCOUT Community Vote

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Anni Team, Nov 1, 2021.

Annihilation - Annihilation Update - SCOUT Community Vote

Which option do you prefer?

Poll closed Nov 7, 2021.
Option A 24 vote(s) 51.1%
Option B 11 vote(s) 23.4%
Option C 12 vote(s) 25.5%
  1. Anni Team Administrator

    日本語版, Español
    Annihilation Update - Serious Gallium (2.14.0)


    We are excited to announce that the next update to Annihilation will be Serious Gallium. This update brings about a much needed change to a little-known class: Scout.

    Unlimited Grapple!
    We're removing Scout's Grapple cooldown! Scout will soon be able to zoom around the map, scouting out enemy advances and being the first to mid! As that change makes its permanent Speed effect redundant, we decided to remove that as well. However, all Scouts will be able to have temporary Speed effects again!

    Community Vote:
    However, Serious Gallium isn't complete! We need YOU to help us decide which penalty Scouts should receive.

    We have collected opinions, crunched data and even created an admin tool to modify Scout's many values on the fly to help us reach the perfect combination of movement and PvP.

    So, to get to the point, here's what YOU need to VOTE on:


    Option A: Combat Tag
    When a Scout hits or gets hit by an enemy player, they will incur a cooldown that prevents grappling for 5 seconds. This cooldown would reset for each hit; dealt or received.

    Option B: Weakness
    Every time a Scout pulls their grapple successfully they would receive a certain Weakness level for 5 seconds. The exact Weakness level would depend on the number of armour points of the Scout, which means that a Scout who wears full leather armour would get a lower Weakness level than a full diamond one. Obviously, Boss Buff armour negates more damage than unenchanted chain armour. Therefore, the Weakness level which would be applied when wearing at least one piece of Boss Buff armour would be calculated a bit differently. A few examples:
    • A full leather Scout using an unenchanted golden sword to attack an unenchanted full iron player: 13 hits (instead of 10 hits).
    • A full iron Scout using a Sharpness IV iron sword to attack an unenchanted full iron player: 8 hits (instead of 5 hits).
    • A full iron Scout using a Sharpness IV iron sword to attack an enchanted full iron (Protection I on all 4 armour pieces) player: 9 hits (instead of 6 hits).
    Option C: A & B Combined
    Option C is a combination of both the Combat Tag and Weakness options, if this option wins, Scout will receive both penalties but with reduced times to keep it balanced.

    How can I vote?
    The vote will only be open during the test matches. We will be ensuring that only accounts which have played in the test match have voted.

    Below is the timetable for the test matches:

    US & Japanese friendly matches:
    1. November 3rd at 3 AM GMT / 12 PM JST / November 2nd at 8 PM PDT
    2. November 6th at 3 AM GMT / 12 PM JST / November 5th at 8 PM PDT
    3. November 7th at 3 AM GMT / 12 PM JST / November 6th at 8 PM PDT
    EU & Japanese friendly match:
    1. November 3rd at 12 PM GMT / 9 PM JST / 5 AM PDT
    US & EU friendly matches:
    1. November 5th at 7 PM GMT / 12 PM PDT / November 6th at 4 AM JST
    2. November 6th at 7 PM GMT / 12 PM PDT / November 7th at 4 AM JST
    3. November 7th at 9 PM GMT / 1 PM PDT / November 8th 6 AM JST
    Remember you must be there to vote!

    We ask that you try and make multiple test games to really understand the implications of both options. We will not be holding test games for Option C!
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  2. KICRE Regular Member

    u're gonna kill the server w this gg broski
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  3. Smartzz Emerald

    Thank god, love this
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  4. hoodlol Platinum

  5. Cooksonia Silver

  6. Hingey Platinum

    Hell has frozen over.

    After years and years of complaints and suggestions someone on the dev team finally decided to do something. Its a pretty bad move at this point though... the Anni Team has basically pissed off anyone who wanted to see scout be balanced so the player base is mostly those who enjoy scout. A moral victory but not a good one for an already passing Shotbow.

    Option A is much better as many wise men have once suggested:wink:
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  7. ReapingWelfare Regular Member

  8. ReapingWelfare Regular Member

    Amen, A should've been the class mechanic from the start.
  9. aanni Obsidian

  10. aanni Obsidian

    Not quite the time for a radical change I imagine if a good player base does not like the outcome of the vote the player count count decrease even more since scout is a very popular class… Vote A btw
  11. soto Platinum

    This is really not the best time for such a drastic change to a beloved & popular class. This should’ve been done when complaints were still relevant, this on the other hand will surely cause disruptance in an already declining playerbase. All choices considered, A would’ve been the most viable one back when servers would garnish 60+ players a game consistently
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  12. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Shooting Scouts with arrows was made possible by the grapple cooldown being 2.5 seconds. Removing that cap makes them harder to hit. (Detailed in this post from 3 years ago.)
    Hopefully the [Purple text] fosters some good conversation. I even came up with a different idea while rereading this post.
    Make Scout unable to grapple below __ hp.
    [Punish reckless scouts for team diving when unprepared]
    This would just trim down scout to it's basic mechanics without removing the playstyle of scout.
  13. Smaragdon Regular Member

    I just know I refuse to play Scout until I win it in-game. Stubborn resiliance.

    With constant grapple but NO Speed I, non-scout players will combat scout-players more easily.

    On top of that, tag A (5 sec cooldown) will allow [miners] to flee easily, as the Scout has no good way to stay ahead after first hit.

    Other, Option B will make players combat the scout more, since NO Speed and MORE hits till death, means miners can fight the scout and keep mining.

    What I already like with the update, is that Speed I is taken away, so [even full iron players] are not killed by a scout-hit combo.
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  14. JonnyCrafter Regular Member


    Why is everyone ignoring this part?
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  15. Savkid Regular Member

    If you want even less player i guess you should change scout yeah , scout is fine the way it is lol no need for a nerf
  16. KICRE Regular Member

    Cause nobody asked for this. If anything you could remove option A B and C and add option D:
    <<5 second grapple cooldown>>.
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  17. SiiL3nT Regular Member

    not really lmao everyone asked for this 90% of the playerbase just uses scout and rushes your base and then runs away like a lil bi*ch bruh thank god for this
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  18. FIXVAMP Silver

    Sad how Shotbow decides to keep killing their playerbase over a small minority of Silver 2s who get comboed by AbomXation (95% difficulty) then go on the forums to complain about how "broken" this class is.
  19. Savkid Regular Member

    Apart from the irrelevant 2% randoms no1 asked for this update litteraly scout is perfect most ppl think the same
  20. Stugov Platinum

    Please Change the scout class it is so broken!!!

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