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Annihilation Annihilation Update - Optimistic Hydrogen (2.5.0)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sevy13, Apr 2, 2020.

Annihilation - Annihilation Update - Optimistic Hydrogen (2.5.0)
  1. Sevy13 Annihilation Co-Lead, BAC Co-Lead


    Annihilation Update - Optimistic Hydrogen (2.5.0)

    Hi Everyone!

    It's that time again and I'm happy to present you with yet another Anni update. New naming convention proudly provided by our Nerds... I mean Devs. (more details below).

    Many thanks to everyone who offered suggestions and reported problems, and everyone who helped test and iron out any update bugs in the Sandbox.


    Class Changes:

    [IMG] Enchanter
    • Fixed a the bug that caused Enchanter to lose levels for fall damage when fall damage is negated by other game mechanics (e.g. launch pads).
    [IMG] Healer
    • Now sends a message to the person healed telling them who healed them.
    • Now gives ingame experience levels to the healer for each person healed
    Thank you to Diamond_Hunter49 for these suggestions; Galap didn't forget!

    • Stopped marked players taking damage to normal hearts while they have absorption hearts.
    • Increased the immunity for being marked again to 10 seconds (was 7 seconds).
    • Decreased the duration of the mark ability and the glowing effect to 10 seconds (was 13 seconds).
    • Added time in seconds to the chat notification to communicate how long a player is immune to being marked.
    • Re-balanced Damage. Due to the way spigot handles damage, it came out that the damage taken was larger than 1.1x. The damage multiplier is now 1.3x of the final damage (after calculations) - Now slightly less.
    [IMG] Riftwalker
    • Closed the rift when a player changes classes. This fixed a bug that allowed Rift Walker to:
      • leave the rift circle.
      • change class while rifting.
    [IMG] Spider
    • Fixed a bug where the number of available webs would decrease on left clicked (the ability only works on right click).
    [IMG] Transporter
    • Disallowed TP's from being placed on soul sand to prevent players from glitching through and suffocating when the TP is broken.
    • Allowed certain blocks to be placed above TP's, this fixes Spider's climb ability from blocking TP's
    • Prevented invisible bats. Invisible bats are extremely difficult to counter. Bats are already stealthy enough due to their size.
    Other changes:
    • Added a Looting 1 Gold Sword to the available boss buff items.
    • Disabled Fire Charge recipe, to prevent players setting team-mates on fire.
    • Added an Admin-PM Command that allows admins to give anonymous advice to players without the harshness of using /warn.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Prevented players damaging/killing player NPC's using bows & class abilities.
    • Fixed a bug where if you mine the nexus with an item that has no durability bar, the item would vanish on nexus break.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed you to kill yourself to earn stats & XP.
    • Fixed multiple issues with Anti-logger.
    • Fixed issues with /logout.
    • Fixed the invisible players glitch.
    • Fixed an issue with vampire that prevented invis from being applied after poison damage
    Map Changes:

    Lowered under map protection to allow for TP placement on bedrock at mid.
    Increased build limit thickness because tall trees on sky bridges could penetrate
    Fixed left tower roof at each team to have the same shape as the other towers.

    Lowered under map protection to allow that one diamond to be mined.

    Set biome for the whole map to plains because some bases had distinct lines (yellow next to green grass).
    Re-set spawn points as some of them were outside the protected zone.
    Fixed direction of blue & yellow ender furnace

    Removed flowing water blocks on the edge of the map

    Removed random block on side of map

    Fixed missing blocks in yellows nexus-tower attic

    Added a few logs in gold mine & secondary iron mine
    Replaced obstructing wool block in side tower landing

    Naming Convention:
    // Warning: Very Nerdy Text ahead; you can skip this section if you're not interested in technical talk.

    Annihilation has never given updates a name or even a public version number, however, this is the first update to change that. Henceforth, all updates will be given a name which is comprised of an adjective and an element from the periodic table. This will be alongside the version number.

    Although the names are random, they provide an easy reference to a specific update. Version numbers change with every update, following Major.Minor.Patch semantic versioning which can be confusing if you're not used to software versioning. This also helps to make it clear when we update the game with a 'tangible' update vs a hot-fix; by tangible I mean that it affects the game play.

    :heart: Credits:

    This update was brought to you by Mosh_Von_Void, with some help from Galap who is back from a hiatus and once again actively developing for Anni. Welcome back Galap, we've missed you and it's great to have you back on the team.

    Many of the changes we have made in this update have come from you the community, and from our wonderful Admin team who continue to strive to make Anni the best it can be. All credit goes to them for their tireless efforts that more often than not go unnoticed, thank you team!

    We have plans for many more exciting updates and new features, stay tuned!

  2. Mission Gold

    Good updates!! Now all we need is 8v8 back :wink:
    GermandD and Myotis_ like this.
  3. Ungenes Platinum

    frequent updates? yay, good stuff :)
    JTGangsterLP6 and Fluffoon like this.
  4. Ranger_Elite Silver

    Healer buffs! Thank you!

    Now may i suggest we give the farmer some love? When using the feast, there should be sound + particles around the farmer and a text message to teammates being fed.
  5. Jarool Mini Admin

    Now that Vampire is almost useless in all situations (except getting rid of those stupid skybridge tps, I'll always use Vampire for that thank you very much), can we see a change that gives Vampire usage in something that's not super niche? Anyone got any ideas?


    Anyone got any ideas?
  6. Ranger_Elite Silver


    The ability to throw potions while in bat form (poison+instant damage chaos)?
  7. Jarool Mini Admin

    Oh god... oh god no... OH GOD NOOO!!!!!!!
    We had that meta for way too long, please don't remind me... the memories...

    Please, I wasn't seriously asking people to buff vampire! Though, if it could have any buff, maybe it could have an ability that launched it directly upwards by about 4-5 blocks when in human form and forwards in the direction you're facing when in bat form, sort of like an evade option (for nighttime usage only). Maybe even put that usage on the transform ability and you left-click it instead of right-click to use it?
  8. notswipe Retired Staff

    its counter should be that wooden swords do 10x damage
  9. Snaaaap Localizer

    Nice update! :)
    Sevy13 and JTGangsterLP6 like this.
  10. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    So tell me, what does vampire do exactly? Kill itself and fly away?

    I sense a lack of vision in these updates, you're just here to beat up on poor vampire.
    I say they get a hefty regeneration buff after transforming into human form willingly.
    Ranger_Elite likes this.

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