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Annihilation Annihilation Update - Obvious Osmium (2.16.0)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Anni Team, Apr 23, 2022.

Annihilation - Annihilation Update - Obvious Osmium (2.16.0)
  1. Anni Team Administrator



    Annihilation Update - Obvious Osmium (2.16.0)

    Hello and welcome!

    Today, we are thrilled to announce our latest update Obvious Osmium!

    As always, most of these changes are based on community feedback.

    We would appreciate constructive, well-founded criticism (positive and negative!) here on the forums once you have experienced this update in-game for some time. Nothing is ever set in stone.



    [IMG] Tank
    Not content with killing? Like taking things slow and steady? Then Tank is for you!

    The NEW Tank class is the ultimate survivalists kit. Use your sword and shield to enter your defensive stance and soak up nearly all damage* inflicted upon you, but be wary of your stamina! If your stamina becomes fully depleted, you will be vulnerable once more.

    When in your defensive stance, you will cast a protective projectile phalanx around yourself. This will protect close teammates from incoming arrows, allowing them to advance on enemies with you in vulnerable situations. Be warned, your stamina will still take a hit from projectiles!

    *Legs may still crumple during landing.

    Class Changes:

    [IMG] Archer
    • Archer now has an additional, brand new ability which is called Rain Of Arrows:
      • Left-click while holding any bow to toggle it on/off.
      • The ring of particles indicates your targeted area.
      • Shoot your bow to bring down a rain of arrows onto your enemies. Every enemy in the area will be hit.
      • Only 1 arrow is consumed.
      • The ability has a cooldown of 30 seconds.
    [IMG]Builder &[IMG]Delaying Blocks
    • The two Delaying Blocks have been removed from Builder's spawn kit.
      • You can still get them from Builder's Resource Drop.
    • Delaying blocks can now be purchased from the Weapon Shop for 20 gold ingots each.
      • Still has a 5 block effective radius.
      • Teammates right click them to see their radius.
    • Delaying blocks now have the same restrictions as Team Doors.
      • If broken by a teammate, it will be returned to you.
      • If broken by an enemy, it will drop on the ground.
      • Cannot be placed within 8 blocks of another friendly delaying block.
      • Cannot be placed within 3 blocks of an enemy delaying block.
    The motivation for this change is to allow Builders to build fantastic defences but also switch to another class when they're done without the fear of their Delaying Blocks disappearing. This change also allows Delaying Blocks to be more accessible because any other classes can use them. For example, you can be an Archer at mid and place Delaying Blocks to protect your vantage point.
    [IMG] Defender
    • Defender's Class Icon has been changed from a shield to a prismarine shard, so that both Defender and Tank can be recognized by a respective Class Item. (Yes, it might take a while to get used to this, sorry! :stuck_out_tongue:)
    [IMG] Engineer
    • To prevent unnecessary explosions, Engineer no longer blows up upon running the chat command /kill.
    • Based on the outcome of our Annihilation - Community Poll #1, Scorpio's hook will no longer pull enemies if the Scorpio is outside of the world border. This means that on most maps, vanilla void scorping is not possible.
      • Some maps; Skylands and Aftermath for example, have access to the void inside the map border. Void scorping will still be possible there. Depending on your playstyle and the map rotation, you know what maps (not) to vote for!
    [IMG]Swapper & [IMG]Succubus & [IMG]Thor
    • As we have already announced in our Annihilation - Community Poll #2, Swapper can no longer swap invisible enemies who aren't wearing any armour at all. The same applies to Succubus and Thor. This change brings them in line with Immobilizer and Mercenary which have the same limitation.
    • Transporter can now use its Portal Maker on cobblestone.
    • Vampire doesn't take 25 % more damage during the day any more.
    • While the chance of stealing 1 HP from enemies at night remains the same (30 %), Vampire now also has a 15 % chance of doing so during the day.
    • Vampire's Blood Sense has been buffed:
      • Its cooldown has been reduced from 60 to 8 seconds.
      • You no longer get Blindness for 2 seconds.
      • It now works like a sonar which takes 5 seconds to scan its whole radius for enemies.
      • If you want the whole scan cycle to finish, you have to keep holding its Class Item (now a red disk, formerly a beetroot soup) for the whole 5 seconds.
    [IMG] Warrior
    • Warrior's Frenzy has been buffed:
      • You no longer take +1 HP of damage from enemies.
      • It now gives you Speed I for 12 seconds.
      • Every 4 seconds it heals 2 HP, so 6 HP in total.
      • You still deal an additional +1 HP of damage to enemies, so +2 in total (unchanged).
    Other Changes:
    • Double Nexus Damage
      According to our Annihilation - Community Poll #1, the majority of players prefers the original double Nexus damage over the nexus bleed in Phase 5. Back to the roots, here we go!
    For those who don't remember double Nexus damage: From Phase 5, any damage dealt to an enemy Nexus will be doubled. Double Nexus damage replaces the Nexus Bleed. You can keep your 75 Nexus health for as long as you can defend. This change helps you to earn more Shotbow XP with the Nexus health bonus XP because the damage your Nexus takes is determined by how good your defense is.
    • Ender Pearls
      On the one hand, the replacement of the Nexus bleed means that defending feels more rewarding again, because you can't automatically lose 1 nexus HP every 45 seconds any more despite building a defence and hugging your Nexus. On the other hand, the return of the aforementioned double Nexus damage, the removal of void scorping from most maps and the fact that it's harder to reveal invisible enemies mean that rushing is a lot easier. Therefore, we decided to make defensive walls great again by no longer teleporting rushers who throw an ender pearl into an enemy protection area. You can still pearl out of enemy protection areas and into your own one.
    • Annihilation Stats
      2 brand new stats are tracked from now on:
      • All players who love repairing their nexus as a Handyman will be happy about Nexus heal stats (Nice HAN! :stuck_out_tongue:).
      • Everybody who enjoys slaying Bosses will be pleased about the addition of Boss kills which are given to all teammates that damage a Boss prior to claiming its Boss Buff.
    • Leaderboards
      There are 2 new leaderboards:
      • Most Nexus Heals - Who is the best Handyman out there!?
      • Most Boss Kills - Who can slay the most Bosses!?
    • Ending Phase
      30 seconds after the game has been won, all sneaking players are teleported to a grand, final Boss fight! If a regular Boss is alive at that time, it's replaced by the untouched final one.
    • Nexus Miners
      Players who damage an enemy Nexus now receive double the Shotbow XP and Annihilation rank points for each hit.
    • Launch Pads
      Ever tried to use a launch pad at the same time as someone else and subsequently fallen to your death? Yeah, that sucks. So we have changed launch pads to allow multiple players to use the same launch pad simultaneously. This change imposes a 5s cooldown from using another launch pad.
    • Shields
      As shields are barely used and as we don't want to make new players think that they were super powerful, they have been removed from the spawn kit and as a preference toggle. However, you are still able to craft them.
    • Starting Phase
      Different sounds are now played in a voting when:
      • the game starts in 2 minutes
      • the game starts in 10 - 2 seconds
      • the map is being loaded
    Thanks to Sens for this suggestion!
    • Chat Command
      /dado (alias for /damagedone) doesn't only display your own nexus damage/heals, but it can now also be used to check the nexus damage/heals of:
      • another player: /dado <IGN>
      • a whole team: /dado #<Team>
    • Chat Notifications
      Whenever a nexus is destroyed, the chat notification now includes a colourful IGN of the player who did the final hit.
    • Map Rotations
      Map rotations are now displayed in the Anni Lobby.
    Bug Fixes:
    1. Invisible enemies not being completely invisible.
    2. Logs disappearing permanently; thanks to shiroe_hammuni for reporting it!
    3. Lumberjack's Brute Force not damaging enemy armour correctly.
    4. Getting rubberbanded while using launch pads.
    5. Items from the Brewing Shop and the Weapon Shop not stacking with the same items from Alchemist's Tome, farms, etc.
    6. IceMan's class-related ice turning into regular, breakable, ice.
    7. Swapper being able to put its Swapper disk into a jukebox.
    8. Pickaxes losing durability while attempting to mine your own Nexus.
    9. TAB looking like that of other game modes.
    10. Twilight having unbreakable blocks; thanks to Sens for reporting it!
    Closing Words:

    While we have fixed a few bugs in this update again, some you may have experienced and others you probably didn't know were there, we are aware that we still have bugs to fix and we appreciate all the help you can give us with getting those fixed. If you find a bug in Annihilation and want to have a chance of getting a shoutout in the next update thread, you can report it on our official Discord by using this command: !support bug <IGN>.

    :heart: Credits:

    First and foremost, thank you very much to our Devs Mosh and Galap for making this update possible and to the whole Anni Team for working hard every single day!

    Of course, many thanks to you, our passionate community, for casting your votes, offering suggestions, reporting bugs and supporting us!

  2. Snurkle Platinum

    Keep it up! This is awesome!! Id say that Shotbow needs to overhaul its server promotion next.
  3. Halex00 Platinum

    This. While the updates are great and it is nice to see that the developers and admins still put love into this gamemode, the server needs to put more effort into promoting themselves to the greater Minecraft community. No matter how good Anni becomes, new people won't play it if they never learn about it.
  4. IEvadeTax Gold

  5. pigplayer Administrator

  6. Outra Localization Lead

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  7. Jarool Emerald

    I'm stocked!
  8. suimintarazu Platinum

    This is just one player's point of view.

    I'm basically happy under this update.
    However, I guess that players are very hard to escape polished swap trap without Ender pearls when swap trap is protected by refined wall and big crena.
    This means that Ender pearls should have been allowed inside of permission area.
    syoyukundesu likes this.
  9. Jarool Emerald

    My current opinions:
    Warrior isn't as over-tuned as I first thought. It's got a very good ability now, and I find myself using it to heal myself a few times, rather than run into a fight with it. It also looks like its duration was nerfed by 3 seconds, which is understandable.

    Tank is better than most people give it credit. It's great for keeping your teammates from taking unnecessary arrow damage. You will get enemies to shoot at you instead if you're in the open, but funnily enough, two Tanks can hold down their abilities within range of each other and will completely remove any arrow damage between each other without touching their Shield's Stamina. This is kinda hilarious, and it forces an enemy to go in with melee! It's not very good in 1v1 fights, but it's fantastic in 2v1 fights where you can keep the enemy distracted by you as the Tank, meanwhile your teammate is going HAM on the enemy. Yes, this class is not good in 1v1 situations, but the class is about defense, not offense.

    Vampire is still just not useful enough. I have found no reason to go Vampire for the Blood Sense ability when I can just look for the invis particles. Yes, you can see enemies through walls, but I haven't found a good use-case for that. While I'm unsure what you could do with Blood Sense, maybe it could be an additional passive where it indicates the nearest damaged enemy, sort of like it's actually sensing the blood of an enemy, but only be an indicator for where they were last hit, rather than where they currently are. Then, Vampire could become like an assassin. Not entirely sure, I just don't see Blood Sense to be any good.

    Archer Rain of Arrows is an interesting ability to add. I haven't used it much, but the limited amount of times I've used it more as a free, guaranteed shot. Will need to experiment more with it for use-cases, but it doesn't seem too crazy. Good addition.

    Delaying Block being a more general item is good. I do think the price is a bit high, and it's annoying to not be able to place them within 8 blocks of each other, but it's nice to be able to just buy them.

    Other changes are good. Nothing to really add.

    Very happy with this update. I hope to see more updates like this!
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  10. iStackEverygame Platinum

    Delaying Block's 8 block limit is a bit too much
    If you put it on the wall there will be a lot of holes
    I suggest lowering the distance limit between Delaying Blocks
    Or change the delay block's delay Range from sphere to cube
    Rocket543210 likes this.
  11. tempra2022 Regular Member

  12. squallythewally Obsidian

    good update, thanks!
  13. Hvba Retired Staff

    Nice! A new class :D , I wish someone would have suggested a similar class way before. :)
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  14. Rocket543210 Silver

    Warrior changes are great
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