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Annihilation Annihilation Update - Nifty Boron (2.8.0)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sevy13, Sep 2, 2020.

Annihilation - Annihilation Update - Nifty Boron (2.8.0)
  1. Sevy13 Administrator

    日本語版, Español

    Annihilation Update - Nifty Boron (2.8.0)

    As promised, now that Annihilation has moved to a 1.12.2 base and all major bugs have been ironed out, we are now back to our regular schedule of "small but frequent" updates. And as such we are pleased to announce a brand new content update, Nifty Boron!

    This update addresses the most controversial class balance issues, and provides changes that will hopefully leave the meta in a better place. Most of these changes are based on community feedback, and a lot of thought and reasoning has gone into them. And while some changes may seem small, we ask you to please give them a chance before passing judgement. As always, nothing is set in stone and things can be tweaked where necessary.


    Class Changes:


    Reducing the duration of Tier 3 potions in a previous update helped in making Alchemist rushes more manageable, 2 players can now no longer take out a team on their own. But the problem with larger groups still remains. It's not uncommon to see very large, heavily geared rushing groups with Tier 3 potion effects. That kind of rush can be near impossible to counter, there needs to be a limiting factor. We've made the following changes to address this while retaining the team aspect of Alchemist, i.e. not forcing Alchemist to brew 2 sets of potions:
    • Alchemist Tier 3 splash now only gives Tier 3 effects to the Alchemist that splashes the potion.
    • It now gives the Tier 2 equivalent (with T3 durations) to everyone else that is splashed.
    • These changes are intended to go hand in hand with the recent rework of enchanted golden apples.
    [IMG] Builder

    Engineer can make short work of defenses that may well have taken most of the game to build, this can be very demotivating for builders. In their original concept (although this did not make it into the final implementation), Delay Blocks could defuse Engineer's TNT. This has now been added giving some much needed counter-play to Engineer. That, along with the recently added Team Doors, will allow builders to create highly defensible and practical defenses that can endure. Changes are based on community feedback across multiple forum threads, including this poll.
    • Any Engineer C4 or Nuke placed within the effective radius of a Delay Block (5 blocks) is automatically defused.
    • Delay Blocks do not defuse Dynamite.
    [IMG] Dasher

    Added two more block types that Dasher cannot dash onto. Changes are based on community feedback in the Optimistic Hydrogen Update. Block types added are:
    • Red brick stairs
    • Red brick slabs
    [IMG] RiftWalker

    Prevented RiftWalker from being able to rift to:
    • Invisible players
    • Vanished Spies
    • Vampire bats, by default (see Vampire class changes)
    • Added a chat notification to alert if a rift cannot be made due to the above
    • Added a chat notification for the person being rifted to, alerting them of an incoming rift.
    Particles and sounds for rifts is something that was discussed by the team. There are a couple of problem with this: a) rifts are not consensual, it could potentially expose somebody's secret base or compromise their rush, and b) clans often use RiftWalker to travel to secret brew/loot rooms which they may not necessarily want the rest of their team to know about.
    We believe that these changes will prevent unannounced visitors, while still requiring vigilance by defenders. If this proves not to be enough we can re-visit RiftWalker in a future update.


    Probably the most controversial class due to its ability to bypass defenses, the Vampire Bat's fast untimed flight also afforded it the ability to; be an immediate counter to sky bridges; undermine team-oriented classes such as RiftWalker and Transporter; and circumvent game-play on sky based maps. It would have been difficult to fix all of these things without removing much of the fun. The general consensus from the community was remove/rework, and that's what we've done.

    This class has undergone a complete re-vamp! We have removed the bat-form and re-implemented it as a strong nighttime combat class. And as some of our veteran players may already have guessed, this is the very popular retro version of Vampire, with the addition of a brand new active ability.
    • Comes with a stone sword.
    • At night, every hit you deal gives you a 30% chance of stealing half a heart (1 HP) and healing yourself with it.
    • You take 25% more damage during the day (light levels are not taken into account).
    In addition, it now has a new ability called "Blood Sense". This is an active ability, which when used plunges the Vampire into darkness as it enters a state of sensing rather than seeing, allowing it to detect its enemies life force. Enemies will begin to glow, visible only to the Vampire; unless they are sneaking, invisible or vanished Spies.
    • Comes with a class item called Blood Sense.
    • This ability can be activated whether there are enemies nearby or not (so use it wisely).
    • Will reveal enemies within a radius of 10 blocks horizontally, and 5 blocks vertically.
    • This ability lasts for 13 seconds, with a 60 second cool-down.
    • Note: Enemies who enter the effective radius after activation will not be revealed.
    Succubus's little known passive life drain on hit has been removed. This ability is now uniquely with Vampire.

    Other changes:

    Boss Items
    • Boss items with the mending enchant (e.g. Boots of Grace) will now be repaired by mined XP.
    Class Changer
    • Prevented all movement while in the class selector GUI.
    Players changing classes are now immune to movement (e.g. Scorpio hook, Wizard Whirlwind etc), in the same way that they are immune to damage while re-spawning. It's not fair to be Scorpio voided while you are in your class selector GUI.

    Fortune Enchant
    The drop rates for diamonds for all levels of this enchant have been slightly reduced. It was very easy to get large amounts of diamonds with fortune 3 in a very short space of time. This change will increases the time players spend at mid, prevent teams from gearing too quickly or uncontested, and make mid gameplay more challenging.
    Note: This only affects Diamonds.

    Private Brew Stands
    • Private brew stands that you buy from the shop are now no longer SoulBound.
    • They still work as a private stand for the player that places it.
    • Can be dropped or put in chests for other players to use.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that caused players affected by BloodMage's Corrupt ability to re-spawn with only 8 hearts (16 HP).
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the class-ability timer to get stuck when you rejoined a game.
    • Fixed a bug where rejoining a game gave you an extra set of spawn tools.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Builder's Delay Blocks not to work.
    • Fixed a bug where if a Scorpio died while hooking an enemy, that enemy was sent to the Scorpios spawn.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Immobilizer to work on vanished spies.
    • Fixed a bug causing Immobilizer sound to be global instead of local, can no longer be heard over long distances.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Scout's grapple from working in 1 block deep water.
    • Randomized enchanting, the first enchant is now no longer always the same.
    • Prevented tree leaves from growing into the void.
    • The square brackets around the team character in global chat are now white rather than grey, for consistency.
    • Various Anni lobby bugs caused by 1.12, such as missing hot-bar items, chat tags etc.
    • Various Admin related fixes and other nerdy dev stuff.

    As always, many thanks to:
    Our amazing devs, Mosh, Galap and MissHilevi, for their hard work and dedication in bringing us these updates. And also Robertthegoat, Lazertester and Adam for their assistance.
    My wonderful Co-Lead and technical guru, JTGangsterLP6, who manages update-testing and finds bugs that nobody even knew existed.
    The Anni admin team for all their hard work testing and bug hunting.
    And all of you who offered suggestions, reported problems and gave support along the way.

    Many of the changes we have made in this update have come from you the community, and our wonderful Admin team who continue to strive to make Anni the best it can be.

    We have plans for many more exciting updates and new features, so stay tuned!

  2. soto Platinum

    Compared to the quite disastrous 1.12.2 base update, this is quite a relief. I don't see much to complain about yet, pretty glad with the changes to every class here & bug fixes. Thanks to the reluctant dev. team & admin team & the persistent complaints and suggestions from us, the community.

    teaser: (my next forum post title: Immobiliser Iodine.)
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  3. ChickenMac7 Platinum

    Yuuus old vampire is back!
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  4. RichRamp Emerald

    Besides my desire for a change to immo I really enjoy the changes to all classes and gameplay changes. thanks
  5. Tobi472 Platinum

    So I will just give some quick feedback on alchemist and vampire.

    Alchemist was lately not used for tier 3 effects! After the 1.12 base update ppl were not in the need to have str 3 and gapples beeing so popluar and granting almost invincibility made regen 2 less meta. It was still used but instead of 100% of the rushes it was more about 40% or even less.
    So the changes are very late and not even relevant rn. Alchemist will still be a good solo rush class but removing the spash version entirely will make it irrelevant for many situations.

    Vampire was op. Now its a okish class. Why am I not hyped? The old version had resistance. Making it 1 out of 2 classes with this power.
    The new active ability is almost unplayable! You enter the mode for 13 seconds but you cant cancel it, you cant sprint during the duration and even enemies who get closer wont get revealed. To summ it uo: You give your a very big combat disadvantage for 13 seconds, and ppl who sneak up on you from 15 blocks away will be able to attack you without you seeing it because your blind for the 13 seconds!
    2 ways to fix it: 1. make it able to cancel the ability by clicking or getting hit or by death lol.( Yes if you die with the ability beeing active you will still have the debuff as a shame you playing this class.)
    2. give the vison more range and let it update!

    Now lets compare the life drain abilities from succubus and vampire.

    Vampire has a 30% of stealing 1 HP. This has one up and one down site.
    Up: it steals the hp so it gives you a 2 hp advantage in a 1v1 when triggered.
    Down: It only works in nights so only half of you playtime.

    Succubus: 20% chance to heal for 15% of your damage dealt.
    You will only notice the damage in bigger rushes in which you 2 hit leathers. If the number would be correct this would mean: 10 final damage dealt times 15% = 1.5 hp on 20% chance vs leathers.
    The thing here is that the actual healing is a 2 times higher from what I ve been experiencing! There are hits from which I was able to heal 3 hp! And yes there was no regen buff on me.

    So we are looking on:

    Vampire: always heals 1 for 30% chance. In 10 hits = 3 hp
    Succubus: best scenario 3 hp for 20%. In 10 hits = 6 hp

    Overall the lifedrain from vampire is more reliable making it more viable for 1v1s than succubus passive. BUT sucubus still gets a 12 hp advantage from its active ability making it still the way to got in a 1v1.
  6. JonnyDvE Jr. Developer

    Its still the same seed
  7. Walkop Silver

    Every single change I like, except the changes to Spy.

    Every other class you'd typically rift to has a mobility advantage. Acrobat, Assasin, Scout, and even old Vamp (which was allowed for years). Why debuff the only class that makes you rely on personal skill alone to get into position?

    If you can get into proper position with Spy and having NO MOBILITY bonus on your class, then you deserve to be immune to Mercs and be rifted to while vanished. I'm firmly against this change - it wasn't OP before and takes away from variety in the meta.
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  8. JTGangsterLP6 Annihilation Lead

    Thanks, we are looking into why that happens on the live servers! :)
  9. Axyy Marketing Team

    I'm really liking the update, probs to y'all
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  10. Quiglet Platinum

    Vampire should have a clock in their inventory so they can see what time it is before they need to change
  11. JeTi_Brothers Platinum

    The update looks very good. I like the changes made to the classes and I'm glad with all the bugfixes. The old vampire was pretty broken so I'm happy that it was reworked. I do however feel like the Blood sense ability is pretty useless as the only people it will really reveal are people you could already see the nametag of. I saw Soto post some good suggestions for a more useful ability, so I hope he does post those suggestions.

    I do still feel like gapples still need a rework as they currently give you full immunity. Many people will not agree with me on this subject but I feel like full immunity isn't something that should exist in Annihilation.
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  12. jorn_p Platinum

    good shit
  13. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    Finally, I can build my wall in peace!
  14. thebuddyboy Regular Member

    I like everything about these changes so far, great job!
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  15. Galap Developer

    This should now be fixed; again! :)
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  16. schiindler Retired Staff

    i love u adam

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