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Update Annihilation Update - Kind Zinc (2.6.0)

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Sevy13, Apr 26, 2020.

Update - Annihilation Update - Kind Zinc (2.6.0)
  1. Sevy13 Administrator

    versión en español

    Annihilation Update - Kind Zinc (2.6.0)


    NEW - Team specific Door
    • Can be purchased from the weapon shop for 10 gold
    • Iron door when in hand
    • Places 2 glass panes in the team color
    • Only team members can pass through it to encourage better defense design
    • Cannot be placed within 8 blocks of another friendly team door (to prevent walls of doors)
    • Cannot be placed within 3 blocks of enemy team doors
    • Can be broken by enemies but gives mining fatigue on hit (5 seconds)
    • Can be broken by team mates but is returned to the person who placed it on break
    • It is intended that you cannot jump through doors, us Annihilation players have manners!
    Enchanted Golden Apple Rework
    • Consuming a regular golden apple after consuming an enchanted golden apple will no longer extend the duration of the 8 absorption hearts
    • Enchanted golden apples now give 30 seconds of Regen III (was 20 seconds of Regen II)
    • Resistance and fire resistance are unchanged
    • Golden apples can no longer be held in the off-hand
    Re-added the /dado command
    • Back by popular demand!
    • Shows nexus damage done and nexus damage healed in the current game
    Class Changes:

    [IMG] Dasher
    • Added block types that dasher cannot dash onto. You can acro, scout, and assassin proof your archer platform, but you couldn't dasher proof it. We decided to add a short list of builder drops that are dasher proof to help make defenses more effective. Block types are as follows:
      • Glass Blocks
      • Red Bricks
      • Iron Bars
      • Wooden Fences
      • Nether Fences (for consistency sake)
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to fly to and kill the ender dragon. Vampires can now no longer transform into bat form in the boss world.
    • Fixed a bug that turned items into their base form when used to break a melon block (e.g. repair anvils, turn colored wool into white wool)
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to render the evertool droppable
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to render certain boss items droppable
    • Fixed a bug that enabled the permanent removal of melons and logs using certain class items.
    • Fixed a bug where loot from killed antilogger NPC's was being cleared when the player logs back in.
    • Fixed a bug where you could not mute pms.
    • Various Admin fixes and other nerdy stuff.
    :heart: Credits:

    As always thank you Mosh and Galap for your hard work in bringing us these updates.
    Galap for the idea and implementation of our brilliant new Team doors.
    Our wonderful Anni team for all their hard work testing and bug hunting.
    And many thanks to all who offered suggestions and reported problems, and everyone who helped test and iron out update bugs in the Sandbox.

    This will be the last content update while our developers work on updating Annihilation to a 1.12.2 base version; this is required maintenance work which the entire network is currently undertaking. Once we are on a stable 1.12.2 version, you can look forward to more updates and developments!

  2. SilverBlaine Gold

    keep up the good work everyone!!!!!!!!
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  3. Mission Gold

    Good job! Will be interesting to see how the doors get used.
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  4. jorn_p Platinum

  5. ChickenMac7 Platinum

    Doors would be good for making some mines safer; such as Canyon iron mine.
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  6. Athys Platinum

    I don't know if this is specific to 1.12+ combat but it seems like knockback is completely out of wack when it comes to PvP. I might just be really bad but it seems like at times I can get combos without my opponent landing a single hit on me and other times I get combo-ed and am unable to hit my opponent (I think it boils down to who hit who first?).

    No clue if this is fixable but it would be great if PvP could be better optimized going forward.
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  7. Mission Gold

    Getting the first hit is not the reason the PvP is off, unless you come up from the back of someone. I think its because W tapping doesnt work the way it works in 1.7 (reduce KB aswell as deal more). I believe they fixed the KB for MineZ, not sure if or when it will be rolled over to Anni.
  8. JonnyDvE Jr. Developer

    I thought I got the naming schema but now the update, but I cant see any logic behind it now. Why isn´t the update named *some adjective* Helium, as it´s the 2. update with the new naming scheme?
    I love the addition of the team doors, had some similar ideas in the past.
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  9. Lab__01 Regular Member

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  10. Shiwokov Emerald

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  11. Spavky Platinum

    Team doors are brilliant! :heart:
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  12. Galap Developer


    We won't be using some elements; like Roentgenium, so that it's easy for non-native English speakers to pronounce, that's why we're not going in the order of elements. If you want to refer to the update, you can still use the incremental version number (2.6.0) but the name just gives an anchor point to a specific release, so internally we would say "we're ready to release Kind Zinc", rather than 2.6.0, because outside of the development team, most people don't keep up with the version number as it changes between releases for bug fixes and other hot patches.

    I hope that helps explain the rationale a bit better.
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  13. JayExterminate Regular Member

    Awesome work! add more stuff love when the game keeps changing! i have some ideas if you guys would like to hear them :heart:
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  14. Holstein21 Regular Member

    Thank you for awesome work :D

    In this update, block types that Dasher cannot dash onto don't include Bricks Slab & Bricks Stairs.
    But I often saw the shooting platforms made by Oak Wood Slabs. So Wall Builders must change
    them shooting platforms if they want to prevent Dasher.
    Do you have any plans for adding Bricks Slabs & Bricks Stairs to new block types?

    Sorry for my bad translation.
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  15. schiindler Retired Staff

    Hi, seeing as I've been gone for a while I've missed a lot.

    I wanted to know if, as a scout, when your grapple fails to hook it was intentional that it goes on cooldown? It's just frustrating if I believe the grapple hooked but it failed to grasp and then I need to wait for the cooldown to pass.

    It's easy to just make your own brick slabs, I recommend doing that for the time being!
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  16. JonnyDvE Jr. Developer

    Clears it up but im still unsatisfied.
  17. Sens Platinum


    He's refering to the new ability of blocks being non-dashable, and he's asking for the slabs and stairs to have that function also, not that they come into the builder pack.

    Which I must say, it is completely necessary and a great idea.
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  18. Murgatron Retired Staff


    Double slabs can look like full blocks, making these hard for a player to distinguish if they can dash onto them or not - same for stair blocks if their orientation is one sided.

    The list of blocks can always be revisited though! :)
  19. Sens Platinum


    So making an un-dashable slab from a block that is already un-dashable, like the brick, wouldn't cause any confusion.
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  20. JeTi_Brothers Platinum

    Will test this update out later, seems interesting. Don't really understand why golden apples got a buff but okay.
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