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Annihilation Annihilation update - Fresh Bugium (2.11.0)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Galap, Mar 18, 2021.

Annihilation - Annihilation update - Fresh Bugium (2.11.0)
  1. Galap Developer

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    Annihilation Fresh Bugium Update


    We are pleased to announce that the latest Annihilation update 'Fresh Bugium' is now live! This update contains almost entirely bug fixes so it is not following the usual content update naming schema. This post is for any nerdy players who want to know all of the bugs we fixed in this update.

    [IMG] Builder
    • Builder's Resource Drop now gives wool in the team's colour
    • Builder can now left click wool to toggle between default white or team coloured wool
    • Thanks to JonnyDvE for this suggestion; it somehow slipped into this update, is that a bug in itself?
    • Builder's Resource Drop can now only be opened by right clicking
    Boss Swords:
    The Sword of Flames and the Sword of Venom have been golden swords, however, they were always supposed to have diamond sword damage values. In this update, we changed the swords to be diamond to match the expected damage. This is a bug fix!

    Bug Fixes:
    1. Players being invulnerable from external damage when inflicted with environmental damage (fire, cactus, poison etc)
    2. Four item duplication bugs
    3. A crash bug
    4. A bug which allowed a player to accumulate many deaths in one go
    5. A bug that caused matches to have random lag spikes
    6. Teleporters being placed on team doors
    7. Boots of grace from taking durability damage when the player uses a launch pad
    8. Players getting stuck after entering the boss portal
    9. Spy's flee from removing the existing invisibility effect of the player after the ability is finished
    10. Berserker healing players when switching class
    11. Players not dying in the void when in the boss world
    12. Players dying instantly when entering the void in the main world
    13. Combat logger NPC's activating Mercenary's mark immunity
    14. Players not being fully healed & sated upon returning if their combat logger NPC was killed
    15. Player's health & food level being fully restored upon return
    16. Engineer's dynamite not being able to destroy Juke Boxes (slight damage increase for dynamite); thanks to cylnc for reporting it here
    17. Bard's Buff Box not returning if the player has an ordinary Juke Box in their inventory
    18. Basic weapon damage values not displaying correctly on item lore
    19. Returning players or those who just joined a team from being able to see vanished Spies
    20. Class ability cooldowns being reset when changing class
    21. Respawning players teleporting items that they pick up to their death location
    22. Players not receiving lobby items if they die while on a team before the game has started
    23. Bard's Buff Box songs not restarting
    24. Bard being able to select the same effect as the one currently playing in their Buff Box
    25. Players being able to place team doors on top of enemy players
    26. Priority queue removing logged out players too soon
    27. Preferences (/prefs) slot selection not functioning correctly; this fix is a temporary patch until prefs gets some proper TLC
    28. Clans not being able to kick/invite members
    29. Clans not being able to promote members to officer
    30. Certain blocks being destroyed on right click; hay bales can be broken with any tool (including punching) and beds can be broken with shears
    31. Alchemist and Builder's resource drops going missing when right clicking on a block with an inventory
    32. Compass skipping teams
    33. Players being able to enter beds at night; sleep is not an option when it comes to Annihilation!
    • Nine administration related fixes (top secret stuff)
    • Bugs that didn't result in a visible effect but left our logs messy with ugly errors
    • Removed 'Hey!' message when attempting to place items in the protected region; it was just spammy
    • Some grammatical mistakes were fixed
    • Cherokee had too many witches
    • Andorra had double Boss portals and unbreakable blocks
    • Renamed some maps for simplicity's sake
    • Some XP shop descriptions were incorrect
    Closing words:
    While we have fixed many bugs in this update, some you may have experienced and others you probably didn't know were there, we know we still have bugs to fix and we appreciate all the help you can give us with getting those fixed. If you find a bug in Annihilation, you can report it on our official Discord by using the command: !support bug <your in-game name>.

    :heart: Credits:
    Thanks to the Annihilation team for working hard on finding, fixing and testing these bugs. Huge thanks to Shotbow's lead developer, Lazertester, for his work on our infrastructure. And finally, many thanks to you; the community, for reporting these bugs and keeping Annihilation fun!

  2. JTGangsterLP6 Annihilation Lead

    Shoutout toooooooo... :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. PixelatedCalvin Silver

    Nice, Jonny's suggestion got added!
  4. Jarool Emerald

    Nice, all the bugs I reported got fixed.
    Which were all the bugs that were fixed this patch.
    Where are my reports? Well I made them after I saw this update.

    You're welcome.
    Jackd44 likes this.
  5. ILoveTinkerer Silver

  6. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Offhand items when? I just want to put a tool in my offhand. Food in offhand messes with shooting bows.
    This might be a negative for booting the sandbox.
    Hopefully it doesn't cause trouble in the future!
  7. JonnyDvE Jr. Developer

    Thanks for mentioning my suggestion!

    Now I’m only waiting for:
    34. swapper and mercenary sometimes going through Blocks
    35. players skipping Priority queue
    36. Players being acknowledged for reporting bugs with the exact recreation steps.

    But holy shit were there many bugs I didn’t even know of! Thanks for your hard work fixing that many!
    Big shoutout to everyone involved!
  8. Motivatie Regular Member


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