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Annihilation Annihilation Update - Crispy Cobalt (2.15.0)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Anni Team, Jan 15, 2022.

Annihilation - Annihilation Update - Crispy Cobalt (2.15.0)
  1. Anni Team Administrator


    Annihilation Update - Crispy Cobalt (2.15.0)

    Hello and welcome!

    Today, we are thrilled to announce our latest update Crispy Cobalt!

    As always, most of these changes are based on community feedback.

    We would appreciate constructive, well-founded criticism (positive and negative!) here on the forums once you have experienced this update in-game for some time. Nothing is ever set in stone.


    NEW - Scoreboard

    • The temporary additional Boss bar has been replaced with a new scoreboard:


    Class Changes:

    • In addition to its existing right click ability, Spider's Web can now be left clicked to spawn a pyramid of cobwebs right behind you.
    Other Changes:
    • Priority Queue
      To ensure more balanced teams and thus fairer games, the possible imbalance between the team with the most players and the one with the fewest has been reduced from 4 to:
      • 2, if the biggest team has 20 players or less.
      • 3, if the biggest team has more than 20 players.
    • Annihilation Stats, Rank Points & Shotbow XP
      In order to incentivize staying in games to keep the number of players per team balanced, Annihilation stats, rank points & Shotbow XP are no longer given right away. They accumulate and are withheld until you and your team have lost or won. An overview will show how many Shotbow XP you have earned. Additionally, your gained rank points, number of kills and nexus damage will be displayed. From then on, survivors and winners can earn Annihilation stats, rank points & Shotbow XP instantly. Deserters who abandon their game and don't return before their team loses or wins won't receive anything any Annihilation stats for that game whatsoever.
    • Edit: We acknowledge your constructive feedback that not giving Shotbow XP and rank points instantly during a game has a negative impact on the newer players. It prevents them from purchasing and unlocking classes quicker aswell as the feel of doing tasks in the game. We agree and are sorry for misjudging that, we have reverted those 2 changes.
    • Enchanted Golden Apples
      As Annihilation is a team game, players who consume 3 enchanted golden apples within 3 minutes will not be able to eat another one for 2 minutes upon consuming the third one. Once the restriction of 2 minutes is over, you can eat 3 more enchanted golden apples. However, there will be another 2 minute restriction, if you do that within 3 minutes again.
    • Leaderboard
      There is 1 new leaderboard:
      • Although everybody wants to have them on their team, they usually don't get a lot of recognition - let's change that: Best Defenders lists the 20 players with the most kills in defence of their own nexus!
    • Common Items
      To prevent the ground from being cluttered by common items and comparatively less valuable drops from farms, these items now despawn faster:
      • Bones = 60 seconds
      • Carrots = 10 seconds
      • Feathers = 30 seconds
      • Flints = 30 seconds
      • Iron Hoes = 10 seconds
      • Lapis Lazuli = 10 seconds
      • Potatoes = 10 seconds
      • Redstone = 30 seconds
      • Seeds = 10 seconds
      • Snowballs = 10 seconds
      • Strings = 30 seconds
      • Wheat = 30 seconds
    • Chat Command
      /team leave doesn't only remove you from a team in the Voting Phase, but it can now also be used to be removed from the Priority Queue.
    Bug Fixes:
    1. Being able to bypass the Priority Queue.
    2. Remaining stuck in the Priority Queue despite no imbalance of teams.
    3. Loss stats not being given to all losers.
    4. Scout getting rubberbanded.
    5. Not being able to time rifts successfully.
    6. Preferences not being shown properly.
    7. Getting stuck in cauldrons.
    8. Some Class Items being activated upon left clicking; thanks to JonnyDvE for reporting Spider's Web!
    9. Being offered Depth Strider II & III seeds, even though only Depth Strider I can be enchanted.
    10. Skylands having an area behind Green's nexus building where blocks can't be interacted with; thanks to Spanglish for reporting it!
    11. HighNorth having an unintended spot which nexuses can be mined from.
    12. Hamlet missing a couple of anvils.
    Closing Words:

    While we have fixed several bugs in this update again, some you may have experienced and others you probably didn't know were there, we are aware that we still have bugs to fix and we appreciate all the help you can give us with getting those fixed. If you find a bug in Annihilation and want to have a chance of getting a shoutout in the next update thread, you can report it on our official Discord by using this command: !support bug <IGN>.

    :heart: Credits:

    First and foremost, thank you very much to our Devs Hilly, Mosh and Galap for making this update possible and to the whole Anni Team for working hard every single day!

    Of course, many thanks to you, our passionate community, for offering suggestions, reporting bugs and supporting us!

  2. RambamRevolution Platinum

    Ban God apples
    plain and simple
  3. NATALIE_SUNDBERG Regular Member

    If you ban gapples then games will last 100 minutes.
    Gurhann, Nightcoree and take306 like this.
  4. FIXVAMP Silver

    I think it's time that Shotbow added a new class to Annihilation.
  5. Tahrien Platinum

  6. ChillWarrior2005 Gold

    revert to old scoreboard :/
    dany03 likes this.
  7. soto Platinum

    can we add a dislike button on forum posts
  8. Shimmied Gold

    This. Why was the map vote counter taken away from the lobby? Very silly.
    NotInRange likes this.
  9. dany03 Gold

    I really like it a lot but honestly i prefer the old scoreboard, one more thing... I would like you to add again how the nexus was destroyed before, i mean that before the blocks that were on top of it disappeared (fence, iron block and beacon) bc it gives a greater sense of destruction.
    PD: Good job with this update

    Edit: (saying this after play a few games) that of the xp at the end of the game is very useless u should not keep it, in my own opinion i dont care bc its just a GAME but others players can take it in a different way so....hm
    mavovosmp likes this.
  10. ILoveTinkerer Silver

    No hate but a lot of unnecessary things were made / changed in this update.

    You keep updating with insignificant stuff lately. Shotbow has a marketing team that doesn't seem to do anything properly, since the players keep getting down and down.

    Sooner or later there will be a point that Shotbow won't have enough players to start games, and that will be the moment it dies.

    So maybe focus on marketing first lol
    Snerius, Coagular, Gurhann and 2 others like this.
  11. squallythewally Obsidian

    This was not my suggestion lol.

    This is a really bad idea. You've removed the incentive of playing, removed that dopamine release from achieving certain tasks.

    1. Remove my name from the thread cus I did not suggest that
    2. Bring back XP pre-game win/loss

  12. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Updated, probably.
  13. Toyl Silver

  14. Savkid Regular Member

    Who tf comes up with these updates, the scout update was beyond garbage and this one is hella unecessary.
    GiveMeFlowers likes this.
  15. JTGangsterLP6 Annihilation Lead

    Many of the points which you tried to list as counterarguments actually support the changes.

    Don't worry, that was only a bug which has been fixed in the meantime. :)

    We haven't changed anything about that: The beacon beam still disappears upon a nexus destruction.

    Thank you! :)

    The Anni Team and the PR Team are different teams.

    The only difference which is an improvement is that players whose nexus is the first or second one to be destroyed don't have to wait until the end of the game to get their overview.
  16. Ivandagiant Silver

    The xp change is terrible IMO. I personally like getting on and fighting over mid or getting good gear and killing as many people as I can in the early game. I have work and school, I don't always have time to sit in a nexus and defend for an hour. You shouldn't punish players for playing the game the way they like. If you want more people to stick to the end of the game, INCENTIVIZE it instead of punishing players. Give more XP for finishing a game, give XP based on time spent in a match. You can raise the cost of classes back up to 25K xp to make up for this, but don't withhold all xp to finish a game. What a baffling change.
  17. suimintarazu Platinum

    I am happy to celebrate new Anni update :)

    I guess some people fouce on very superficial and primarily factors. We are able to somehow find shotbow's ideas to approch newcomers and obtain psychological attachment of newcomers through changing old game balance or dominant narattives.

    Here are 2 views.

    First one, changing limitation of enhanced gapples might decline dominant position by one player.
    This mean that we can notion Shotbow want us to more communicate with others even if "gapple rush" might not be decreased.
    It is because doing and sustaining communication make us psychological attachment through integrated feeling under rush.
    Moreover, gapple might not be concentrated to Top polayers. This mean that middle class players might try to do gapple rush as compared with old Anni ver.. So gaps of ability by difference in experience might be less than old Anni ver..
    Therefore, I guess current Shotbow has fouced on making psychological attachment to Anni and dissolution of gaps between Top players and non Top players.
    Why are they justfied on this place ?
    This is because amount of Top players cannot be over a number of potential newcomers. Futhermore, Shotbow is need huge numbers of active player to run themself.
    That way changing limitation of enhanced gapples has a chance to extend potential newcomer and psychological attachment to Anni for running Shotbow.
    (If 3 enhanced gapples are rare case as TotallyEnder said, harm is also nothing and no one has reason to reject update Anni or my ideas.)

    Second one, new rank-up point system has a capability of vetoing small contributor of Anni as long term benefit. In particularly, players who want to get just XP or rank and do not concider game expansion are said.
    This mean that Showbow might have intention to reject players who disturb game expansion.
    It is because disturbing game expansion makes newcomers coufused and just newcomers deprived of time, enthusiasm, to try several strategies etc.. After vanishing a lot of players, there are nothing. This is because newcomers do not have various ideas of Anni strategies.
    Even if there are less players from the beginning on some games, newcomers can try to do something they want. This environment might be better than old Anni environment.
    Therefore, I guess current Shotbow decide full Anni game contributors are high priority over smal contributors who disturbing game expansion.

    Conclusion, Shotbow might target ① making community game with newcomers, ② decreasing gaps between Top players and middle players, ③ rejecting disturbing game expansion players.
    (Just my opinion when I read update)
  18. suimintarazu Platinum

    notswipe likes this.
  19. Hingey Platinum

    Forcing people to finish games in order to earn xp doesn't make the game any better. Didn't realize murg was still running this team. Its nice to see the game being worked on but that's a pretty ass backward approach to saving the game.
    Ivandagiant, Tobi472 and emve like this.
  20. Jarool Emerald

    I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but I'm gonna explain why people are right to dislike the "xp gained after team loses/wins".

    Leavers aren't incentivised to stay. From memory (I haven't played in a while, so please excuse me if things are entirely different), people leave because they see another voting is active with the map they want to actually play. If your team has leavers, you're not incentivised to stay either, since you're not getting much xp for losing. This doesn't help solo players at all and is better for players who play in parties/clans, since they're either all going to stay anyways, or all going to leave. Nothing changes.

    I know it's frustrating for players to have leavers in their games, but giving penalties for leaving multiple games, or giving rewards for staying in games, or both, would be a better system. I mean, your nexus dying is already a reward, but maybe you give out extra xp for every active 5 minutes in a game, similar to how a server like Hypixel gives xp out in certain gamemodes, or another option is to delay the gaining of xp/rank points/stats by 5 minutes in a game so that, if there's xp you gained, you have to stay in that game 5 extra minutes to gain it. Leaving removes any delayed xp/rank/stats and losing/winning removes the delay.

    Anyways, I really should find a reason to play this gamemode again...
    suimintarazu likes this.

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