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Update Annihilation Update Changelog

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Sevy13, Mar 14, 2020.

Update - Annihilation Update Changelog
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  1. Sevy13 Administrator


    Annihilation Update Changelog

    Hi Everyone,

    This is a repository of all Annihilation Update changes posted to the forum since 2017 and will be amended as future updates are released.

    It is intended as a quick reference and changes are listed in point form to keep this log as concise as possible. Links are provided in case you want to check out the original content, they can also be found in our Wiki here.

    If you find anything missing, such as hot fixes that may not have their own dedicated thread, please send me a dm (including a forum link) and I will add them.



    06 Jun 2021 - Annihilation Update - Gentle Iridium (2.12.0)

    Link to original post here

    04 Apr 2021 - Annihilation Update - Lean Hassium (2.11.6)

    Link to original post here

    01 Apr 2021 - Annihilation Update - Confused Praseodymium (April Fools 2021)

    Link to original post here

    20 Mar 2021 - Annihilation Update - Fresh Bugium (2.11.0)

    Link to original post here

    28 Dec 2020 - Annihilation Update - Fresh Lithium (2.10.0)

    NEW - Phase 3 Premium Joining Privilege
    • Active-premium members are now able to join games for an extra phase. Active meaning anyone who has Platinum or higher, or who has "active" Silver or Gold (3 months from the date of purchase for Silver, and 6 months for Gold). This includes subscribers!

      This is a new premium perk to reward players who have helped support the server, and it will also help with team-balancing until the end of phase 3.
    Class Changes:

    • The song currently playing is now displayed in the bard box menu as "Active". Saves you trying to play the same song which is on cool-down again.
    • Songs for friends and foes can now be distinguished between by the color of their description, green for your team and red for enemies.
    • Added a new left click function:
      • Area Of Effect (AOE) slowness 3 for 5 seconds, over a 5 block radius.
      • This means you no longer need a teammate to use Immobilizer, happy hunting!
    • Added a recoil to the sniper bow. It now slightly moves your view up after shooting, just like a real sniper rifle.
    • This only affects bows in sniper mode.
    • Players who have just been swapped are now immune to being swapped again for a period of 3 seconds. This is to give players who are being chain swapped a fighting chance. It's a very short cooldown and strategy comes into play. Mobility classes may get away but everyone else is still vulnerable if the Swappers scoot a little closer together.

      This change keeps the class on par with Immobilizer which also has a cooldown for the victim.
    • Reworked the resistance effect for Thor:
      • Decreased the cool-down of Thor's Hammer from 45 to 40 seconds.
      • Removed Thor's permanent resistance effect.
      • Added resistance for 20 seconds upon using Thor's Hammer. This leaves a 20 second cooldown until the ability can be used again, meaning Thor can effectively have resistance for 50% of the time.
    • BloodSense ability:
    • Unchanged:
      • Reveals all enemies within a 10 block radius horizontally and a 5 block radius vertically.
    • New:
      • The ability now works on sneaking enemies.
      • Ability duration is now 5 seconds instead of 15.
      • No blindness for the first 3 seconds, 2 seconds of blindness for the remainder.
    Other changes:
    • New Knockback Changes
      Anni's move to a 1.12 base had the unintended effect of significantly reducing Knockback. We recently did a full combat rework and Knockback is now much improved as a result of these changes.
    • Enchanted Golden Apples
      The duration of the resistance effect given by enchanted golden apples has been reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes. This is still a generous amount of time but should prevent players being able to rush multiple teams using the one gapple.
    • Protection 4 Enchant balancing for Diamond Armour
      Previously damage reduction per level of of protection scaled evenly up to Prot3, but the jump from Prot3 to Prot4 was disproportionately large. It's impossible to balance anything, such as bows, around such a large discrepancy.
      We've now brought the gap between Prot3 and Prot4 diamond armor in line with the rest of the protection levels.
    • Enderpearls
      Enderpearls now have a usage cooldown of 10 seconds, once you have thrown a pearl you cannot throw another until the cooldown is over. This is equivalent to the cooldown of Acrobat's double jump.
    • Boss Buff Items
      Bow of Aether - Increased its durability to full, because nobody wants a worn out bow.
    • Private Brew Stands
      Removed the "distance from nexus" restriction for private stands. Brew stands can now be placed anywhere outside of the protected regions.
    • Gravel
      We've made a quality of life change to gravel. You can now mine gravel and get XP and the associated drops inside the protected regions of your base.
    • Nexus break particles
      We've reduced the amount of nexus break particles as these can cause client side lag for some players.
    • Added 2 new Anni chat commands
      /compass = Gives you a compass, if you ever feel lost on a map.
      /shrug = ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • Anni Lobby Compass
      Your Anni Lobby inventory now comes with an extra game selector (Compass), in case you accidentally drop the one in your hotbar. This feature already exists in the hub lobby.
    • Randomized the day/night starting time for all maps
      By default, games start at the time of day/night that the map was saved at during setup. Randomizing the starting time will give more versatility to night classes allowing them to be used more often during particular phases of a game.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where if you wore full iron or full diamond armor, Enchanter converted XP levels into HP too early.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the potion-effect duration from Splash Potions not to be shortened based on your distance from the splash.
    • Fixed a bug where Absorption Hearts didn't take armor points into account properly.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed RiftWalker to rift to team mates in the map lobby.
    • Fixed a bug which caused TPs not to work properly at the Y levels 1 and 2.
    • Various Admin bug fixes and nerdy dev stuff
    Link to original post here

    05 Dec 2020 - Knockback Update

    Anni's move to a 1.12 base had the unintended effect of significantly reducing Knockback. We've done a full Combat Rework and Knockback is now much improved as a result of these changes.

    Bug fixes:

    29th Nov 2020
    • Teammates can no longer prevent Scouts from grappling properly (reported by Moxei).
    • Enemy players who are on fire can now be hit again.
    6th Dec 2020
    • Snowballs don't deal too much knockback any more (reported by Spark_Warrior).
    • Snipers that are in Sniper mode no longer deal additional knockback (reported by Spark_Warrior).
    8th Dec 2020
    • Bows now deal proper knockback again, if the target is on the ground (was caused by the previous bug fix).
    9th Dec 2020
    • Bows don't deal too much knockback any more, if the target is in the air (reported by pigplayer).

    17 Oct 2020 - Annihilation Update - Wise Neon (2.9.0)

    NEW - Beacons
    • Due to popular demand Beacons can now be activated and used again. Yay!
    Class Changes:

    • The Bard Box now persists after death (like TP's and Tinkerer pads).
    • We've added a recall feature so you no longer have to find your Bard Box and break it.
    • There is now a 15 second overall cool-down before you can select a new song, to prevent spamming effects.
    • Building a defense should come with a reward for your hard work. We increased the amount of XP Builder earns from placing blocks by reducing the cool-down from 2.0 to 1.5 seconds.
    • Until now Succubus ignored the extra enchanter levels that would normally be converted to HP during combat. We've raised the level at which Enchanter XP is converted to prevent this from happening. Enchanter XP is now converted into HP once Enchanters health drops below 7 HP, that way all levels are fully converted before a Succubus can use their Life Drain ability at 6 HP or less. Previously levels were converted once HP dropped below 2 HP.
    • 1./ Crop Immunity:
      • Crops that are being grown by a Farmer now have immunity from non farmer team mates for 80 seconds from the time they are broken.
      • Non farmers team mates are sent a message advising them to use farmer to break crops.
      • Enemies can still break crops at any time.
    • 2./ Feast Ability:
      • Gives players feedback for the Feast ability, in the form of:
      • Area of effect particles (similar to famine).
      • A chat message notification (similar to famine).
      • A new sound effect.
    • 3./ Farmer drop and inventory changes:
      • Decreased the drop rate of apples - Enchanted golden apples have become much more common and are no longer mainly used to rush/end games, an increasing number of players use them at mid and to mine rush. Strong items are necessary to break stalemates, but should be difficult to obtain.
      • Increased the drop rate of iron ore.
      • Added a chest to Farmers spawn items.
    • Increased the Absorption hearts which a player receives upon being immobilized from 1 1/2 (3 HP) to 4 (8 HP). This will bring it in line with Swapper.
    • Scaled the time which a player is immobilized for, based on their armor points: A player that wears full diamond (20 armor points) is immobilized for the full 5 seconds, a player who doesn't wear any armor (0 armor points) is immobilized for 2 seconds.
    • Invisible players who don't wear any armor at all can no longer be immobilized - defending used to be a skill that required your undivided attention, listening for footsteps and looking for particles. AFK defending as Immobilizer has been getting increasingly common. Not only does this takes the skill and the fun out of defending, it also takes the skill and fun out of solo invis rushing.
    • In addition to the recently added notification which alerts the riftee of an incoming rift, we have now also added the 10 second countdown to their chat.
    • Can now be used in more situations, the hook is no longer cancelled if there is a block behind the Scorpio.
    • The hook now breaks on first contact if there is no room for the hooked player, or if the player is changing class, and gives the Scorpio a chat notification telling them why it has failed.
    • Added reasons to Scouts "Unable to grapple" text notification (i.e. while on fire, in deep water).
    • Spy used to be a very popular defense class but is rarely used for defending since the extra backstab damage was removed. We've re-added this popular feature to give it more versatility. This also allows spy to use it's flee ability to double back and come up behind an enemy to deal more damage.
    • Added a clock to Vampires spawn kit, as well as a clock at each base. That way it's clear when the passive ability begins and ends since it's not based on light levels but rather on the day night cycle. Suggested by Quiglet in the Nifty Boron update thread.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that caused saturation to deplete too fast while regenerating health.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Shields to block 100% damage.
    • Fixed a bug where damage from Thor's hammer, poison and the wither effect were affected by unenchanted armor.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Farmer to get afk drops.
    • Fixed a bug where farmer crops keep growing if broken by an enemy.
    • Fixed a bug where base level regeneration potions had the same duration as their extended version.
    • Fixed a bug where Alchemists brew stands that were blown up by Engineers bunkerbuster were not returned to the Alchemists inventory.
    • Fixed a bug which rendered many temporary potion particles invisible (e.g. golden apples, Bard's BuffBox, Tinkerer's PowerPads).
    • Added functionality to prevent falling blocks going through webs (they now pop into their item form)
    • Various Admin related fixes and other nerdy dev stuff.
    Link to original post here

    03 Sep 2020 - Annihilation Update - Nifty Boron (2.8.0)

    First update following the server wide move to a 1.12.2 base.
    This update addresses the most controversial class balance issues, and provides changes that will hopefully leave the meta in a better place. Most of these changes are based on community feedback,.

    Class Changes:


    Reducing the duration of Tier 3 potions in a previous update helped in making Alchemist rushes more manageable, 2 players can now no longer take out a team on their own. But the problem with larger groups still remains. It's not uncommon to see very large, heavily geared rushing groups with Tier 3 potion effects. That kind of rush can be near impossible to counter, there needs to be a limiting factor. We've made the following changes to address this while retaining the team aspect of Alchemist, i.e. not forcing Alchemist to brew 2 sets of potions:
    • Alchemist Tier 3 splash now only gives Tier 3 effects to the Alchemist that splashes the potion.
    • It now gives the Tier 2 equivalent (with T3 duration's) to everyone else that is splashed.
    • These changes are intended to go hand in hand with the recent rework of enchanted golden apples.

    Engineer can make short work of defenses that may well have taken most of the game to build, this can be very demotivating for builders. In their original concept (although this did not make it into the final implementation), Delay Blocks could defuse Engineer's TNT. This has now been added giving some much needed counter-play to Engineer. That, along with the recently added Team Doors, will allow builders to create highly defensible and practical defenses that can endure. Changes are based on community feedback across multiple forum threads, including this poll.
    • Any Engineer C4 or Nuke placed within the effective radius of a Delay Block (5 blocks) is automatically defused.
    • Delay Blocks do not defuse Dynamite.

    Added two more block types that Dasher cannot dash onto. Changes are based on community feedback in the Optimistic Hydrogen Update. Block types added are:
    • Red brick stairs
    • Red brick slabs

    Prevented RiftWalker from being able to rift to:
    • Invisible players
    • Vanished Spies
    • Vampire bats, by default (see Vampire class changes)
    • Added a chat notification to alert if a rift cannot be made due to the above
    • Added a chat notification for the person being rifted to, alerting them of an incoming rift.
    Particles and sounds for rifts is something that was discussed by the team. There are a couple of problem with this: a) rifts are not consensual, it could potentially expose somebody's secret base or compromise their rush, and b) clans often use RiftWalker to travel to secret brew/loot rooms which they may not necessarily want the rest of their team to know about.
    We believe that these changes will prevent unannounced visitors, while still requiring vigilance by defenders. If this proves not to be enough we can re-visit RiftWalker in a future update.


    Probably the most controversial class due to its ability to bypass defenses, the Vampire Bat's fast untimed flight also afforded it the ability to; be an immediate counter to sky bridges; undermine team-oriented classes such as RiftWalker and Transporter; and circumvent game-play on sky based maps. It would have been difficult to fix all of these things without removing much of the fun. The general consensus from the community was remove/rework, and that's what we've done.

    This class has undergone a complete re-vamp! We have removed the bat-form and re-implemented it as a strong nighttime combat class. And as some of our veteran players may already have guessed, this is the very popular retro version of Vampire, with the addition of a brand new active ability.
    • Comes with a stone sword.
    • At night, every hit you deal gives you a 30% chance of stealing half a heart (1 HP) and healing yourself with it.
    • You take 25% more damage during the day (light levels are not taken into account).
    In addition, it now has a new ability called "Blood Sense". This is an active ability, which when used plunges the Vampire into darkness as it enters a state of sensing rather than seeing, allowing it to detect its enemies life force. Enemies will begin to glow, visible only to the Vampire; unless they are sneaking, invisible or vanished Spies.
    • Comes with a class item called Blood Sense.
    • This ability can be activated whether there are enemies nearby or not (so use it wisely).
    • Will reveal enemies within a radius of 10 blocks horizontally, and 5 blocks vertically.
    • This ability lasts for 13 seconds, with a 60 second cool-down.
    • Note: Enemies who enter the effective radius after activation will not be revealed.
    Succubus' little known passive life drain on hit has been removed. This ability is now uniquely with Vampire.

    Other changes:

    Boss Items
    • Boss items with the mending enchant (e.g. Boots of Grace) will now be repaired by mined XP.
    Class Changer
    • Prevented all movement while in the class selector GUI.
    Players changing classes are now immune to movement (e.g. Scorpio hook, Wizard Whirlwind etc), in the same way that they are immune to damage while re-spawning. It's not fair to be Scorpio voided while you are in your class selector GUI.

    Fortune Enchant

    The drop rates for diamonds for all levels of this enchant have been slightly reduced. It was very easy to get large amounts of diamonds with fortune 3 in a very short space of time. This change will increases the time players spend at mid, prevent teams from gearing too quickly or uncontested, and make mid gameplay more challenging.
    Note: This only affects Diamonds.

    Private Brew Stands
    • Private brew stands that you buy from the shop are now no longer SoulBound.
    • They still work as a private stand for the player that places it.
    • Can be dropped or put in chests for other players to use.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that caused players affected by BloodMage's Corrupt ability to re-spawn with only 8 hearts (16 HP).
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the class-ability timer to get stuck when you rejoined a game.
    • Fixed a bug where rejoining a game gave you an extra set of spawn tools.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Builder's Delay Blocks not to work.
    • Fixed a bug where if a Scorpio died while hooking an enemy, that enemy was sent to the Scorpios spawn.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Immobilizer to work on vanished spies.
    • Fixed a bug causing Immobilizer sound to be global instead of local, can no longer be heard over long distances.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Scout's grapple from working in 1 block deep water.
    • Randomized enchanting, the first enchant is now no longer always the same.
    • Prevented tree leaves from growing into the void.
    • The square brackets around the team character in global chat are now white rather than grey, for consistency.
    • Various Anni lobby bugs caused by 1.12, such as missing hot-bar items, chat tags etc.
    Link to original post here

    Aug 2020 - Hot Fixes

    09 Aug 2020
    • Fixed a bug which caused server lag.
    11 Aug 2020
    • Re-added the Grapple, Balloons, Parkour Blocks and the Sandbox selector to the Anni Lobby.
    • Berserker changes.
    12 Aug 2020
    • Fixed a bug that caused invincible fake Antilogger NPCs.
    • Fixed a bug which caused Civilian to be the only free class.
    • Re-added the "/report" command to the Anni Lobby.
    13 Aug 2020
    • Slightly nerfed Sharpness values.
    17 Aug 2020
    • Fixed a bug that caused Rapid damage / No hit delay.
    • Fixed a bug where weakness prevented hits (Bard has been enabled again).
    • Further balances to Berserker.
    • Strength particles are now back to red.
    • Reduced mobs spawning at night.
    20 Aug 2020
    • Re-added the Pet Selector to the Anni Lobby.

    09 Aug 2020 - Annihilation 1.12 Base Update

    Updates Annihilation from a 1.9 base to a 1.12 base. While there is not much new content in this update, it has prepared Annihilation for faster & cleaner updates in the future.

    * Temporarily disabled Bard while working on a fix for the weakness bug. Bard will return as soon as a fix can be implemented.

    • Tidied chat
    • Added space to tab between team and name
    • Added game start information to the boss bar area
    • Boss bar depletes when the Nexus is bleeding
    • Game ending countdown moved to the boss bar
    • Altered the team and phase chat logos/images to the proper size
    • Fixed class descriptions in the in-game class selector and in the XP Shop
    • Swords now deal more damage than axes
    • Overall damage has been increased slightly to better replicate 1.7
    • The price of one Cobweb in the Weapon shop has been reduced from five to one Gold
    Bug Fixes
    • Game stats not saving at the end of the game
    • Defender/Mercenary chain armor not auto-equipping
    • Scorpio suffocation trap
    • Regenerating blocks' permanent removal
    • Scout's fall damage avoidance when 'bungee jumping' over the void
    • Scout's grapple not working on vertical surfaces
    • Acrobat's jump not working over the void
    • Spy and Assassin retaining armor on respawn if they died while their abilities were active
    • Spy and Assassin having their armor deleted when their abilities' end if they put on different armor during the ability action
    • Clan tags not displaying with your first message
    • 'Invalid item!' displaying when hovering over a player's name in chat. It will now display their current Annihilation rank
    • Spider's webs could be harvested using shears for infinite webs
    • Spider's 'Web' ability creating webs over the void
    • Buying from a shop with a full inventory removes gold but does not award the item purchased
    • The ability to make gravel fall and thus remove it from the world
    • Hunter's trap not showing for team-mates when the trap owner is greater than 20 blocks away
    • Scorpio targets being teleported back to the Scorpio after the target has died
    • Anvils making a noise when placed in the Nexus region

    The following are major code changes which should not affect you, but a great deal of work went into and will help the server:
    • We have implemented a more efficient map loading system which will considerably reduce the time it takes for a map to load once selected.
    • Scouts grapple has been refactored and is now standard across both Annihilation and MineZ; although configured differently for the respective game-mode.
    • Improved cheat detection and discouragement
    Next Steps

    Once the 1.12.2 release has been established and any emergency bugs have been fixed, the Annihilation development team will begin work on our next update, code-named: Nifty Boron. This content update will bring some much-needed balance to the game.

    Link to original post here

    26 Apr 2020 - Annihilation Update - Kind Zinc (2.6.0)

    NEW - Team specific Door
    • Can be purchased from the weapon shop for 10 gold
    • Iron door when in hand
    • Places 2 glass panes in the team color
    • Only team members can pass through it to encourage better defense design
    • Cannot be placed within 8 blocks of another friendly team door (to prevent walls of doors)
    • Cannot be placed within 3 blocks of enemy team doors
    • Can be broken by enemies but gives mining fatigue on hit (5 seconds)
    • Can be broken by team mates but is returned to the person who placed it on break
    • It is intended that you cannot jump through doors, us Annihilation players have manners!
    Enchanted Golden Apple Rework
    • Consuming a regular golden apple after consuming an enchanted golden apple will no longer extend the duration of the 8 absorption hearts
    • Enchanted golden apples now give 30 seconds of Regen III (was 20 seconds of Regen II)
    • Resistance and fire resistance are unchanged
    • Golden apples can no longer be held in the off-hand
    Re-added the /dado command
    • Back by popular demand!
    • Shows nexus damage done and nexus damage healed in the current game
    • Added block types that dasher cannot dash onto. You can acro, scout, and assassin proof your archer platform, but you couldn't dasher proof it. We decided to add a short list of builder drops that are dasher proof to help make defenses more effective. Block types are as follows:
      • Glass Blocks
      • Red Bricks
      • Iron Bars
      • Wooden Fences
      • Nether Fences (for consistency sake)
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to fly to and kill the ender dragon. Vampires can now no longer transform into bat form in the boss world.
    • Fixed a bug that turned items into their base form when used to break a melon block (e.g. repair anvils, turn colored wool into white wool)
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to render the evertool droppable
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to render certain boss items droppable
    • Fixed a bug that enabled the permanent removal of melons and logs using certain class items.
    • Fixed a bug where loot from killed antilogger NPC's was being cleared when the player logs back in.
    • Fixed a bug where you could not mute pms.
    • Various Admin fixes and other nerdy stuff.
    Link to original post here

    04 Apr 2020 - Optimistic Hydrogen (2.5.0)

    • Fixed a the bug that caused Enchanter to lose levels for fall damage when fall damage is negated by other game mechanics (e.g. launch pads).
    • Now sends a message to the person healed telling them who healed them.
    • Now gives ingame experience levels to the healer for each person healed
    • Stopped marked players taking damage to normal hearts while they have absorption hearts.
    • Increased the immunity for being marked again to 10 seconds (was 7 seconds).
    • Decreased the duration of the mark ability and the glowing effect to 10 seconds (was 13 seconds).
    • Added time in seconds to the chat notification to communicate how long a player is immune to being marked.
    • Re-balanced Damage. Due to the way spigot handles damage, it came out that the damage taken was larger than 1.1x. The damage multiplier is now 1.3x of the final damage (after calculations) - Now slightly less.
    • Closed the rift when a player changes classes. This fixed a bug that allowed Rift Walker to:
      • leave the rift circle.
      • change class while rifting.
    • Fixed a bug where the number of available webs would decrease on left clicked (the ability only works on right click).
    • Disallowed TP's from being placed on soul sand to prevent players from glitching through and suffocating when the TP is broken.
    • Allowed certain blocks to be placed above TP's, this fixes Spider's climb ability from blocking TP's
    • Prevented invisible bats. Invisible bats are extremely difficult to counter. Bats are already stealthy enough due to their size.
    Other Changes:
    • Added a Looting 1 Gold Sword to the available boss buff items.
    • Disabled Fire Charge recipe, to prevent players setting team-mates on fire.
    • Added an Admin-PM Command that allows admins to give anonymous advice to players without the harshness of using /warn.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Prevented players damaging/killing player NPC's using bows & class abilities.
    • Fixed a bug where if you mine the nexus with an item that has no durability bar, the item would vanish on nexus break.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed you to kill yourself to earn stats & XP.
    • Fixed multiple issues with Anti-logger.
    • Fixed issues with /logout.
    • Fixed the invisible players glitch.
    • Fixed an issue with vampire that prevented invis from being applied after poison damage
    Map Changes:

    Lowered under map protection to allow for TP placement on bedrock at mid.
    Increased build limit thickness because tall trees on sky bridges could penetrate
    Fixed left tower roof at each team to have the same shape as the other towers.

    Lowered under map protection to allow that one diamond to be mined.

    Set biome for the whole map to plains because some bases had distinct lines (yellow next to green grass).
    Re-set spawn points as some of them were outside the protected zone.
    Fixed direction of blue & yellow ender furnace

    Removed flowing water blocks on the edge of the map

    Removed random block on side of map

    Fixed missing blocks in yellows nexus-tower attic

    Added a few logs in gold mine & secondary iron mine
    Replaced obstructing wool block in side tower landing

    Link to original post here

    30 Mar 2020 - Logout Hot Fix

    Fixed a bug that caused players to lose their armor and inventory after using /logout.


    29 Mar 2020 - Invisibility Bug Hot Fix

    Fixed a bug that sometimes rendered players invisible.


    13 Mar 2020 - Annihilation Small Update #1

    The first in the new schedule of smaller but more frequent updates designed to speed up development & testing in order to fix bugs and deliver content more quickly and efficiently than before.

    • Delaying blocks no longer leave behind particles when you leave the game.
    • All delaying blocks now stack with each other.
    • Reduced the delaying block particle rate to 1/5 of the previous rate to prevent lag.
    • Delaying blocks are removed from your inventory on respawn depending on the amount you place.
    • Fixed delaying block info message.
    Other changes
    • Death message after performing /kill has been changed.
    • Splash Health II is no longer brewable (this was a bug).
    • No more lobby skeleton horses in voting lobbies.
    • It's now always sunny in the lobby.
    Link to original post here

    07 Mar 2020 - Balancing & Bug Fixes Update

    New Combat Logging Mechanic
    • Players who combat-log will now always leave an NPC
    • You won't be able to return to the game until your NPC has despawned (10 seconds)
    • When you re-spawn, unless your NPC is killed, you will be sent back to the place on the map where you logged out
    • Added potion upgrade guide (upon right click of book)
    • Fixed empty drops
    • Added nether wart to dropped items
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Tier 3 potions to be crafted using Tier 1 potions
    • Enhanced potions now have the correct texture, they no longer look like health potions
    • Amended enhanced potion duration's (both drinkable and splash):
      • Strength III - 1:20 min
      • Speed III - 1:20 min
      • Regen II - 1:20 min
    • Maximum blink range reduced to 20 blocks (was 25)
    • Blink cool-down now scales with distance, 1 second per block blinked
    • Added range indicators for blink distance; 5-10, 10-15 & 15-20 blocks (Emerald/Gold/Diamond respectively)
    • Dasher can now no longer blink while immobilized
    • Changed the Defender class item to lime dye to help distinguish it from Dasher
    • Tweaked repair values to prevent teams from garnering massive nexus health early game, late game damage values remain unchanged:
      • Phase 2 - 25% (was 35%)
      • Phase 3 - 20% (was 25%)
      • Phase 4 - 15% (unchanged)
      • Phase 5 - 10% (unchanged)
    • Mining fatigue when immobilized reduced to 5 seconds (was 10)
    • Change spawn sword from stone to wood
    • Knockback reduced from KB2 to KB1, for balancing due to changes caused by the combat update
    • The unenchanted books are undroppable again and can no longer be crafted into bookshelves
    • Can no longer place blocks while in bat form
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that prevented crafting with Hotbar Slot 9
    • Fixed a bug that allowed item duplication using Spy
    • Fixed a bug that gave players XP for placing blocks whilst not Builder
    • Fixed a bug that turned placed cobble into stone
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to permanently remove diamond ores
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to create invisible TP's
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to kill themselves using snowballs to gain stats and XP
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Scorpio to hook an enemy and transport that player with them through a TP
    Other changes:
    • Disabled Armor Stand recipe due to lag issues caused by mass crafting
    • Removed the ability to place levers to prevent unfair swapper traps
    • Fixed the problem with witches sometimes not spawning on some maps
    • Disabled the ability to brew Instant Health 2 potions. Anni is not pot PVP
    • Fixed the "/chat mute <player>" command
    Link to original post here

    23 Dec 2019 - Annihilation Winter Update

    XP Shop
    • Temporary class purchases added. Times and costs are as follows:
      • 1 Day - 500 SBXP
      • 1 Week - 1,000 SBXP
      • 1 Month - 2,000 SBXP
      • Lifetime - 15,000 SBXP
    • Engineers Bunker Busters will glow when within delay block radius
    • Freshly spawned players will no longer grant you hearts (the same change was made to Robinhood earlier this year)
    • Added a visual indicator (slime particle effect) to players who have just been immobilized and are immune to being immobilized again. Same duration as the immunity (10 seconds).
    • Gold Rush active ability will now grant the player a 100% chance of double ores and a 33% of triple ores. (the old functionality of re-spawning ores slightly faster was removed)
    • Tweaked Left click Shurikens - These will now deal considerably less knockback.
    • Added Right click Shurikens - Each shuriken (3 per throw) has a 100% chance to inflict either:
      • Slowness I for 3 seconds
      • Poison I for 2 seconds
    • The chance to inflict either effect is 50%. Shuriken effects stack.
    • Smoke bomb - can now be instantly activated by left clicking on it.
    • Ninjas will keep their speed buff for an extra 2 seconds when outside the smoke cloud.
    • Spy's can now use their Flee ability within the radius of their own nexus
    • When breaking any enemy pad they will fragment: Similar to Diamond pads, all pads will now fragment when broken by an enemy player.
    • Quality of Life changes to disenchanting books: Books are no longer soulbound and multiple enchantments can be removed more easily.
    Other changes
    • The shops have been redone to be more visually pleasing
    • Descriptions have now been added to all class items to explain their functionality to players ingame
    • Fixed an issue with invisible, indestructible teleports
    • Fixed a duplication glitch with Bard
    • Fixed a duplication glitch with Hunter
    • Fixed invisible players not being revealed by Ninja shurikens or Thor's lightning
    • Fixed particles not showing when using Assassin's leap ability in certain conditions
    • Fixed potion effects being applied incorrectly when using milk
    • Fixed vampire knocking teammates when transforming back to a human
    • Increased the defensive kill radius from 12 to 18 blocks
    • Allowed cobblestone to be placed
    • Added additional commands for staff to use to set players teams (Sandbox)
    Link to original post here

    23 Sep 2019 - Annihilation Autumn Update

    Dasher & Defender
    • Replaced the pearl with a dye item (renamed to Guardian's Warp).
    • Replaced the pearl with a dye item (still called Blink)
    • In our current version of Spigot there is an inconsistency in code that means that sometimes enderpearls would function as a vanilla item - i.e be thrown. For now we're implementing this change to Dasher and Defender. The pearl items may return at a later date.
    • Newly respawned players do not count towards your bow upgrades anymore.
    • After 30 seconds or so though they are considered fair game (this is the same amount of time that you cannot gain SBXP).
    • Vines are now silent upon despawning
    • Reduced cobwebs to 4
    • Cobwebs thrown will now form a pyramid structure upon landing
    • Projectile has been replaced with a snowball for better throwing accuracy
    • Cobwebs can now also stick to the side of blocks.
    • Stopped the life drain ability working on ghosts.
    • Diamond pads broken by teammates no longer fragment (this was a bug).
    • Removed the undroppable / class item tag on books (to fix a bug that under certain circumstances caused enchanted books to become undroppable / unusable).
    Portal Mechanics
    • You can now only use class changers at your own base. Enemy portals will no longer transport you home.
    Other changes
    • Increased the PvP immunity upon respawn to be 5 seconds. This will be removed however if you move away from the spawnpoint or deal damage to a player.
    • Farmers bones are now bonemeal - whilst soulbound you can use them.
    • Natural mob spawning disabled (does not include the witch). This is to ensure that players cannot farm gunpowder from creepers, for example.
    • Only food items and a shield can now be held in the off hand - this is due to a number of bugs relating to offhand item usage.
    • Swapper - no longer receives fall damage immunity when they swap someone (only the person who was swapped will receive fall damage immunity).This has been a longstanding bug.
    • Classes are now listed in alphabetical order, with locked and unlocked classes being on separate pages for ease of navigation.
    Class Icons
    • We have pdated a number of class icons so they are more intuitive reflective of the class and in other cases more unique (ie no more 3 swords in the menu).
      • Assassin is now a potion of leaping (was a golden sword) since it's active is called leaping.
      • Builder is now a brick item (instead of a brick block) to help distinguish it better from other class icons for those who are colorblind (ie crafting bench for civilian).
      • Defender is now a shield (was a wooden sword).
      • Enchanter is now a enchanting table (was a bottle of enchanting).
      • Robinhood is now a specteral arrow (was golden melon).
      • Spider is now a Cobweb (was vines).
      • Tinkerer is now a redstone block (was a stone pressure plate).
    Link to original post here

    24 Jul 2019 - Alchemist Balancing

    Alchemist Enhanced Potions:
    • Regen 3 - Removed & replaced with Regen 2 extended:
    • Reg 2 Drink - 2:20mins
    • Reg 2 Splash - 1:30mins
    • Strength 3 - duration's extended to:
    • Str 3 Drink - 3:30mins
    • Str 3 Splash - 2:10mins
    • Everything else remains unchanged.
    Link to original post here

    30 May 2019 - Poison III Disabled

    • Poison 3 has been disabled until further notice due to issues with it being used in conjunction with regeneration 3, making it difficult to do damage to players.
    Link to original post here

    12 Apr 2019 - Annihilation Spring Update

    • Fixed a bug where you could brew potions almost instantaneously.
    • Tweaked Potion duration of enhanced potions:
    • Enchanted potion of regeneration - increase from 35 seconds to 70 seconds.
    • Splash variant - increase from 35 seconds to 50 seconds.
    • Enchanted potion of strength - increase from 60 seconds to 120 seconds.
    • Splash variant - increase from 60 seconds to 85 seconds.
    • Enchanted potion of speed - increase from 80 seconds to 120 seconds.
    • Splash variant - increase from 80 seconds to 100 seconds.
    • Reduced the amount of hearts you lose on death to 5 (10 health).
    • Hearts are stored upon class change.
    • Hearts are lost upon death regardless of your class.
    • Hearts are not lost upon disconnection.
    • Note - Your hearts are not transferred when you change class from berserker
    • The cooldown of the active from 5 to 10 seconds.
    • Removed the hunger penalty for use.
    • Removed the blindness and weakness upon blinking.
    Damage Potions
    • We've now added the vanilla mechanic where splash-back can happen when using instant damage potions. Now consistent with poison splash.
    • Randomized the enchanting seed so enchantments are no longer predictable. You'll still be able to see your enchantments in the enchanting UI though.
    • Added a chat message to communicate when a player is immune to being immobilized.
    • Reduced the mining fatigue when immobilized to 5 seconds from 10, to match the stun duration.
    • When a player has been immobilized they are immune to being immobilized again for 10 seconds. Added a chat message to communicated this to other immobilizers.
    • Tiers are no longer lost upon class change.
    • Tiers are no longer lost upon disconnection.
    • Tiers are lost upon death regardless of your class.
    • (Note - Your bow is not transferred upon changing class from Robinhood).
    • Grapple has a 25% chance to lose 1 durability per pull.
    • Fishing rods cannot be used as grapples.
    • We've increased the grapple's durability slightly and in return removed the ability to use fishing rods as "extra" grapples as we felt this was unfair.
    • Life drain ability only successful when the target is at 25% health.
    • This had crept up to 30% at some point so we knocked it back down to 25% as we felt this was more balanced.
    Private Stands
    • We've reduced the distance to place from a Nexus from 30 to 20.
    • Added particles on friendly bats, visible to team-only.
    • When in bat form you can no longer throw splash potions.
    • Transform cooldown will start when transforming out of bat form due to light.
    • Fixed being able to transform into a bat during the day.
    • Limited the maximum amount of Glowstone and Gunpowder dropped by the witch to:
      • 4 with a Looting 3
      • 3 with a Looting 2
      • 2 with a Looting 1
      • 1 with regular damage
    • Prevented the witch from suffocating to prevent AFK farming of her.
    PVP Update
    • We have taken the latest additions from MineZ's PvP tweaks and applied them to Annihilation. We hope this change makes the combat even more 1.7 / 1.8 like and enjoyable for all
    Other Changes
    • Left clicking an enderfurnace with a sword will no longer open the UI
    • Scout grapple no longer hooks itself into your teammates
    • Fixed particles for the following:
      • Hunter Traps - teammates
      • Iceman on ice
      • Bloody Mess kill effect
      • Ninja Shurikens when hitting blocks
    Gamebreaking Bug Fixes
    • Potion effects being applied to teammates in incorrect situations - i.e bloodmage inflicting poison on a teammate, or succubus regenerating health off a teammate.
    • Absorption hearts being removed when immobilized.
    • We also updated some of our back-end systems to be faster at detecting and removing some of the most game breaking hackers. Whilst you may not notice a difference ingame we are certainly seeing an improvement from our end - in some cases players being banned faster than any admin could even respond to a report.
    Link to original post here

    24 Dec 2018 - Priority Queue

    The Priority Queue is designed to ensure a fair and balanced game for all players whilst rewarding those who support Shotbow directly with a premium rank. When joining a game of Annihilation, you will be asked to join a team. The Priority Queue permits an imbalance of 4 players between the highest team compared to the lowest team.

    The difference is always between the highest and lowest team, this does not include teams who's nexus has gone out, dead teams are disregarded by the PQ.

    Grace period
    The Priority Queue will save a space for you in your team for 90 seconds after you disconnect. If you rejoin within that time-frame you will be added back into the game as if nothing happened. If not, you will be held in the lobby until the team numbers are balanced again before allowing you to re-join.

    If you have already played for a team (say Red) but are sent back to the lobby because of an imbalance of numbers, you will NOT be able to queue for or join another team.

    If you leave your team during the voting phase, you will not be granted a grace period and will have to re-queue.

    Phase 3 onwards
    From phase 3 and onwards, as it has always been, players will NOT be able to join a team. However, when you are already queued for a team before phase 3 started, you still will be able to join your team when a space opens up. If you leave the server while queued you will not be able to join back.

    Dead teams are not taken into account when checking for imbalances. This means other teams can still be joined once a team dies.

    There are 4 types of priorities in the queue system. The following example will show the different priorities that the queue will be ordered in:
    • Premium rejoining > Premium > Non-premium rejoining > Non-premium
    Warning: Abusing the Priority Queue by usage of alts is bannable and we will take these offenses extremely seriously.

    Currently, there is no support for groups or parties - this may come at a later time. We've been working hard to make the Priority Queue a reality for a while now, and we hope you are as excited as we are to see this going live. Again feel free to leave feedback below.

    Link to original post here

    21 Nov 2018 - Major Combat Update

    Our developers have been working for months to completely redesign the core vanilla system of 1.9 PvP from the ground up to mimic the exact feel of 1.7 PvP with improved hit detection.

    We've fixed various problems such as hits not being registered and not being able to combo people during fights. Some changes include:
    • You now take more knockback and can easily be combo'd to the air.
    • Picking up items on the ground no longer cancels your item consumption (drinking or eating).
    • Your hits will register after you quickly switch items in your hotbar slots.
    Wednesday, November 21, 6:00 PM CST

    We are rolling this to the live servers, however we will continue adjusting and fine-tuning the values to mimic 1.7 PvP as best as we can. This means that what you see on Anni will be close to final, but there may be slight adjustments to the feel of the PvP.

    Link to original post here

    09 Nov 2017 - Nexus Update - Patch

    Shotbow XP and Statistics pertaining to Transporter
    • We've recently added a tweak to statistics being disabled on newly spawned players to prevent stat farming. We've made an adjustment to this and Shotbow XP so when players go through a teleport these cooldowns are removed. This ensures that players defending their nexus from a teleport rush are not penalized.
    Build Height Limits
    • We have now set custom build heights on every map
    Private Brew Stands
    • Reduced the distance to place private stands from a Nexus from 40 to 30.
    • Buffed the Intimidate song to give Weakness 3
    • Allowed Dashers to blink within their own teams Nexus region.
    • Added a levitation trap and added fireworks when a trap is activated
    • Added fall damage immunity to players who are immobilized
    • Increased the smoke bomb duration slightly, as well as added Speed 2 to all Ninja's in a friendly smoke bomb.
    • Allowed Riftwalker to bring along another player (total of 3 + Riftwalker) and amended the cooldown to be +20seconds per player rifted (was 30seconds).
    • Removed the arrow cost as we felt Sniper's ability was very expensive to use
    • Increased the range that cobwebs can be thrown
    • Fixed some issues with the Clone and vanished spies
    • Tinkerer pads are now persistent on death. On top of that multiple pads will now be returned if broken.
    • Diamond pads will become fragmented if broken by an enemy, granting you and the breaker 4 diamonds each.
    • You can now transform into a bat permanently (until you die or reach a well-lit area / the sun rises). However, there is a 20-second cooldown when transforming from a human to a bat.
    • You cannot attack or mine blocks when in bat form anymore.
    • During the daytime / higher light levels you will have a permanent luck effect. When you have the luck effect, you will have a 70% chance to negate any fall damage and deal a small amount of knockback to players when you impact the ground.
    • Further extensive performance tweaks with the removal of old code and streamlining many aspects. We've also quashed some further bugs.
    Link to original post here

    06 Oct 2017 - Nexus Update

    Phase 5
    • Removed double damage.
    • Added Nexus bleed.
    • The new nexus bleed incentivizes and rewards teams for dealing ANY damage to an enemy nexus at ANY time of the game.
    • At the beginning of Phase 5, all Nexuses will bleed 1 health every 45 seconds. This will continue until one team bleeds down to 5 health. At this point, the bleed will stop and only resume when that team has been taken out.
    • Bonus Nexus Health XP
    • To further incentivize ending the game early (since your nexus will now bleed out at Phase 5) we’ve made it so the winning team’s nexus health will be converted into bonus SBXP (this is also affected by any active multipliers).
    Return of the Golems
    • The Golems are back from their long vacation and are ready to rumble once more!
    • For those who don’t know, Firwen and Celariel are the original bosses of Annihilation who used to be in the main game world. We’ve given them both their own arenas as well as some unique abilities each. They certainly pack a punch, so beware!
    • You will find them in the boss realm during and after phase four, they’re on hand to give the wither a break every now and then.
    • The wither will remain as a boss mob to fight - all boss mobs are selected randomly during the game.
    Ender Furnace
    • Increased the smelting rate of the Ender Furnace by 20%
    Engraved Items
    • When you craft weapons, tools and armor, your name will now appear on it.
    • Witches will now teleport back to their spawn-point if they wander too far.
    • Witch spawn locations have been reviewed and altered accordingly.
    • Right-clicking logs, when held in your hand, will automagically convert them into planks.
    Boss Buff
    • Added Bow of Aether - This bow will give levitation 3 for 3 seconds. It can only be fired every 5 seconds and only has 125 shots.
    • Sword of Flames - increased from Fire Aspect 1 to 3.
    • Boss Armour items - increased Protection and Mending from 2 to 4.
    Private Stands
    • We’ve added private brewing stands to the shop which replace the vanilla stands. These work in exactly the same way as the Alchemist stand - they cannot be broken or interacted with by your teammates, however, they can be broken by enemies. Stands can only be placed 40 blocks away from your nexus to prevent team griefing.
    Stats command
    • You can now see how much damage a player has done to each nexus during the game by using the /stats show <player> command and hovering over the “end portal block” item.
    Weapon Shop
    • Added Milk - 5 Gold
    • Removed Recall stone
    • Removed Books
    • Removed Fishing rod
    • Tweaked
      • Iron Helmet: 3 Gold
      • Iron Chest: 6 Gold
      • Iron Leggings: 4 Gold
      • Iron Boots: 3 Gold
      • Bow: 1 Gold
      • Cake: 1 Gold
      • 10 Steak (changed from raw): 5 Gold
      • Cobweb: 3 Gold
    Sword damage
    • We've reviewed and updated the sword damage values to be closer to 1.7
    New Pre-Match lobby
    • A dragon burned down our old lobby and has taken up residence in the new one.
    • Added the ability to brew “Enhanced” potions.
    • Changed class icon to brewing stand
    • Drop book no longer drops gunpowder before Phase 4.
    • Alchemist stand now brews 50% faster
    • You can now brew enhanced potions by throwing potions into a cauldron full of water, along with the base ingredient and right-clicking the cauldron. These potions are soulbound and classbound to Alchemist.
      • Enhanced potions durations (drink & splash):
      • Speed III - 1:20
      • Invis - 20:00
      • Poison III - 0:35
      • Regen III - 0:35
      • Slowness III - 1:30
      • Strength III - 1:00
      • Weakness III - 3:00
    • Can now no longer be harmed by arrows while leaping (but can still be damaged by melee)
    • Arrow drop increased to 32 arrows, cooldown reduced to 45 seconds.
    • Songs will no longer run out, they will now loop.
    • Cooldown between replaying songs reduced from 60 to 30 seconds.
    • Removed No-Knockback Active.
    • Damage done to higher geared opponents increased
    • Increased the amount of hearts that can be earned when killing from 15 to 20
    • (the last 5 hearts can only be earned with melee kills and will only grant 0.5 hearts for every kill).
    • Increased the damage dealt to higher geared opponents as we’ve removed the active that we felt was very situational and was a hindrance more than it was useful.
    • Added Particle effects as a visual indicator to Corrupt ability.
    • Changed class icon to fermented spider eye
    • Increased range of Corrupt to 4.5 Blocks.
    • Increased potency of passive poison ability.
    • Removed Obsidian from resource drop.
    • Added Delaying Block
      • Enemies who break a block within 5 blocks of a delaying block will receive mining fatigue 2 for 8 seconds.
      • Engineers receive a reduced mining fatigue level.
      • The delaying block will zap the mining fatigue onto the enemy along with a spooky sound.
      • You will start off with 2 delaying blocks on spawn and with a 30% chance to get one from each drop.
    • Resource Drop book cooldown is now 90 seconds regardless of the phase.
    • We’ve also added more building blocks to the resource drop - glass, iron bars, fences and stairs. These new blocks will allow you to build more intricate defenses earlier on.
    • Added Stone shovel to spawnkit.
    • Added Evertool - This everlasting item will transform into the tool needed to break the block you interact with. The Evertool will not transform into a Sword on hit, this is intentional.
    • Bunker buster now has 3 tiers, each with a varying level of fuse time and blast radius.
      • Dynamite - 1 second, small.
      • C4 - 6 seconds, medium.
      • Nuke - 10 seconds, INSANE!
    • Added Famine ability - this will drain all hunger of enemy players in a 13 block radius to 2.5 hunger bars and remove the hunger effect if inflicted.
    • Increased percentage chance to heal your nexus
      • Phase 2: 35% (was 20%)
      • Phase 3: 25% (was 15%)
      • Phase 4: 15% (was 10%)
      • Phase 5: 10% (was 7%)
    • Added ability to see teammate health.
    • This will allow healers to prioritize their healing abilities. Enemies will show as having 0 health.
    • Traps are now permanent and will only be removed upon activation, death or placing the same trap again.
    • Traps now display particle effects to the Hunter and their teammates.
    • Traps can be moved by placing down a trap of the same type again.
    • Traps can now be placed on any size of area, ie 1x1 or 2x3. (Max size remains the same at 3x3).
    • Traps now blend into all blocks.
    • Removed Ice suffocation as this changed from 1.7
    • Added 10 Lily Pads.
    • Added Sound and particle effect when Brute Force is activated and sound effect when attacking an enemy player with armour while Brute Force is active.
    • Cooldown increased to 45 seconds.
    • Active decreased to 10 seconds.
    Ninja - NEW CLASS
    • The ninja class allows you to stun and slow your enemies with your smoke bomb, and chase them down with your shurikens!
    • The ninja class is a unique addition to the roster - it is the only class that can fire projectiles on the move without slowing down! It can also blind and prevent players from sprinting away - a powerful offensive tool to ambush a group of players or enable your escape. Scouts cannot grapple when under its effects.
    • Added the ability to rift to enemy land.
    • (you cannot rift to enemy land on the Skylands map due to its unique design).
    • Tweaked Kills meeded to level up:
      • Tier 1 : 2 Kills = Power 2, Unbreaking X
      • Tier 2 : 4 Kills = Power 2, Punch 1, Unbreaking X
      • Tier 3 : 8 Kills = Power 3, Punch 1, Unbreaking X
      • Tier 4 : 16 Kills = Power 3, Punch 2, Unbreaking X
      • Tier 5 : 21 Kills = Power 3, Punch 2, Flame 1, Unbreaking X
      • Tier 6 : 30 Kills = Power 4, Punch 2, Flame 1, Unbreaking X
      • Tier 7 : 40 Kills = Power 4, Punch 2, Flame 1, Infinity 1, Unbreaking X
    • Left click - hook will only activate when you hit a teammate
    • Right-click - hook will only activate when you hit an enemy
    • Grapple can no longer be used in deep water.
    • Grapple can no longer be used while inflicted with the slowness effect.
    • Grapple cooldown increased to 2.5 seconds.
    • Added Flee ability - will spawn an animated duplicate of yourself that attacks the nearest enemy player. Grants user invisibility for 6 seconds
    • Added the ability to see enemy health.
    • Life drain ability only successful when the target is at 25% health.
    • Starting sword from Stone to Wooden
    • Removed global cooldown of spells.
    • Added a casting cooldown - a 5 sec cooldown on all spells will apply after casting a spell.
    • Added the ability to change spells by left-clicking the wand.
    • Potion effects are no longer removed when changing class
    • Double chat notification of invisibility effect being removed due to damage
    • A bug where it was possible to spawn with the pre-game lobby items
    • A bug resulting in players that reconnected to the game and would not receive their items back during phase one and two
    • Combat-tag NPCs can no longer be killed by teammates however enemies can still kill them
    • Breaking melons while holding items other than tools will no longer remove that item from your hand
    • Spelling and grammatical errors in class descriptions.
    • As well as Many changes made to improve game performance and stability.

    • A while back we implemented a cooldown for gaining Shotbow XP on newly spawned players. This change was to remove Shotbow XP farming and to encourage players to play the objective instead.
    • In this update, we’ve also decided to tweak how kill statistics are earned. Killing freshly spawned players won’t grant you statistics anymore. We hope that this will also put an end to farming kill statistics.
    • To further clarify, our official policy on farming kill statistics is as follows:
    • "Farming kill statistics in Annihilation is against the spirit of the game. We ask all players who participate in this to stop and to play the objective instead!
    • Players caught repeatedly going against the spirit of the game risk having their statistics reset."
    Link to original post here

    25 Jun 2017 - Class Update - Patch

    Robin Hood
    • Doubled starting arrow count to 32
    • Added Arrow accuracy recall ability (60% chance that you'll get the arrow back if you hit a target)
    • Mark of Death will no longer target vanished spies (this was a bug)
    • Mark of Death will only work when you have Line of Sight (LOS) on a target (ie cannot mark people behind a wall).
    Other changes
    • Reduced gravel XP value to be more in line with original gameplay design
    • As a reminder - being unable to grapple as a scout when on fire is intentional.
    Link to original post here

    28 May 2017 - Class Update

    Robin Hood - NEW CLASS
    • Permanent Weakness 1
    • Bow can be leveled up to become more powerful, dying will remove 1 tier of your bow.
      • Starting bow - Power 1, 12 arrows
      • Tier1 : 10 Kills = Power 2, Unbr 2
      • Tier2 : 15 Kills = Power 2, Punch 1, Unbr 3
      • Tier3 : 30 Kills = Power 3, Punch 1, Poison 1, Unbr 3
      • Tier4 : 40 Kills = Power 3, Punch 1, Flame 1, Unbr 3
      • Tier5 : 55 Kills = Power 3, Punch 2, Flame 1, Unbr 3
      • Tier6 : 70 Kills= Power 4, Punch 2, Flame 1, Unbr 3
      • Tier7: 90 Kills = Infinity 1, Power 4, Punch 2, Flame 1, Poison 1, Unbr 3
    • Any bow can now be used in Sniper mode - left click on a bow. In Sniper mode:
      • Arrows have no drop off
      • Arrows have 2.5x velocity
      • Costs 2 arrows and 5 bow durability when in sniper mode
      • Infinity bows have no arrow cost but cost 10 durability
      • Each level of unbreaking reduces the durability cost by 1
    • Added Gold Block - Haste 2 for 15seconds
    • Added Emerald Block - Absorption 1 for 20seconds
    • Added Diamond Block - Speed 2 for 20seconds
    • Pads will now reapply the effect when stood on, even if you have the current effect.(Ingame XP is only awarded when a player uses the pad WITHOUT the current effect).
    • Added new mark effect - Glow effect and creeper firework signalling a player has been marked
    • Damage when marked for death fixed to now only allow 10% more damage (Mercenary was incredibly powerful previously, we've patched this so the damage multiplier works properly)
    • Added Sign to spawnkit
    • Added a chat notification and sound effect when teleport is destroyed
    • Limited time duration for teleports removed (was 5 minutes)
    • Unset (inactive) teleports removed upon death
    • Added 14 Throwable cobwebs that last for 25 seconds on the ground and then regenerate into your hand
    • Made vine ability toggleable
    • Vines will last for 10 seconds after spawning, allowing for teammates to follow on behind.
    • New class icon
    • Permanent Weakness 1 (as before)
    • Added a new class item - Bloodbag - which has 2 abilities (both abilities are on the same cooldown):
    • Right click - AOE healing effect of 2.5 hearts (1 to other healers) to the 3 lowest health teammates in a 6 block radius, cooldown of 15 seconds
    • Left click - Single healing effect on a teammate you look at within 10 blocks, healing 7.5 hearts, 45 second cooldown.
    • (old healer forced you to sacrifice your gained hearts to heal your teammates)
    • Added the ability to rift back to base
    • Added Knockback 2 enchantment to Axe
    • Added Permanent Resistance 1
    • Lightning effect can only be used with right click action, to allow players to use the Axe with KB2
    • Added No fall damage for 5 seconds after whirl-winding yourself
    • Enchantment to your wand to make it shiny
    • Added Particle trail to thrown hooks (client side only)
    • Long ranged hooks always went out of render due to the hook being an item and not an projectile (snowball or an arrow). We added a simple particle trail to thrown hooks so you can adjust your aim for those long ranged throws.
    • You can now blink between 5 and 25 blocks away
    • 5 second cooldown between blinks
    • Blindness and Weakness upon blinking
    • You loose more hunger the further you blink
    • Visual block (emerald block) to show where you blink
    • Spawn with 6 soulbound bread
    • Removed hunger regeneration
    • Removed ability to dash through blocks
    • Every kill replenishes 2 hunger bars
    Changes to enchanting
    • Enchanting has been reverted to the 1.7 style. We felt that 1.9 enchanting meant that the game was easily flooded with high level enchanted gear - this stalled fights and reduced the variety of strategies available to players.
    • To compensate we've increased the level of XP you will gain ingame - so attaining level 30 will be much faster initially.
    • We believe this is best for the gamemode overall, despite the recent poll we had on the forums. We hope you understand our decision.
    Link to original post here

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