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Annihilation Annihilation Update - Ambitious Europium (3.1.0)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Anni Team, May 31, 2023.

Annihilation - Annihilation Update - Ambitious Europium (3.1.0)
  1. Anni Team Administrator



    Annihilation Update - Ambitious Europium (3.1.0)

    Hi Everyone!

    We are thrilled to announce our latest update Ambitious Europium!

    As always, most of these changes are based on community feedback.

    We would appreciate constructive, well-founded criticism (positive and negative!) once you have experienced this update in-game. Nothing is ever set in stone and we look forward to seeing your opinions.

    Many thanks to everyone who offered suggestions and reported problems, and everyone who helped test and iron out any bugs in the Sandbox.

    Class Changes:

    [IMG] Tank
    • New active ability: Shield Charge
      • Allows the tank to thrust forward, dealing damage and confusing any enemies that are unfortunate enough to be in the way.
    • New passive ability: Devastating Edge
      • Holding the defensive shield for four seconds, the next melee hit will DOUBLE damage (5 second window to hit).
    • Tank's Phalanx protection now protects teammates from the fire caused by flaming arrows.
    [IMG] Wizard
    • Complete Spell overhaul. Zap!
    • Spells now hit instantly. No more slow flying spells.
    • Increased area of effect on all spells.
    • Increased Missile spell damage.
    • New spell names:
      • Flame → Inferno
      • Darkness → Void Bolt
      • Missile → Arcane Bolt
      • Freeze → Glacial Nova
      • Whirlwind → Whirlwind (it's a good name)
    [IMG] Berserker
    • Health Buff! Berserker no longer starts with reduced health
    • New active ability: Unbreakable Will
      • For 20 seconds, the Berserker cannot be knocked back, slowed, immobilized, swapped, whirlwinded or be affected by any kind of moving force.
      • Granted Speed 2 for the duration of the ability.
    [IMG] Bloodmage
    • New active ability: Bloodcursed Terraform
      • Transform the land around you into a nightmarish hellscape that will deal massive damage over time for any enemies who dare enter.
    [IMG] RobinHood
    • Complete overhaul!
    • New active ability: Steed
      • Spawns a horse for you to lead the charge into battle.
      • The steed can be summoned or dismissed quickly.
      • Only the Robinhood who summoned the steed can ride it.
      • Only enemies can damage the steed.
    • New active ability: Aerial Agility
      • Upon activation, the Robinhood is granted the slow falling effect.
      • High risk, high reward if used correctly during a long fall!
      • Slow falling can be removed by activating the ability again.
    [IMG] Archer
    • New item: Arrow of Infinity
      • No more book to click, no more crafting arrows, no more wasted inventory room!
      • Limitless arrows!
    [IMG] Ninja
    • New passive ability: Silent Steps
      • Every step you take could be your last. But the Ninja now has one over the competition: Your steps will no longer make a sound!
      • Stepping on any block no longer sends that sound to players nearby; team or foe.
      • You will still hear your own steps; just a Minecraft thing.
    • New active ability: Masterful Ascension
      • Upon activation, Ninja will be given permanent jump boost 2.
      • With Silent Steps and increase jump height, Ninja will be a stealth master.
      • Jump boost can be removed by activating the ability again.
    • Smoke Bombs now give Speed 2 to all teammates who are inside the smoke!
    [IMG] Transporter
    • New command: /portal <name>
      • After placing a portal, you can give it a destination name to better help your teammates know where it goes.
      • You can click the chat reminder, or use the command /portal at any time to give your portal a name.
      • Transporter no longer spawns with a sign; that's old technology.
      • Abuse of this feature will not be tolerated.
    • New active ability: Insidious Dispatch
      • Swift as darkness, the Vampire can teleport directly behind any enemy that is not making eye contact.
      • Instant teleport with a 30 block range.
      • Enemies that are looking at you are immune from this ability.
    • New passive ability: Landing Grace
      • Spiders shouldn't fear heights and it no longer will with Landing Grace. If the Spider takes fatal fall damage, they will be saved but for one heart.
      • Granted absorption and regeneration.
    [IMG] Healer
    • Healer has been given a new tool in its medkit: the ability to remove all negative effects!
      • When using the single heal ability, Healer will remove all negative effects from themselves and the teammate they're healing.
    [IMG] Enchanter
    • A small quality of life change: Enchanter's Intensifier will now show particles around teammates so that you can see it's working.
      • We decided to make the particles only visible to you and the Enchanter so it's not confusing.
      • Enemies can't see the particles so that they can't be used to find you if you were up against a wall, door, etc.
    [IMG] Bard
    • When Bard's Juke Box is broken by an enemy, its cooldown to replace it is now 30 seconds, instead of always being the same. This means that the Bard cannot quickly replace a broken Bard Box.
    Other changes:

    [IMG] Sponge
    • Sponge has been added to the Weapon Shop for 5 gold each.
    • Mine flooded? Mid flooded? Base flooded? Use sponge!
    • Vanilla sponge mechanics.
    • Cannot be used within 50 blocks of an enemy Nexus.
    [IMG] Boots of Grace
    • The Boots of Grace now take durability based on the damage that would've been inflicted. This means that small amount of fall damage will take one durability. Greater fall damage will inflict up to 5% of the boot's maximum durability.
    • This change means that not all fall damage is treated the same, so you're less likely to break your boots from lots of small falls.
    [IMG] Boss Items
    • Items now have a description, stating what each item does.
    • The chat messages you receive from each armour piece on damage has been removed. Hooray, no more spam!
    • The Helmet of Extinguishment now takes 1 durability point for every fire tick that would've damaged you. This keeps the boss item balanced as they now all take durability damage. Don't forget that you can repair these items by earning experience due to the mending enchantment.
    Annihilation Lobby
    • The Annihilation Lobby (AL) has been updated to 1.16 base.
    • New build for the new update. Thanks to the amazing Friendly123 for building our new lobby!
    • The new lobby build comes with a companion pre-match/voting lobby!
    • Just had a rough match? P2'd? Take a breather and sit down in the Anni lobby. Literally sit down. Right click any bench you see around the new map and relax.
    • We did playtests of "HDCoastal" earlier this year. As you may already be aware, HDCoastal is going to replace Coastal. The current version of Coastal will be renamed to ClassicCoastal. In summary:
      • Coastal -> ClassicCoastal
      • HDCoastal -> Coastal
    • We're still looking for feedback about this change and will work with you and our builders to make sure it still gives the same nostalgic feel of Coastal but with a modern touch.
    New cosmetics
    • Emerald and Obsidian ranks now have access to exclusive audio and visual kill effects!
    • You don't need to do anything, you will already have access to them using /cosmetics.
    Notable changes and Quality of Life
    • Map votes no longer persist if you leave. This means that the current vote tally represents those who are in the match and going to play the map.
      • A short cooldown has also been added after making a map vote. This is to discourage spamming the votes, potentially causing the winning map to be unclear.
    • Crossbows can now be loaded with fireworks.
    • We removed the fireworks that spawn when a winner is selected. They caused lag for some and an annoyance for others.
    • Each team now spawns on their own platform in the Final Boss Fight. This should make it easier for you to survive and have a longer fight. It also mean those who take a second or two more to load won't die immediately to the Prot 16, Sharp 5 diamond enemy next to them.
    • /stats now shows your session stats.
    • If your delaying block placement fails, it will now highlight the closest delaying block. This will help you better figure out where you can place them.
    • Delaying blocks now ZAP enemies. It's a visual change only, but it looks cool.
    • The gold shops now display how many items you'll receive based on the quantity of the item. For example, purchasing cooked beef comes in stack of 10 and the icon will show 10 in the shop.
    • Added `/class` to remind you of the class you have selected; in case you forget. It doesn't allow you to change class, sos.
    • Swapper can no longer swap while crawling. This is to prevent abuse and unfair traps.
    • If a recently respawned player moves far enough away from their Nexus, they will now give up their respawn protection, thus granting XP, stats and rank points when killed. Scout mine rushers be warned!
    Bug Fixes:
    1. 10 administration related bugs.
    2. Clans can be created in regular Annihilation matches again.
    3. "Annihilation Mode: Competitive 8v8" has been removed as a Novice III unlock reward.
    4. Fixed Swapper not giving absorption hearts if you already had absorption.
    5. Fixed Swapper getting teleported back after being swapped and then hit.
    6. Fixed absorption being removed if a Gapple is eaten soon after being Swapped or Immobilized.
    7. Fixed Berserker being able to reach 22 hearts. The max is 20.
    8. Fixed the message shown when reaching "maximum maximum" Berserker hearts: it no longer says maximum twice. Maximum!
    9. Fixed a bug that caused Enchanter's Intensifier to apply for enemies as well as teammates. Sus.
    10. Fixed a bug that caused manually grown trees to regenerate.
    11. Fixed a bug that caused the Weakness potion effect to only reduce damage by 0.5, instead of 0.5 x the amplification.
    12. Prevent Ninja's Smoke Bomb from overwriting speed II if the player already has it for longer than the Smoke Bomb would grant.
    13. Fixed combat log NPCs from activating Hunter's traps.
    14. Fixed a bug that caused Spy's Flee ability to grant it the same arrow invulnerability as Assassin's Leap.
    15. Fixed a bug that broke Hunter's Flurry ability and Assassin's Leap if it kills too many players, taking the cooldown below 0 seconds.
    16. Fixed Engineer's Evertool being unable to break certain types of stone and brick.
    17. Fixed a bug that caused Acrobat's infinite stamina to not work while its double jump was on cooldown.
    18. Fixed a bug that caused some kill stats to apply when they shouldn't.
    19. Fixed a bug that caused Tinkerer's Pads to trigger the cooldown for Launch Pads.
    20. Fixed Bard being able to open the Song Selection GUI and destroy their Bard Box simultaneously by right-clicking the Bard Box with the Recall item.
    21. Fixed Team Doors being able to be shadow-placed in the Boss world.
    22. Fixed Rift Walker's "Open Rift" ability not working consistently in the Boss world.
    23. Fixed the Wither from spawning Wither Roses when it kills a player.
    24. Fixed a bug that allowed Bard to place its bard box despite being on cooldown.
    25. Fixed Vampire being able to "steal" health from Combat NPCs.
    26. Fixed a bug that caused Assassin and Spy to lose their armour if they activate their abilities (Leap & Flee) and then disconnected before their armour returns.
    27. Fixed a bug that caused Assassin and Spy's Combat NPC to not drop armour if it spawned while their abilities were active (Leap & Flee).
    28. Fixed Lumberjack not receiving double logs from wood blocks and stripped logs.
    29. Fixed a bug that caused carrots and potatoes to not drop for Farmer when breaking grass.
    30. Fixed Bard's "Bard Box" note particles not displaying.
    Closing Words:
    While we have fixed a few bugs in this update, some you may have experienced and others you probably didn't know were there, we are aware that we still have bugs to fix and we appreciate all the help you can give us with getting those fixed. If you find a bug in Annihilation and want to have a chance of owning a special Bug Finder cosmetic, you can report it on our official Discord by using this command: !support bug <IGN>.

    :heart: Credits:
    Many of the changes we have made in this update have come from you the community, and from our wonderful staff team who continue to strive to make Anni the best it can be. All credit goes to them for their tireless efforts that more often than not go unnoticed, thank you team for being so awesome.

  2. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

  3. Friendly123 Co-Lead Builder

    This is so hype!
  4. Maashg Platinum

    Firstly i am really happy to see my some 2016-2017 suggestions finally added by new developers. Such as my Enderman idea -> Vampire. horse is added to Anni, suggested long way ago in 2016 in name of a class called Paladin. Robin Hood is way better now. Or Rabbit class -> Ninja.

    Please don't missunderstand me i don't mean developers saw these from me i just want to say i hope those players who were blaming me due to my class suggestions or developers who were finding them bad idea saw my ideas were good in 2016 and i wish they were added way before :D

    Anyways i would like to say some classes are better, or cool but must be stronger or being too much like anime fights and having too much items.
    Many classes being updated but people leaving using them after 1-2 weeks. Anni classes must be preferable. A player must enjoy with only playing it or must help teams really strong such as Bard.

    Red means, bad class. Yellow means good addition but should be change more. Green means that class is pretty ok and stable class now such as Acrobat. Also in my opinion Anni should have classic, standart, easy to use and very usefull instead of having too much items too much potion effects and like Anime fighters. This is Anni not a energetic short-timed gamemode in other big servers. I hope i described it well :D

    So my opinions about the changes:

    Tank, to be honest i don't know why this class exist and still don't know what is he doing. So i will pass this.

    Wizard, it is very cool now but i don't know why sound effect of darkness still not fixed. Also some particles missing.

    Berserker, it is very nice class now. Finally it is playable. I think you should add flame (red one) effect on it like old Berserker or Bloodmage when he uses the ability.

    Bloodmage, it is better but to be honest this class won't be in meta. It is better now but bloodmage will never be in meta unless 2014 bloodmage is back with some changes or old corrupt ability (which is broken and shouldn't be added)

    Robin Hood, might be not usefull or be in meta but it is original and waaaaaaay cool now.

    Archer, finally. Very good fix.

    Ninja, i really loved it but it has so many items. Maybe ability of jump should be activated by right click on sword or hand or any item. Or maybe (this one better) Shuriken things must be throwen by a 25% chance when we hit an enemy. Right now Ninja is nice but won't be in meta or anyone won't thing let me enjoy with Ninja in this game etc. unlike Robin Hood. Shuriken can be thrown to directly enemy and give him not-losing damage to make him slow as passive ability.

    Transporter, this class was my one of the favourite classes till non-connected portal is getting broke by death. I think old Transporter should be back and portal name should be yellow. This is Maashg's portal going to "red iron". Sneak to go through it.

    Vampire, it is waaay better and cool now. Finally it is enjoyable but getting heal by hitting should be 100% or 80% at the nights, 50% or 40% in the morning. 1 heart (2 HP)

    Spider, spider is really nice but it won't be 100% OK class like Acrobat if cobweb thing doesn't be changed. Spiders should be able to walk on cobwebs also putting cobweb should be normal like in 2015. And it should stay forever but new cobwebs should be added it is lower than 5 in every 30 seconds like logic of Discord's super reaction. Also cobwebs should be farmed like old times by shears. As you can see, due to big nerf to cobweb it is useless class now + defance meta is over. Also instead of vines it can be when you look at a block it moves you fast to there like Spiderman in the films.

    Healer, both 2015 and 2017 healers are cool to me. Right now Healer very good class but i think Weakness I should be back since it is a passive class.

    Enchanter, one of the rarest "100% ok" classes and it has very cool addition now.

    Bard, good fix.

    My other suggestipns:
    - Hunter should have wolves back.
    - Helicopter pvp sound must be removed and game must feel 1.7 smooth pvp to us.
    - Assassin should have effects for 8 secounds with Haste 1 effect and every kills should make cooldown -10 seconds. In the past Assassin was racing with Acrobat but right now it is only nexus rush class if you are dead and lost items and being busy with it to support team which is really shame.
    - None of us can say anything bad at Friendly123 in building, he is very great builder and my very old friend. But in my opinion maps should be more classic, less detailed and be more defansive building friendly. Otherwise those maps will be forgotten. Maps shouldn't be over-detailed like lobbies but should be classic. He can make very original and competative maps such as Pokatoto, Canyon, Cherokee etc.

    Best regards
    IsThatMe likes this.
  5. okinaboru Gold

    whats the point of all these updates if you are ZERO PLANS on bringing new people into the game.

    run ads, bring player base up and THEN you can focus on these small updates. The game literally runs perfect now, there are PLENTY of other priorities (like getting higher player base) than updating the game.
    IsThatMe likes this.
  6. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    The amount of wires crossed here are boggling. Assuming zero plans, assuming devs are at all involved in promotion, assuming updating the game won't draw in new players. It's a passion project as far as the eye can see, if you're so passionate about promoting Shotbow how about you start editing videos and doing just that. You said so yourself, it's not like somebody else will do it for you.
  7. squallythewally Obsidian

    I'm all for changing the meta around but the lack of class balancing here is just careless lol.

    Go and rethink wizard and berserker please. I welcome the other changes but those two are just chaotic stupid.
    Ganzatron likes this.
  8. okinaboru Gold

    Nah, Berserker is fine the way it is. I would probably add some sort of setback with the ability tho, like you get slowness or weakness.
    Wizard is stupid broken, that shit needs a cool down nerf ASAP
  9. Galap Developer

    A patch went out yesterday:
    • Players hit by damage spells (except for Glacial Nova and Whirlwind) will be immune to that spell for 20 seconds.
    • Void bolt's effects have been reduced to 5 seconds.
    • Blindness and hunger from Bloodcursed terrain have been reduced to 10 seconds.
    • You can no longer place Bloodcursed terraform in the Boss world.
  10. The_PonJuice Platinum

    Regarding Berserker's ''Unbreakable Will'', I think the management's intention is to counter traps such as Swapper trap, but at the moment Anni is a game that is very attack-favoured, mid-oriented, and if anything, most matches have been won by taking more mid. I think the game has become a game where the team wins, and in that context, I'm left wondering about this update that blocks tactics such as Trap that can be used to win from non-mids, what was the intention behind adding this ability?
  11. 5GNR Regular Member

  12. Aoringoame Regular Member

    Very bad update.
    Updates like Robin Hood and non-exchangeable while swimming are no problem.However, berserkers and wizards greatly unbalance the game.Berserkers and Wizards will be unique in every match unless they are weakened too soon.
    Especially Berserker is a terrible result as if elementary school students thought. Please review the ability once again and immediately perform the weakening operation.

    [Active skill 20 seconds]
    speed 2
    Knockback reduction
    Swapper, Scorpion, Immobilizer, Slowness, Delay Block, Blindness, Levitation, Disable

    [Passive Skill]
    Killing enemies increases HP
    Increased damage against heavily armored enemies
  13. lPirlo Anni Events Lead, Mini Admin

    Personally I think the update has made many of the less used classes in the game viable and more useful, the early changes to rebalance everything days after the update have been spot on. My congratulations to the developers and thanks for looking to have even more possibilities in a game that shines for having almost infinite possibilities.
  14. SamsterBirdies Platinum

    My thoughts, haven't tried them yet:

    Archer: good change.

    Vampire: Its finally better than civilian?!

    Berserker: Im glad the reduced HP debuff is gone. However, the active sounds broken as poop. It means gapple rushers can just waltz straight into the nexus room and start mining as if nobody was defending and there is no possible way to counter it. There is also no way to stop even a normal iron kit from just running to the nexus and removing the last nexus points. The active also gives speed 2 ontop of this....
    Is there something im missing? Or did the anni devs not even think when creating this ability?

    The rest of the class changes are either meh whatever, or i dont use the class.

    Im glad they added sponges to the shop instead of just removing water buckets from the game. Anni devs have a bad record of just removing features from this game instead of fixing problems.

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