Other Annihilation Tournament - Register your interest!

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Murgatron, Oct 29, 2017.

Other - Annihilation Tournament - Register your interest!
  1. Murgatron Annihilation Lead / Co Lead


    Hi everyone,

    We are currently looking into hosting an Annihilation Tournament. To help us prepare the groundwork for this we need to know some more information about how many clans are likely to participate, what size clans can field and their respective timezones.

    If you could please reply to this post with the following information it will greatly help us! Feel free to leave any other comments or suggestions as well :)

    Please note that there is no guarantee of a tournament happening. This is simply to see what formats we would use to run a tournament if there was enough interest.

    There will be a separate thread to register for a tournament if one runs! :)
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  2. DutchSurvivor Obsidian

    I love you!
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  3. Snurkle Platinum

    Timezone: Various timezones in the US, mainly EST
    Clan: Genesis
    Members (IGNS): iiwonderz, Annimaster, Orangejuicemad, Snurkle, Hinge15J, Sebzzzzzzzzzz, _RubberChicken_, Hazel_vb, Foxbuscus, CorgiPaladin, Afflicts, Legitnube, Mysterious_seven
    Preferred team size: 6
    Preferred Final Format - 1v1 or 1v1v1v1: 1v1v1v1

    Comments or suggestions: First of all thank you for considering this! We have decided that we will split into 2 groups within our clan because we are so large (assuming the size is 6 or less). I would just try it out regardless of how many people post here and allow people to get paired up randomly.
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  4. FenerHooligans Regular Member

    Timezone: GMT +3
    Clan: Team Turkish [TUR]
    Members (IGNS): (Team Turkish Clan Post)
    • II_Yusuf_II - LAKRESMIGO - Spark_Warrior - Gurhann - TheDarkTwister_ - YusufSelim - Maashg - FenerHooligans - ShotbowAtakan - 1v500 - MakeItBunDem - BiyikliDomates - BiyikliAvokado - BiyikliTaco - BiyikliPatates - CoskunSolmaz - BayanNoodle - Phoenixdevil - GokayAmca - BlockStorm - andy66758 - Emir_Bey - icecinarus - JustBureq - mmertTR - Mojiono - Melissv - guneyli - Goliac
    Preferred team size: 10
    Preferred Final Format - 1v1 or 1v1v1v1: 1v1 (for no focusing a clan)

    Comments or suggestions: Please organize it in the holiday times because we are busy with schools. Also you should remove the nexus bleed system for the clan matches. 1v1 is better than 1v1v1v1 because some clans can focus the better clans so weaker clans can win.
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  5. dackknight09 Obsidian

    We probably won't participate but best of luck to everyone that does. Would highly recommend shotbow to broadcast it, should be fun.
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  6. Kerb___ Regular Member

    I hope this tournamnet happen, it would be lots of fun!
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  7. moarcringe Platinum

    Timezone: EST coast
    Clan: Lit
    Members: moarcringe
    Preferred team size: 1
    Preferred Final Format: 1v1v1v1
    Suggestion: Always include me in ; )
    Comment: This tournament will be really cringy lmao (With all the people spamming #CLANNAME when they destroy a nexus or something)
    Comment: Love you guys!
    Recruiting: hi guys!!1!! only cool kids can join this lit clan1
    Question: Are more than 1 clan in a team
    commenT: hi
  8. cave987 Regular Member

    I'm not in a clan but would love to join in on the fun if someone would invite me
  9. Snurkle Platinum

    Do u have discord? I can add you to the genesis clan chat so u clan play with us.
  10. LegendaryAlex Gold

    Timezone: Doesn't matter
    Clan: Lineage
    Members: LegendaryAlex, _Swipe, Champion_Guiga, FixGoldNameTag and Radioactive_Ryan
    Preferred team size: 5
    Preferred final format: 1v1 or 1v1v1v1
    Suggestion or comments: It would be great if this would actually happen. This isn't everyone from our clan, just wanted to make this so I can add some more people later. May the best clan win and let's not forget to have fun.

    Have a great day!
  11. Anthobot Gold

    I don't have an Official clan, If anyone wants to Recruit me too. :3
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