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Video Annihilation Tournament - Oblivion Edit < 3

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by BusinessDuck, Feb 14, 2019.

Video - Annihilation Tournament - Oblivion Edit < 3
  1. BusinessDuck Platinum


    A nice little edit I whipped up while reliving some of my favorite moments from the now concluded Annihilation tournament.
    My thanks to all who contribute to keeping this silly old game alive and special! < 3 遊んでくれてありがとう

    Sincerely, Duq
    Kerb___, DutchBartje, _Swipe and 13 others like this.

  2. soto Platinum

    BrInG BaCk eU aRiGatOU
    BusinessDuck likes this.
  3. IncognitoSausage Platinum

    The Bring back EU at the end really hit close to home....
    BusinessDuck likes this.
  4. DutchSurvivor Obsidian

    Duck, I love you for this!

    Thank you
    BusinessDuck likes this.
  5. BeastlyNinja Regular Member

    that ending scene made me sad ;-;
    _Swipe and BusinessDuck like this.
  6. BusinessDuck Platinum

    Gotta keep BUSY. *Loud applause*
    DutchSurvivor likes this.

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