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Annihilation Annihilation - Small Update #1

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mosh_Von_Void, Mar 13, 2020.

Annihilation - Annihilation - Small Update #1
  1. Mosh_Von_Void Developer, Builder


    Annihilation Small Update #1 Changelog

    Hey Everyone!

    This is the first in the new update schedule, where we have a higher frequency of updates in which each update contains a small amount of changes. This should speed up development / testing and bring content to you quicker overall than before.

    [IMG] Builder

    • Delaying blocks don't leave behind particles when you leave the game.
    • All delaying blocks stack with each other.
    • Reduced the delaying block particle rate to 1/5 of the previous rate to prevent lag.
    • Delaying blocks are removed from your inventory on respawn depending on the amount you place.
    • Fixed delaying block info message.
    Other changes
    • Death message after performing /kill has been changed.
    • Splash Health II is not brewable anymore.
    • No more lobby skeleton horses.
    • Its now sunny in the lobby.
    Thanks to everyone reporting bugs and giving the team opinions and feedback on the game.
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  2. Dahian Platinum

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  3. pizq Emerald

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  4. Unhinge Platinum

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  5. soto Platinum

    Good job daddy mosh
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  6. infq Platinum

    And where is the Mercenary nerf?
  7. Layhoun Gold

    I recomend a nerf to merc, and also to buff gapples so reg II becomes reg III, nicely done btw

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