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Discussion Annihilation Priority Queue system

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Murgatron, Nov 17, 2018.

Discussion - Annihilation Priority Queue system
  1. Murgatron Network Lead


    Welcome to the Annihilation Priority Queue system!

    The system is designed to ensure a fair and balanced game for all players whilst rewarding those who support Shotbow directly with a premium rank.

    Currently there is no support for groups or parties - this may come at a later time.

    When joining a game of Annihilation you will be asked to join a team. The priority queue system permits an imbalance of 4 players of the highest team compared to the lowest team. For example:

    Red - 6
    Blue - 6
    Green - 6
    Yellow - 6

    In this example all teams are balanced. Red could support 10 players before hitting the limit, so the numbers would look like this:

    Red - 10
    Blue - 6
    Green - 6
    Yellow - 6

    The difference is always between the highest and lowest team, so even in the example below no-one can join Red, as the difference between the highest (Red) and lowest (Yellow) is 6.

    Red - 10
    Blue - 9
    Green - 8
    Yellow - 6

    Grace period

    Whether it's your cat knocking over your modem or a closing the game on accident, suddenly leaving a game sucks. That is why when you leave a game, for whatever reason, your space in your team is kept for 90 seconds. If you rejoin within that time you will jump straight back into the game. If not you will be held in the lobby until the team numbers are balanced again to permit you back in.

    If you have already played for a team (say Red) but are sent back to the lobby because of an imbalance of numbers you will NOT be able to queue or join another team.

    If you leave your team during a voting phase you will not be granted a grace period and will have to re-queue.

    Phase 3 onwards

    If you are in the queue for a team when phase 3 begins you are NOT be able to queue or join another team. If a space opens up for the team you were already queued for in phase 2 you will be let in.

    You cannot join a queue when Phase 3 begins (same as it currently is).

    Dead Teams

    Dead teams are not taken in account when checking for imbalances. This means other teams can still be joined once a team dies. For example:

    Red - 10 (+2 queued)
    Blue - 10 (+2 queued)
    Green - 10 (+2 queued)
    Yellow - 5

    If Yellow is taken out, the system will permit the queued players for Red, Blue and Green to join.

    If you are queued to join (or rejoin) a team that is dead you will be permitted to enter once the numbers are balanced.


    There are 4 types of priorities in the queue system. The following example will show the different priorities what the queue will be ordered in. Here the left side will be the front of the queue.
    • Premium rejoining > Premium > Non-premium rejoining > Non-premium
    This system is currently in testing on the Sandbox only. We welcome your feedback, ideas and suggestions. Any amendments to the system will be posted. Nothing is final and everything has the potential to be changed.
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  2. skillerfox3 Developer

    If you find any bugs in this system, please point them out in this thread.

    Currently known bugs:
    • When joining a team once the game has started, you will not spawn in with your kit items.
    • When standing on top of a TP, it shows you the uuid of the TP owner instead of the name.
  3. PaySafeKaart Platinum

    Awesome, its finally here!
  4. Manaea Platinum

    It's about goddamn time.
  5. 111kittycat111 Platinum

    I would personally have allowed an option where if, say, red has 20, blue has 6, yellow has 6, and green has 7, blue, yellow, and green would all become the single green team and a 1v1 game would commence. Nexuses of empty teams would be free xp.
    zackcolejost likes this.
  6. Mysterious_Seven Platinum


    Edit: Do you think this will be added before Christmas?
  7. xRootedChrome Platinum

    we donated for instant join on any team, especially Premium users. This does not need to be added, if its added then any donators can join without queue. otherwise i want my 100 buckos back
  8. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    I think that rejoining free players should be given priority over platinum users. I don't want people to be denied their game (and progress) for my sake.
    (Premium rejoining > Non-premium rejoining > Premium > Non-premium)

    Donators would have their own queue. This would just make a bunch of people trying to join a single team disproportionately premium users. It does not exempt them from the rules.
    skillerfox3 and _Swipe like this.
  9. _Swipe Platinum

    yea man let the regular plebes live a little, it's worth having the server grow.
  10. 99_i Regular Member

    There is still teamstacking, in a way that Premiums/people who paid for a Rank still have an advantage of joining a team than a non-Premium/someone who didn't pay for a Rank.
  11. PaySafeKaart Platinum

    I think I speak for all premiums right now, a lot of people don't wanna lose that perk who donated to the network.
    _Swipe likes this.

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