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Update Annihilation Patch - April 28, 2018

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by skillerfox3, Apr 28, 2018.

Update - Annihilation Patch - April 28, 2018
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  1. skillerfox3 Developer

    Hello everyone,

    Today we will be releasing a small patch for Annihilation. This patch consists of several changes to the Succubus class. Together with these changes, Cherokee will be added back into the rotation.

    We have nerfed the passive ability on Succubus because we felt it was unbalanced. People with very good gear were able to rush into a nexus without dying due to the passive Succubus ability that heals itself when it lands a hit. The following changes have been made:
    • Succubus' passive ability now has a 20% chance to kick in, instead of 25%.
    • Succubus' passive ability now heals the player by 15% of the final damage dealt, instead of 30% of the initial damage. Final damage means the damage after the armor, damage resistance, etc. calculations.
    • While immobilized, the Succubus can not use its passive ability to heal itself.
    Other Changes
    • You can now tab-complete using the /map vote command.
    • Administration features and improvements have been added.
    • Fixed an issue where end portals and ores could be blocked by placing hunter traps.
    • Fixed an issue where soulbound items could be crafted using other soulbound items.
    • Fixed an issue where the Boss Buff's Boots of Grace would still take damage after falling when worn by an Acrobat.
    • Fixed an issue where Scorpio's Hook was able to be duplicated.
    • The /compete command has been removed from the lobby.
    That's all for this patch, enjoy!


  2. ItzKaspian Platinum

    Nice Patch,
    I've been waiting for this Patch for a long time. Keep up listening to the Community:)
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  3. LegendaryAlex Platinum

    Heh finally I can make a good buck.

    Succubus's passive ability should be removed in my opinion but at least it's an alright nerf.

    You've been doing some excellent work recently Skiller, good job. :wink:
  4. Bergmanman Platinum

    Was very surprised when I saw a patch notes post for Anni, but was also happily surprised when the main part was a succubus nerf. Thank you for listening to the community and making changes happen.
    I do have a question for the devs though if you don't mind sharing; is the person who posted the patch notes the main force/coder behind the changes listed in the notes?
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  5. Galap Developer


    We work by following a general flow of:
    Ideas/Changes come in through the forums, internal teams, twitter etc, they're then filtered through the Anni team (or through other means if required) and the ones that make it through get added to the Anni Development' team's list for development.

    With that understanding, it's not always the poster who has made the changes, it could be a mix of a few people. In this case, these changes were done by Skiller.
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  6. Hingey Platinum

    Thank you for the feedback!
  7. TheFlame_YT Platinum

    Finally SUC was nerfed :D
  8. Route_2 Platinum

    thank you for nerfing suc
    but can you guys also nerf some of the diffensive class?
    especially immobilizer are too strong for solo players but too weak for many players
    please nerf some of that kind of diffensive class
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  9. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    - Glad to see my brainstorming before competition worked out, Its so tempting to use these bugs in game. >.<
    - Farmer has soulbound bones and Tinkerer have soulbound books. That's now a bug.
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