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Annihilation Annihilation Mini Admin Applications

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Anni Team, Aug 31, 2021.

Annihilation - Annihilation Mini Admin Applications
  1. Anni Team Administrator

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    Annihilation Mini Admin Applications

    Hello and welcome!

    Today, we are thrilled that we may announce another big day for the Annihilation community: Almost exactly five years after the last thread of this kind, we are finally opening Annihilation Mini Admin applications again!

    The Position:

    Annihilation Mini Admins mainly handle in-game reports and spectate Annihilation games proactively to ideally catch rule breakers before anyone else on the server notices them. While it's not mandatory, interacting with our players in-game, here on the forums and on our Discord can be another task.

    We love enthusiasm about Annihilation and when you progress beyond a Mini Admin, you will be able to help shape it!

    The Application Form:

    If you are motivated to commit yourself to making Annihilation an even better place for a longer period of time, don't hesitate to apply here. We are looking forward to all applications!


    Applicants who seem like promising candidates will be contacted here on the forums, so make sure to check your inbox every now and then!
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  2. ShMaffiolettiInk Regular Member

    Hello, I am interested in the position if they are still available for my admin. I have one more question before everything, does this charge have money involved?
  3. Axyy Network Co-Lead


    Hey, the applications are still open indeed. However this position is completely voluntary and there's no money involved.

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