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Event Annihilation Meadow Madness Event

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by ImAbbyy, Mar 21, 2024.

Event - Annihilation Meadow Madness Event
  1. ImAbbyy Events Team Co-Lead, Mini Admin


    Hello everyone! As part of the 2024 Spring Festival Event Marathon, the Anni Events team is serving not one, but TWO epic events as we dive headfirst into the Spring season. So, gather your crew, polish your skills, and get ready to conquer mobs while destroying the Nexus along the way.

    How to join?
    You can join 15 minutes prior to the event using the Sandbox item in the Annihilation Lobby.

    The Event
    • The Event will be played on the map Megamines.
    • Each team's Nexus health will be raised to 250.
    • Disabled classes include: RiftWalker, Robinhood, Spider, and Swapper.
    • Bedrock walls will be up until Phase 3.
    • Mobs will spawn from Phase 3 onwards, dropping some eggstraordinary loot.
    Time & Date (First Event):
    • EDT 23rd of March (11:00 PM)
    • GMT 24th of March (3:00 AM)
    • JST 24th of March (12:00 PM)
    Time & Date (Second Event):
    • EDT 24th of March (8:00 AM)
    • GMT 24th of March (12:00 PM)
    • JST 24th of March (9:00 PM)
    Click here for a time converter.

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