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Other Annihilation Match update (part2) [Content update] (released)

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by xxsaundersxx, Mar 22, 2014.

Other - Annihilation Match update (part2) [Content update] (released)
  1. xxsaundersxx Regular Member

    New features/fixes:
    • The new stats system (unfortunately stats are going to have to be wiped);
      • BOW_KILLS: kills from a bow
      • POTION_KILLS: kills from a potion
      • MELEE_KILLS: Kills from melee
      • TEAMLESS_KILLS: Kills when the player's team is dead
      • BOW_DEATHS: Deaths from a bow
      • POTION_DEATHS: Deaths from potions
      • MELEE_DEATHS: Deaths from melee
      • NATURAL_DEATH: Deaths from natural causes
      • NEXUS_DEFEND_KILL: Kills from defending the nexus
      • NEXUS_RUSH_KILL: Kills from rushing a nexus
      • NEXUS_DEFEND_DEATH: Deaths from defending the nexus
      • NEXUS_RUSH_DEATH: Deaths from rushing the nexus
      • NEXUS_DAMAGE: Times the player has broken the nexus
      • ORES_GATHERED: Amount of ores gathered
      • LOGS_GATHERED: Amount of logs gathered
      • FOOD_GATHERED: Amount of food gathered
      • BLOCKS_PLACED: Amount of blocks placed
      • WINS: Wins achieved
      • LOSSES: Losses achieved
      • TIME_PLAYED: Total time played (indev)
      • ELO: Current elo ranking the player has (indev)
    • Stats is shown in a cool table.
    • Shows both current and overall stats.
    • Pictures now indicate specific events in chat.
    • fixed being able to break cobblestone from regenerating ores.
    • fixed when joining a team late and the whole ability is not given in some instances.
    • More efficiency updates.
    • Healer in now unlockable.
    • Miner is now unlockable.
    • 3 new maps.
    New classes:
    Assassin: Leap over high objects while not taking fall damage and sneakily taking out your opponents. While you have leapt you have the invisibility, haste and speed buffs. When using the abbility your armour dissapears however when you are hit or when you hit someone your armour reappears. When you kill an enemy, the cooldown of leap is reduced by 8 seconds.

    Sniper: Spy and obliterate your foes at long distances. When crouched you will be given slowness and allows you to see further, while zoomed in you are able to achieve head shots however you need your bow drawn all the way out to fire an arrow. Headshots deal 30% extra damage and so scales with the bow you have eqquiped.

    Hunter: You are able to place traps of different types; Slow, Damage, Fire. These all have seperate cooldowns of 60 seconds and are only triggered by oppenent players. To trigger one you need to stand on it, the wool color of the owners team is automatically placed under the trap and particles displayed to distinguish it. When killing someone you are granted a wolf (up to 6) which follow you around and help you kill. When you die however, all of the wolfs die with you, team mates cannot attack or damage your wolfs.

    Thank-you for your cooperation, there may be bugs (I have spent the good of a week testing but there is only so much 1 guy can do). There is one more part to come (which may be delayed to April). I hope you guys have fun with the update and I look forward to see what you think of this update and your predictions to what the next part consists of.

    Edit 1:
    I know sniper is slightly overpowered and it will be getting a nurf.

    Edit 2:
    I am delaying the update to either Monday or Tuesday night, sniper didn't turn out to be good and is literally an overpowered version of archer. This will give me time to add the other 2 maps (hamlet is one of the maps), create a new class and decide what to do about the death stats(might end up recording them but not allowing players to view them).

    Edit 3:
    Sorry for the large delay, I have been sick for the past couple of days, I was pushing the update yesterday but did not get to finish pushing it. I hope to get it out today

    Edit 4:
    The update pushed out 26/03/2014
    There may be some bugs with stats as we are still working on it however overall they should save, if there are issues I will be working on them asap. 1 new map was added, hamlet. There is one more grand update to come (part3) which will be even better. Hopefully I am going to add new sub gamemodes, clan system and much much more (including some new classes and class redos) . Thankyou guys for being patient and I hope you enjoy the new content :)

  2. Jack11Attack Gold

  3. Rob_Lps Platinum

  4. RuthlessTomato Platinum

    Sweet, nice job!
    Diamond_Hunter49 likes this.
  5. Suoermario Emerald

    Sounds great! Can't wait for the update!
    Diamond_Hunter49 likes this.
  6. RonyRulesAll Platinum

    you mean part 2 bruh?
    Diamond_Hunter49 likes this.
  7. IBlakeI Emerald

    Will we lose our classes?
    Diamond_Hunter49 likes this.
  8. Friend1908 Regular Member

    It says this is part 3, what was part 2? And do we lose the classes we'd unlocked from stats?
    Diamond_Hunter49 likes this.
  9. Kyl3 Platinum

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  10. Seabiscuit218 Platinum

    Beautiful :')
    And are unlocked classes reset as well?
    Diamond_Hunter49 likes this.
  11. tanker500 Platinum

    YAY thannksssssss~
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  12. xxsaundersxx Regular Member

    yeah my bad, its part2 :lmao:
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  13. Uranium232 Platinum

    Oh praise the lord, thanks for the new update!

    (What was part 2 though?)
    Diamond_Hunter49 likes this.
  14. JenadaeX Regular Member

    No, nerf sniper. That 30% damage is too much. A newly spawned character can 1 shot a full iron.

    Or atleast take away their power 1 bow...
    Diamond_Hunter49 likes this.
  15. Oshawottstarter Platinum

    *sigh* *March *(part2)

    In all seriousness, good job! I am excited to see this new update!
    Diamond_Hunter49 likes this.
  16. Balance Platinum

    Was is just me who noticed or HEALERRRRR
  17. TippingScales Platinum

    Darn... shouldn't of bought witch particles for smash.
    And ELO system? People are just going to be farming with str and gapples
    Diamond_Hunter49 likes this.
  18. Qui Silver

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  19. TheMiningManic Platinum

    Nice! And Sniper is a little bit OP. Can 1-hit leathers with the spawn bow usually.
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  20. DarkenMoon Platinum

    Am I going to lose Scout again?

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