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Suggestion Annihilation Maps

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Gurhann, Jun 29, 2020.

Suggestion - Annihilation Maps

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  1. Gurhann Gold

    Dear Shotbow Staffs,
    I wanted to talk about the current maps in Annihilation.I know that the Rotation system has been released because of there are so many maps.
    However, most of these maps are not being played and people usually spend their times in lobby by waiting new ''good'' maps like Coastal, Andorra, Canyon etc.
    My suggestion is that you should remove the those maps which are not being played.
    When I was back because of the Corona there were so bad maps and there were games with too many people and games with very few people. For example maps like Stoneheaven etc. with 30-40 players and maps like Coastal, Canyon etc. with 120 players.
    If it goes on like that, unfortunatelly I don't think you can reach 1000 players. You have to remove the maps are not being played.
    I hope you consider this post because we, as Shotbow players want to play maps like Coastal, Canyon, Andorra, Cherokee etc.

    Thank you...

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  2. Katex_ Regular Member

  3. Maashg Platinum

    We are really tired playing only left good maps in a month. This month always coastal and hamlet next month is coastal canyon and villages. This makes the game boring. Personally i think all maps should be together and:

    2015 map rotation should definetly come back.
  4. jorn_p Platinum

  5. JeTi_Brothers Platinum

    Remove the maps that never get played but please keep the maps that sometimes get played. Having a rotation with only 4 maps can get boring pretty quickly imo.
  6. TheDarkTwister_ Platinum

  7. Maashg Platinum

  8. Ganzatron Platinum

    I agree and disagree. I think we all want this to happen, including me.

    *HOWEVER, the main thing I am worried about is that games will become less competitive. People wait in the lobby for these good maps to eventually create the 120 person games. Anni doesn't have the community it use to any more and does not really have the 10 games with 120 people in them.

    *We see maybe 1 or 2 full games on those popular maps. If there are only good maps then people will just distribute between all of those games. So now instead of 1 game of 120 people we have 4 games of 40 people. Which in my opinion is less fun.

    *Then if a clan joins one of those small games the other teams get steamrolled.
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  9. drewko09 Platinum

    This is a really good point. I actually like how the rotation is. I feel like there is enough coastal so your not waiting forever but rare enough that when one pops up everyone floods to it.
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  10. mychoppaeat2 Regular Member


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