No Prefix Annihilation Map: Trenches [ALPHA 0.1]

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No Prefix - Annihilation Map: Trenches [ALPHA 0.1]
  1. Aidan_Naut Regular Member

    Hi everyone. Just sharing a map that I put together in about 6 hours of work. I hope to gain lots of feedback to make this an amazing map.

    Credits: Aidan_Naut


    Imgur Album:

    (I'd love to know how to get an overview map to show off, tips on that would be great)

    Trenches is a map which gives more opportunity to the archer and the builder than most other maps. It's flatness gives the player more options in which points to defend and attack. Some key points have already been sufficiently built up to give players a good start. Many resource locations are available to try and prevent crowding. The middle hosts plenty of diamonds, some closer to the team and a huge pocket in the exact middle to contest for.

    Resources per team:
    2 Coal (2 small)
    3 Iron (2 small + 1 medium)
    2 Gold (2 small)
    Redstone/Emeralds (small)

    This is an Alpha build of the map, so many things are missing. Including:
    Nether portals for class change
    Enchanting Tables
    Building Decoration
    Ender Furnace
    Proper Wood Stocks
    Shop Signs

    Most importantly, I wanted to use Podzol as the base block of the map, but MCEdit does not support this yet (as far as I know). Once this is supported/ figured out, the map will look a bit more interesting than just plain ol' dirt.
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  2. LordLati Platinum

    Looking good, possible add a little bit more terrain variation? So far, it looks sorta like a WWI battlefield :p
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  3. Aidan_Naut Regular Member

    That WAS the idea, haha. But terrain variation is going to be there once I can get podzol in.
  4. Quiglet Platinum

    fuck farmer amirite? no grass
  5. Megaplaylist64 Platinum

    Looks very nice. I believe a militar-looking map can make the game better, im tired of those stupid canyons and not-so-fun maps Shotbow added.
  6. Aidan_Naut Regular Member

    sorry im not totally knowledgeable in that class, care to explain?
  7. Quiglet Platinum

    farmer uses grass and bonemeal to get it's food and other special items and theres no grass in the map at all
  8. Aidan_Naut Regular Member

    An easy fix then. I'll add some more farmland.
  9. ChampagnePepe Platinum

    In the last picture I can see part of blue's base correct? If so, it seems a bit small :p
    And middle seems too big, getting diamond would be way too easy and it seems like every team could have their own little corner and avoid battle. But other than that I like it!
  10. Aidan_Naut Regular Member

    the map is 256x256, if it were any bigger it would feel too flat and plain (and this is my first MCEdit map)
    the center is big, but most of the diamond is in the middle of it. It is true that a team could sit in their corner, but that would be only 3 diamonds compared to 12 in the middle.
  11. Leocles Gold

    That's one ugly tower, looks good though.
  12. Arkenean Regular Member

    acrobat would be super OP in this map, just sayin.
  13. Aidan_Naut Regular Member

    acrobat is kind of broken to begin with :p
  14. bigrabbit5 Silver

    Look great I would love it maybe fences to gaurs the towers edges to stop scouts
  15. TNTbuilding Platinum

    Mabey add some cob web around the place and change the inside of the trenches to the stairs like in wasted: control so that it looks more like slats then a wall also consider adding small streams of water issuing from the trenches
  16. Andy0132 Regular Member

    Awesome map, maybe a few patches of grass here and there with the desert shade
  17. MrNomNom111 Regular Member

    Those bases are way too close to eachother.

    First of all, there needs to be a major barrier of some sort between each "team area". No one likes rushers just killing you in the mines. They shouldn't be impassable barriers, but they should at least define each team's area.

    Second, while i do realize it's supposed to be a barren battle-field, please please please put something else not in the realm of "brown-colored' to make it look nicer. The only real contrast is from those flags. Maybe a dead tree or something too.

    also, big point, is that Nexus. From the looks of it, there's only one entrance. So either you have OP defense, or an impassable strength rush, which is no fun for anyone (except the rushers).

    So, I suggest:
    • One or two more entrances (The ladder doesn't really count)
    • More field variation. Stick with the war-torn theme, but add in some shrubs, maybe "dead" trees, or some //replace dirt gravel,dirt,stone,172.
    • Clay is your friend. Use it.
    • Replace the dirt at the bottom of the trenchs with gravel or stone, so that the paths are more recognizable. not like "Ruined-gravel/stonebrick" path, but an entire layer, like a lower layer of the earth that has been exposed
    • More ruins. Just hollow shells, something to provide cover.
    • Assuming that you use world edit, I would add some variation to the overall dirt look. Gravel, baked clay, the works.
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  18. Aidan_Naut Regular Member

    - This has been fixed, the Nexus was moved down from the tower to the back corner of the building. I also added a high/low enchantment table and chests.
    - I was wondering what to use to add more color, thanks for this!
    - I might have to do this, I was beginning to realize that I can't see where i'm going half the time.
    - Working on this. My original idea was to provide a ton of wood and dirt for players to make their own cover, though after a couple of plays through with friends rushing was just too good.
    - I would love to use podzol, but that seems impossible with even the latest version of MCEdit (which is what i use)

    Excellent feedback so far, thanks so much!
  19. Aidan_Naut Regular Member

    Map has been updated

    Changelog 0.2:
    • Changed pathway block type to Gravel
    • Added 8 extra wood stores to each team.
    • Added 1 chunk-wide No-Mans land between bases
    • Spread out diamonds
    • Removed some gold from gold mines

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