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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Unbalancedduck, Aug 8, 2023.

  1. Unbalancedduck Regular Member

    Annihilation is very unstable. The server never pays attention to them. The Berseker kit is incredibly powerful, it can kill even 10 people on its own, but the Scout kit cannot float on water. A player is forcibly hauling an item for 50 minutes and the Swapper effortlessly hunts it down. There is a lot of nonsense and the server does not make the game easy for new players. For example, why can't I break the wool with my hand, this is ridiculous, or why can't I break the soil with my hand? This has nothing to do with reality. If you hit a man while using the Scout, you cannot use this kit for 4 seconds. Ok, that's nice, but why can Teleporter open tp and teleport when he hits someone? I passed all of these, more than 25% of the server uses macros and they prefer to call it butterfly so they don't get banned. I can't find the OP actively playing the server, Shotbow has a garbage report system. You want a video to get someone banned. If you want the server to grow, you have to solve them. These are huge problems. Annihilation is a really good game but not popular. It's up to you to make it popular. Balance kits, monitor macro usage, remove tools to break items, and prevent old players from clanging and bullying new players.

    Too many players COMPLAINING about these situations, I hope you try to resolve them!

    And now please add ender chest to Annihilation.

  2. okinaboru Gold

    It's stupid you complain when all the things you have mentioned have been already fixed:
    1. Berserker got nerfed, only speed 1 and hearts. Before it was speed 2 and anti kb. Class is balanced now.
    2. Scout used to be abused in the water, it's nice that you can't use it in the water otherwise you spam to fast swim across. I do think they should make it usable in water again with a cool down since fast swimming is now implemented.
    3. Swapper is fine, just use dasher.
    4. Makes no sense, wool is set to be broken with shears and dirt with shovel, if you're gonna complain about that, don't play the server lol.
    5. Scout not being able to scout after hitting is OKAY. It used to be broken as fuck before and now it's nerfed. It works just well and makes the class balanced.
    6. Teleport is fine, class is balanced.
    7. Cheating is an issue since most people use auto clicker but it is what it is.
    8. Report system is good lol. Just record someone if you see them cheating and an admin will look at the report in the forums. It's the same system across ALL servers.
    9. Players don't complain anymore cause the server is balanced and works well. Only thing I'd say is broken is when you have 4 wizards spamming their abilities and fucking everyone over.
    10. No ender chest, store one thing in your furnace.

    Cry less, play more.

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