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Video Annihilation Highlights #2 | Coastal

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by iFireliar, Jan 11, 2017.

Video - Annihilation Highlights #2 | Coastal
  1. SimplyFireliar Regular Member


    Hey guys!
    I hope you enjoy this video. I have been working on it for the past couple of hours. Please leave a rating, comment so that I know that my work didn't go for nothing. Share with your friends if you think this is worthy of it. Subscribe for more!

    PC Specs - Nvidia Geforce 940M
    6 GB RAM
    Intel Core i5 Quadcore
    HP Pavilion Series

    Mouse: Logitech M235
    Headset: Beats By Dre
    Mousepad: Think Xtra Gamer Pro
    Desk: Some random table I found in my grandma's house.
    Chair: A Dinnertable chair
    Room: Mine and stop asking so many questions!
    Toilet Paper: HEY! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! :lmao:

    NCS Release - Anna Yvette AFK - Clouds

    Recording Software: Open Broadcast Software
    Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 14.0

    Thank you!
    I hope that you enjoy this video very much!
    I love you all!
    Peace out!
    Also, I will be trying to upload every other days. So you should expect a video on Friday; probably very late!
    Note: I have finished editing the next video already. Coming out Friday!

  2. Trainspotting Emerald


    Two requests: 1) please drop your FOV because quake pro looks really trippy, especially on mobile devices 2) in Sony Vegas you can uncheck maintain aspect ratio and it will get rid of the annoying black bar at the bottom.

    This isn't a request, more my opinion, but I suggest you go another class other than scout because it's pretty generic and not something people want to watch, especially if there are other more established channels doing somewhat the same thing.

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  3. SimplyFireliar Regular Member

    Thanks for the help! And I am not on quakepro... I am no 90 FOV...
    Also, you should upload. I love your videos. Maintain Aspect Ratio won't fix it as OBS does that. It should be fixed on the video for Sunday. Sadly, I already edited and finished the one for Friday and won't be able to fix that.

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