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Announcement Annihilation - Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Anni Team, Jan 23, 2022.

Announcement - Annihilation - Feedback Thread | Page 3
  1. Mareas Platinum

    increase the annihilation staff, nerf void classes, xp multipliers,
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  2. Siropoyo Platinum

    1.Add a "Season" and change the Meta for each season.
    ・Disable/enable some class every week. Change the class specification every season.
    ・Change the effects of Gapple and potions every season.
    ・Enable/disable voids per season.
    ・Change the queue system every season.
    ・Revive the old system every season.
    ・Apply/disable the idea of feedback threads per season.
    It's impossible to find an Update that all Anni players like.
    (Some Anni players like traps, some don't. Some like non-soloing, some like soloing.)
    Uniformity in game systems is not always a good thing.
    It is important to change the system frequently. Players can play with any system they like.
    (Please recruit Developer and Admin for debugging/development)
    ( basically just enable/disable the spec).

    2.Change the color of the team chat to white by default.
    Newbie players often don't see the team chat.
    Encourage newbies to cooperate in team chat.
    Also, emphasize the tips message to direct them to the clan recruitment thread.

    3.Add ranks above Annihilator. And add pets, particles, and kill effects.
    Currently, there is nothing for players who are Annihilator to aim for.
  3. shajunghoon Silver

    Random teams is never going to work. If someone wants to stack, they will just get on an alt and login again until they are on the proper team.
  4. Sens Platinum

    That's bannable already, I don't think that'd be a common practice if it does get implemented, which I seriously doubt it will anyway
  5. EarnestForge Regular Member

    Hey, my first comment posted on shotbow.net. Cool!

    1) I came up with an idea for a new class, which I read before is always risky to add, but thought it was worth mentioning. My idea was a class that can turn into animals with different benefits and disadvantages, but you need to get certain materials to turn into them, like the tinkerer putting their pressure plates on redstone blocks vs iron blocks. You do not benefit from wearing armor while an animal, and can't use weapons either, and each transformation lasts for a certain amount of time unique to each animal. My ideas for animals were Wolf, which is fast and can still attack and you need to use an iron ingot to become it, Polar bear(or something similar), which can attack hard but isn't fast and you need a diamond, and parrot, which can fly fast like the vampire bat but can't attack and you turn into with an emerald. As I type this I realize this will probably not be added exactly as I first imagined, as it would either be over-powered polar bears or just a wimpy class, but hopefully this suggestion will inspire something more viable.

    2) I also think shorter games of Anni would be convenient, or games with different numbers of teams, but if there were more or less bases that would require a rework of all the maps being used so they match the number of teams. Maybe that rework could be a community event like the minor location build contest happening for MineZ?

    3) I had one other thing to say, but someone already mentioned it, so I thought of another idea: what if the boss portal was the same distance from all bases, specifically being above/below the diamonds? Or just have two boss portals? I know that every map would need to be changed to make that happen, and I don't expect it to happen, but it was just a thought I had, like the class suggestion was just a thought.

    I love Annihilation!
  6. IsThatMe Regular Member

    Sorry I'm late for this discussion. Sorry for my bad english. Briefly about me:
    I started playing Annihilation 8-9 years ago and I know what some people miss about it.

    Annihilation is a niche game that has the basic features of League of Legends but brings more variety. This is mainly due to the different phases and the fact that 4 teams play against each other.

    I would like to list which points is/are a current/longer problem.

    1. many players have simply switched to other games (Fornite, League of Legends, ...) and the fewest can be brought back again.
    2. the version of the game (the Shotbow Team has influence on this)
    3. the number of different maps
    4. balance changes
    5. a direction is given, how you have to play Annihilation (Old Phase nerf => Only Late Game)
    6. casual gamer or competitive gamer or old school gamer?
    7. minecraft influencer marketing
    8. miscellaneous (gaps, base building = useless), hackers

    A few words about the first point:
    Can't do anything about it. Are lost customers/gamers

    A few words on the second point:
    Annihilation stands out for being niche product, which resembles League of legends. Accordingly, Annihilation is a MOBA. It is played on a game version that is not optimally designed for a PvP game mode. Why not just use a 1.8 PvP version? I once heard that it's because of the technical infrastructure, but that would attract a lot of PvP players.

    A few words about the third point:
    Different and new maps are good in themselves. But in my eyes there are just too many maps. A suggestion from my side would be to offer multiple annihilation lobbies based on the map tier list. If there are too few players, then you only offer Tier 1 maps. Personally, I don't feel like playing a map where there are only 30 players because no one likes that map. Players can vote which 3-4 maps are in tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 and tier 4. 12 maps is completely enough and based on the current number of active players, Tier 1 maps would be enough.
    My favorites as an old school player are: Coastal, Castle, Skyislands, Canyon.

    A few words on the fourth point:
    Scout... some love and some hate this class. This class is unique but would need a little rework respectively revert Scout just a little nerfed. Scout represents mobility on land and water. Let the scout grapple in water again. Nerfed him rather area Damage or Protection (max Sharp 3 Enchantments, No Fire Aspect, Max Prot 2). He can be squishy, because he is so mobile.

    Swapper vs "old Scorpio" vs "current Scorpio
    What were the considerations with a swapper, please?
    You swap positions but you can hit your opponent directly into the Void? Is that fair? My suggestion here would be that the swapper needs to be 7-10 blocks away from the edge to swap someone. This could also make this class useful again in competitive.

    The old Scorpio was also a bit nasty. You stood in the middle on your Sky base at Coastal and Diamond caught opponents with the star and let them kill with Fall Damage. It sucks but you definitely need more skill than with a swapper. Likewise, the Void Scorpio was a bit more challenging than a Swapper.
    The current Scorpio sucks.
    Bring back the old Scorpio.

    Where I started playing Annihilation again, I thought to myself: this class is really awesome for teamplay. Very good kit but should be able to transport less players, so you need more Riftmaker for teleporting.

    Transporter: Currently quite good in his position

    Difficult topic... Didn't exist at my time but changed the mid game completely in phase 3. The radius should be smaller for the buffs and affect less players. Also, a player should only be able to have one Bard buff because otherwise this gets abused.

    Cool kit. More cooldown or shorter range would do the kit good.

    I don't want to say much about the rest of the kits, because many need to be completely overbuffed or reworked. 80% of the remaining kits are useless in many ways.

    A few words about the fifth point:
    There are 5 phases in Annihilation. So there is an Early Game (Phase 1 + 2), Mid game (Phase 3 + 4, Late Game (Phase 5). It feels in the current meta like the developers want every game to go all the way to Phase 4 or Phase 5. Early game rushes have become useless. In the past, you could brew Strengh and Regeneration Potions in Phase 1 + 2. With this you could early rush the opposing teams who only focused on the middle. This was really good back then because teams had to build a base to stop the early pot rushers. Part of the team had to fight the middle and part of the team were early pot rushers. You had both early, mid and lategame.

    Since you can only brew potions in phase 4, there is no early game anymore. The whole team can focus on the middle and farm diamonds. Please go back to the way it was before.

    A few words about the sixth point:
    What is the goal? Do you want competitive gamers, casual gamers or the old school gamers again?

    For the casual gamers you would first have to explain Annihilation in a proper tutorial, how it works. (strategies etc.)

    For the competitive and old school gamers you need the option for an early, mid and late game. What exactly is the strategy of the team? Currently you do not have this. Also most gamers want a PvP version (block hitting, no shields, grappling in water).

    A few words about the seventh point:
    The marketing of Shotbow is unfortunately catastrophic. Here you would need great Minecrafte Influencers to explain the game to and they should promote the server for a payment. Without promotion no new players come. A lot needs to be done here!!!

    A few words about the eighth point:
    Because there is only Late Game, Gaps are completely overpowered. Here a limit should be set or it should be possible that an Early Game team punishes the other team for it.

    Base Building is almost completely useless with Ender Pearls or Acrobat + Riftmaker.
    Make Ender Pearls much more expensive because they are supposed to be very valuable.

    Nobody likes hackers. Better pay attention to it and ban much more actively. So also look at replays and don't just do nothing.

    These are just my personal impressions.

    Lg Phil
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  7. nekohakamisama Regular Member

    I am using translation

    Give the grapple a cool time with each armor.
    Leather: No cool time
    Iron: Cool time 5 seconds
    Diamond: Cool time 10 seconds

    Check if the trap is active
    Increase the number and speed of missiles

    Increase and improve traps

    Easy to rush
    Easy to stop the rush

    Prevent the match from prolonging

    I hope the game will become more popular
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  8. RambamRevolution Platinum

    How about Ender chests one in every base in every map?
  9. InfinityTouch Silver

    1. More moderation and fixing the "/chat mute" command. Right now, players are automatically unmuted after every game or when rejoining.
    2. Increasing the build height limit. This would greatly increase the creativity you can afford building in tke sky, and make Anni more vanilla.
    3. If possible, allow Redstone and water flooding. I would love to use both in the game.

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