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Announcement Annihilation - Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Anni Team, Jan 23, 2022.

Announcement - Annihilation - Feedback Thread | Page 2
  1. bozmak Obsidian

    1. Scorpio should be nerfed
    Using scorpio's hook to move enemies away from nexus is too powerful. especially, in maps where the space around the nexus is small (e.g. coastal) or the route to the nexus is a straight line (e.g. aftermath), scorpios can easily sabotage rushers. This may not affect them who rush with multiple players, but for solo rushers, this is a heavy obstacle (moreover gapple was recently nerfed).
    One countermeasure is to make it impossible to use the hook in there own permission area, but pulling enemies who are rushing or void them is one important strategy, and not being able to use the hook in base is inconvenient. So, I would suggest that once a player attacks nexus, they shouldn't be affected by scorpio's hook for a certain amount of time (10s?).

    2. Add kill effects & sounds
    Mini games on other servers (e.g. hypixel skywars) has a variety of kill effects and sounds. By following these examples, adding more kill effects and sounds to anni, players will probably be eager to unlock them.
    To unlock:
    - rank points
    - xp (500k xp or higher?)
    - donating (5$?)
    - anni stats (listed on the leaderboard?)
    - etc.

    3. Rotation of tier 3 maps
    The number of tier 3 maps on the rotation seems to be decreasing recently (perhaps I just overlooked that there was some kind update about rotation). Has the total number of tier 3 maps in the rotation been reduced? At least I have not seen District1.1, Cavern, AnniZ, etc. for a long time.
    An update few months ago reduced the number of tier 3 maps and increased the number of tier 2 maps per cycle. This means that there are less and less opportunities to play minor maps. Furthermore, the total number of tier 3 map is decreased. Thus, it is almost as if we don't have the chance to play on a variety of maps. If we can only play same maps all the time, new players may get bored quickly. In order to maintain and gain anni playerbase, tier 3 maps should be more active and more diverse.
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  2. ochimpacchi Regular Member

    too storong bowspam
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  3. WS_kaede0302 Regular Member

    1. Lower xp to require unlock class
    Now, we are hard to get xp.
    So if you have a low xp requirement, we can use many classes and match will more fun than now.

    2. Cancel soulbound and class items for Level 3 potions is maked from alchemist.
    Some potions, such as strength and reproduction, are difficult to use.
    If it can be used in another class, alchemist will be important and we can play speed match.

    3. Add a new class
    We want a revolutionary class.
    If you can, please a new class.

    I want many people to use Shotbow.
  4. saeaed Platinum

    First of all, I'm glad that the anni team started such a thread.
    Now to the topic at hand, I would like to suggest two improvements.

    1 : Eliminate the clan system during normal play.
    2 : Make the matches shorter.

    1 : Eliminate the clan system during normal play
    This is because clans have an unreasonable advantage.
    This is not limited to annihilation, but in any game, when you form a team, you have an advantage. This is because of the trust and communication that is established with fellow players.

    One suggestion for improvement is to randomize all teams. However, this would be criticized by people who are active in clans. Therefore, holding clan-only matches would be a good idea.

    2 : Make the matches shorter
    After p5 nexsus bleed, all teams need to be whittled down to 1 hp remaining. The system was designed to prevent another team's nexus from being bleed due to another team's influence, but this should be eliminated.
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  5. Yaxiie Regular Member

    Sorry for bad english)))))))))

    *First kill on map gives you more xp and extra-item(for example:2 dia/apple/some iron/maybe boss buff?/or others.)

    *For kill-streak gain players soulbounded pots of instantly-heal II in inventory? and with this feature you nerf gapple(idk how :D)

    *New class: %Independent%

    Unique feature: Than heavier armor he wears, than more (or longer) the slowness-effect around and on him. Its also take you some anti-knockback.
    ////// counter to scout.
    Active feature : immunity to all negative effects and abilitys for a few(~5) seconds(Cooldown around 13-20sec)
    Example: You wears full leather set and it gives speed 1(on you) and slowness 0(on around enemys)/// or withous armor speed 1-2 and with leather speed 0-1
    You wears full iron set and it gives slowness 1(on you) and slowness 1(on around enemys)
    You wears full dia set and it gives slowness 2(on you) and slowness 2(on around enemys)
    Start items: Full leather, wooden tools, ability-item

    *New class: %Screamer/alarmist%

    Unique feature: When it class hear loud noise gain speed 3 bonus and jumping 1-2 bonus. Also moves silently (and does everything silently).Аlso highlightes with particles of the sounds made by the players(wallhack :lmao:)
    //loud noises: your team nexus damaged(on all map), enemy nexus damaged(around enemy base),nexus destroyed(no matter where you are and whose nexus) thor-ability, anvil placed,engeneers TNT explosion(and engeneers dead) and when u take damage more than 5 hearts(correct this value) per one hit
    Active feature: destroy % of your armor durability//or full ur armor, or just removes ur armor to inventory// and sound loud noise, that stuns around enemys on 0.5 sec and blind on 1,5 sec
    Active feature2: fake-alert. On left mouse click it lauches invinsible(or low-visible) grenade. That grenade sounds how players fight/mine/eat and smthg(maybe bad ability)
    On right click its launch aoe-sound on players and they hear fast nexus-damage(as pick with eff3-4-5)
    Also in my mind: //need some damage spell instead of ability1 to screamer//

    *New class: %Necromancer%

    Unique feature: Can mark allies with undead-spell. After ally died, he revive after 2-3 sec with 4 hearts(without the possibility for healing) and in copy of him armor and last item in hand(sword/pick/smthg-else) Thats items soulbounded. Necromancer can improse up to 3 marks at the same timeAll kills made by the undead also give xp to the necromancerActive feature: raising from the dead(above)
    Passive feature: Necromancer can increase his resurrection abilities. For each kill of an enemy (with the help of the undead or on his own), he gains soul charges.
    3 soul charges: Undead(deadly players) revive with 6 heats. Necromancer +1 heart
    6 soul charges: Undead revive with 8 hearts. Necromancer +1 heart
    10 soul charges: Undead revive with full hearts. Necromancer +1 heart
    20-30 soul charges: Undead revive with full hearts and strength I buff(permamently).
    60 soul charges: Undead can restore health after kill enemy(0.5)
    After necromant dead, he lose 1/3(or 1/2) of all souls.
    Start items: full leather, stone sword(wooden tools),ability-item. Starts with 7 hearts

    Engeneer buff: arrows with mini-bombs. 1 arrow can destroy 1 block.(or somthg durable blocks with 2-3 arrows)
    Scorpio nerf/up: no void-scrp, but can use scrp to jump up verticaly(like before old nerf)
    swapper buff: for solo play add extra-item. he installs it and can swap with it or swap an enemy with it
    sniper buff: than more the arrow flew, than more damage(every 5-10 blocks +0.5 maybe?)
    succubus buff: highlights enemys, who almost in dead-zone(around 6hp) and highlitghs who in dead-zone(6hp and below)
    vampire buff: just remove 25% extra-dmg during day and some ppls can play on this class.
    Ninja buff: shurikens have anti-heal effect for 1 sec.
    Pyro buff: His fire becomes infernal. Water only increases the burning time! fire resistance potion immediately resets
    Archer buff: Do more damage per each arrow in enemy.
    Warrior buff: instantly use heal potion when recievis fatal-hit

    What u think about this?

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  6. Manosuke2525 Platinum

    1.bow damage reduction
    The damage with the bow is too strong. Therefore, it is becoming a battle only for bows. It is not the way players want to fight.
    So I want you to implement this(for example, set the upper limit of bow enchanting (power) to 3 etc.)

    2.Separate beginners and advanced players
    It`s true that beginners are killed without knowing anything and leave the game. So, I thought about dividing the games to be entered by rank.
    (Only Unranked~Novice 3 game is held in Sandbox etc...) Of course, have hack measures taken firmly. :lmao:

    3.Rank point boost function
    We have shotbow xp left over!!!! But there is no use now... Therefore, I want you to increase the efficiently of rank points for a certain period of time
    by consuming shotbow xp. By doing this, you can effectively utilize shotbow xp that was not used!

    These are my opnions.↑ I am sorry I cannot speak English well. I hope this server gets better! :)
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  7. SnowMix Platinum

    I want the version to be 1.7, 1.8, etc. so that we can play the old state.
    By doing so, I think that people who used to play in the past will come to play again and regain the bustle.
    There are more or less unreasonable old specifications, but I would like to play again the goodness unique to the old days.

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  8. mika43 Guest

    Hello, I thank the Anni Staff team for doing this. I will go straight with my suggestions:
    1. From what I've seen what keeps the community alive are Clan Wars, there's around 12 clans in Annihilation and each clan has 12 members or more, we're talking about 144 to almost 200 players who play Clan Wars. The main idea is to make a private 1v1 match without the need of a staff member. There is a party system in Shotbow and it has no use. The dev team could upgrade this to be able to duel another party and able to customize it, for example the amount of players, map, disabled classes and etc. edid I come up with this suggestion? Well it is very hard to get Staff to host CWs, the only person who host Clan Wars actively is Outra.

    2. Ranks- Ranks like Obsidian and Emerald don't have any benefits, it's the same as buying a Sub what makes you think people will buy ranks like Platinum, Emerald and Obsidian? I am Obsidian because i've been buying ranks and stuff for my friends since 2016. I definitely regret spending all this money on Shotbow, why? Well the answer is simple my 500$ rank has the same benefits as a 10$ rank. Buying Obsidian in 2022 is a waste of money.

    3.Classes- A lot of classes needs a rework and I am going to start with Vampire, nobody use Vampire because it's useless the passive healing is not enough to keep you alive, you can only use it for 10 minutes(night time) It has no use. Scout should've been nerfed differently BOWSPAM is incredibly strong right now because there's not way to counter it, the only way to counter BOWSPAM was using Scout but unfortunately Scout was nerfed. Acrobat has a 10 second CD, Dasher has 10-20 sec CD depends the range where you dashed, Assassin, nodoby use Assassin for PvP. Those are the classes that help to counter bowspam but it's not very efficient like Scout was. Farmer, the apple drop is completely random, I tested it myself, I got 3 apples in a row, it took me less than 1 minute to get them, (Coastal farm) then I tried it again in another game and it took me more than 10 minutes to get an apple from farmer. Farmer needs a rework in terms of apple drop rate. If pearls are going to get removed Swapper will need a longer cool down. Warrior is useless, I'd rather mine a little bit of iron and get a few iron sword and probably go thor, suc or whatever, Warrior's frenzy needs a change, it's kinda useless. Finally we need to see some new classes, the last time Shotbow added a new class was around 2017-2018. It's been more than 4 years. Add a new class which allows you to move faster in water and breath under water.

    4. The lack of communication between Admins and the Community - Lately we've seen people who are not happy at all with all these changes out of nowhere, why do I say "nowhere"? If you guys want to make updates that change the game the first thing you guys should is make a poll and ask the community what they think of x change or whatever. People made complaints about the latest update and we didn't receive an answer until 2 or 3 days ago. We need a middle man (a bridge between the admins and the community), we need someone to listen to us. Most of the admins are EU, we need people from SA, NA and JP. The amount of admins isn't enough, that's all I can say. Pick some real admins people who know PvP mechanics and etc.

    I will make a 2nd post later...
  9. 5GNR Regular Member

    1.-A tutorial please.
  10. iStackEverygame Platinum

    1.nerf void classes
    2.nerf void classes
    3.nerf void classes
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  11. NoiNoiSan Regular Member

    1) add training server
    It helps newcomers for experience all jobs and encourages to unlock new classes. General player can compass terrain and practice to use classes. (ex Scout grapple and Assasin to nexus)

    2) need hunter buff
    I believe abilities of each class in Annihilation has one of 5 features below.
    Gives superiority in 1vs1, Have good mobility, Essential for collecting or making items, Support other teammates, Defend nexus from enemies apart from Diafull rush

    Concept of hunter is maybe "Gives superiority in 1vs1", "Support other teammates" or "Defend nexus", but it doesnt carry out its job. I suggest some buff ideas.
    a. Make a trap by clicking a block with snare
    Trap snare works like Witherd rod. It helps 1vs1 fight
    b. Make traps affect stronger
    c. More traps can be placed
    d. Trap can't be removed with 1 active
    e. Trap can't be removed when Player

    3) Get back transformation to bat to vampire
    This is my selfish request :lmao:
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  12. Murdey Platinum

    I just wanna say I use assassin for PvP and I enjoy it. Leap is a very strong engage/disengage/chase tool, especially chase, it's a counter to people running away and the utility of the leap for repositioning can't be understated.

    Just my two cents. I also very much agree about obsidian perks.
  13. Jarool Mini Admin

    I don't have ideas myself, but I'd like to build upon previous suggestions:
    1. There are several people suggesting a removal of Scorpio Voiding. I would say that, to do this, there should be a check for the player who was scorpio'd to see if they are over the void 0.5-1 second after tp'd and sending them immediately back to their previous location before the scorpio. People who walk off the map after that timer, well, sucks to be them.
    2. I saw a suggestion to ALWAYS randomise teams. This could be useful, but I'd argue it would be better to obfuscate player names in the tablist and above player heads. Of course, this doesn't remove clans from joining one team, but of course, this is a feedback thread.
    3. Obviously class reworks, removals, and additions are floated about. It's not easy to balance every class, but one thought is that, you have to question the point of a class that only deals additional damage when you can just use a class that can run away from a lost fight. Of course, Scout has the most "nerfed" version of "running away from a lost fight", but the ability to run from a fight is always the best skill you can have. If you can effectively run from a fight, you can never truly lose a fight. The idea is that there always needs to be options to counter someone who is capable of running away, but not to make them so strong as to make mobility pointless.
    Really, I don't know what you would do, just take what other people have said and move on with your day. I just needed a 3rd.
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  14. Holstein21 Regular Member

    I propose "Cosmetics Loot Box".
    Please read this. Sorry for my bad translations.



  15. IEvadeTax Gold

    Great suggestions!
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  16. Savkid Regular Member

    What was the last time you played anni? 2014? LOL
  17. yadokari_1130 Regular Member

    1. Expansion of "Support Methods" and "Rewards for Support"
    I believe that there are two main things that can be done in Annihilation today: "Attack" and "Defense". However, these two are very difficult for beginners. Attacks include fighting and attacking the Nexus, but all of them require a lot of control techniques, and until you learn them, you will probably be beaten by advanced players. Defense does not require as much control techniques as attack, but it does require knowledge of what methods are effective.
    In other words, I feel that the actions that beginners can take in the current Annihilation are limited. Therefore, I think that if we can enhance the "Support Methods" that beginners can do, and the "Rewards" for doing so, even beginners can enjoy the game, which will lead to attracting new players. For example, I'm thinking of a system that allows players to earn XP by donating materials such as iron and gold. Of course, Annihilation is a PvP game, and the main focus should be on attack and defense, not on support. However, I believe that only attacking and defending makes it difficult for beginners to enjoy the game. In addition, I believe that support will create a sense of unity with the attacking and defending players, which will enhance the great appeal of the game as a large-player team game.

    2. Addition of "Communication Methods"
    As mentioned above, I believe that the major appeal of Annihilation is that it is a large-player team game. However, despite being a team game, I feel that Annihilation currently lacks a way to communicate. During the game, players are often on alert for enemies, and their reactions are often delayed by chat alone. In addition, Annihilation has many players from different linguistic backgrounds, and there are probably many players who can only speak their native language.
    Therefore, I believe that a more convenient way of communication should be added. I think this would make Annihilation a more enjoyable team game and make it easier for beginners to play. However, I haven't come up with a concrete way to do this yet. I've come up with two ways to do it, but both of them have their problems and I don't think they are good ways to do it.
    The first method is to generate a Discord voice channel for that team only. You can link your Minecraft account to your Discord account, and automatically manage permissions (via Bot, etc.) so that you can only enter the voice channel of a specific team for a specific match. This would allow for more real-time communication. I think this is technically possible. The problem with this, however, is that it is not possible to understand other languages. Also, unlike text chat, it is difficult to monitor and limit rants and spam.
    The second method is to allow users to specify the language they want to use, and to receive automatic translation of chats in other languages. This would solve the problem of not being able to understand other languages. I think this is also technically possible. However, there is also a problem: text chat does not allow for real-time communication.

    3. Implementation a tutorial
    Since the 2021 plan also included the implementation of tutorials, I will list them here, even though they may be currently under development. There are two advantages to implementing a tutorial.
    The first is that it allows beginners to acquire control techniques and knowledge before the actual game. As mentioned above, to some extent, Annihilation requires basic control techniques and knowledge to enjoy it. I believe that some players may not be able to play well without these techniques, and may quit before they acquire them. Therefore, I believe that beginners will be able to enjoy Annihilation more by using the tutorials to learn the minimum control techniques and knowledge, rather than only the actual game.
    The second is that it can prevent cheaters. I believe that cheaters are one of the main reasons why the game breaks down and becomes boring. Therefore, if Annihilation can only be played by players who have completed a specific tutorial, it will prevent cheaters from using so-called Alt accounts. This is based on the opinion of kegaregoto (https://twitter.com/jJEPJPMTDgdpgb).
  18. Soriloquy Platinum

    Double xp nowMake it possible to buy members in the lobbyActivate the sandbox moreI think this alone will improve
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  19. stla_Moco Gold

    Since most of the others have already given their opinions, I will only give one opinion.
    Please add a "leaderboard" that is updated monthly.
    The current "leaderboards" are cumulative, making it difficult for newbies to get into the "leaderboards". Therefore, having a leaderboard that resets every month will motivate new players to play "Annihilation".
  20. M4NUEL Platinum

    Leaderboards on annihilation lobby , with pricepool for the top players.
    Make private sandbox games happen , without having to get a staff online to host it.

    Give something unique to veteran players , like a insignia or something.
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