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Question Annihilation - Community Poll #2

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Anni Team, Feb 18, 2022.

Question - Annihilation - Community Poll #2

Should ender pearls be removed?

Poll closed Mar 7, 2022.
Yes. 31 vote(s) 34.1%
No. 60 vote(s) 65.9%
  1. Anni Team Administrator

    Annihilation - Community Poll #2

    Hello and welcome!

    First of all, we would like to thank everybody who voted in the first poll and who posted additional feedback in the comments.

    Quite a few of you expressed that it was difficult to vote on the fate of Ender Pearls without knowing if Swapper was going to be changed too and we completely understand.

    In our next update, we will be changing Swapper so that it cannot swap invisible enemies who aren't wearing armour. This change will bring Swapper in line with classes like Immobilizer and Mercenary who have the same limitation.

    With this new information in mind, we would like you to vote again!

    If you are unable to vote, log out and check the box next to "STAY LOGGED IN" before logging back in again:



    Versión en Español:

    Hola y bienvenidos!

    Antes que todo, nos gustaría agradecer a todos los que votaron en la primera encuesta y a todos los que dejaron sus comentarios adicionales.

    Muchos de ustedes expresaron que era difícil votar sobre el destino de las Ender Pearls sin saber si Swapper también cambiaría, y lo entendemos completamente.

    En nuestra próxima actualización, cambiaremos Swapper para que no pueda intercambiar enemigos invisibles que no lleven armadura. Este cambio pondrá a Swapper en línea con clases como Immobilizer y Mercenary que tienen la misma limitación.

    Con esta nueva información en mente, nos gustaría que volvieras a votar!

    Si no puedes votar, cierra la sesión y marca la casilla junto a "STAY LOGGED IN" antes de volver a iniciar sesión.
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  2. AsahinaMafuyu Regular Member

  3. Tobi472 Platinum

    Remove swapping and scorping next to void
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  4. Nasar Obsidian

    Pearls shouldn't be removed unless Swapper gets nerfed , if pearls gets removed then Swapping to the void will become the meta and that will definitely kill Anni. Don't remove pearls as long as void swap is a thing.
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  5. Tobi472 Platinum

    did u read the post above?
  6. soto Platinum

    How about you implement a feature where swapping / scorping 10 blocks or less from the void border simply gives you an error or a chatmessage saying you're too close to the void.
    1 - Only extreme void swap traps will be possible and i do support those cause it actually takes time to craft or come up with one.
    2 - I'm pretty sure scp tp's u to the place where u threw the hook but i've seen occasion where it still didn't perfectly work, with this, the 10 block limitation would at least save potential targets.

    problem solved.
  7. suimintarazu Platinum

    I think that there is reason to oppose the removal of ender pearl.
    Players might believe that ender pearl is necessary to be against void swap or void scp when rushing.
    This is not reflected on the purpose of this poll, as the invisibility is always lifted after attacking Nexus in Andrra, etc. However, void swap or void scp are there.
    Therefore, I guess that the above points need to be taken into consideration when removing Enderpearl at least.
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  8. Hingey Platinum

    Remove ender pearls and replace it with a class that has an item that works similarly. Just a thought.
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  9. AsahinaMafuyu Regular Member

    それとさvoid swapをできないようにしろとか言うけどさあれにかかるお前が悪いんだよ 回避の方法はいっぱいあるよ 事前に情報を仕入れず相手がどんな防衛をしているのかわからないままラッシュするお前に問題があるんだよ
  10. Halex00 Platinum

    I think the best compromise is to leave ender pearls in the game, however, make it so that if a pearl gets thrown inside the nexus protection it gets deleted to prevent attackers from using them to entirely circumvent a defense wall. Likewise, make it so ender pearls can not be thrown when you are inside the nexus protection to prevent an easy escape; breaching an enemy's nexus should be high risk, high reward. (For those reading, the void around the nexus is not in nexus protection so using a pearl to recover from being voided would still be possible).
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