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Question Annihilation - Community Poll #1

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Anni Team, Feb 13, 2022.

Question - Annihilation - Community Poll #1 | Page 2

Please select 1 option from each group (3 votes in total)!

Poll closed Feb 18, 2022.
Void scorping should be removed. 85 vote(s) 53.1%
Void scorping should NOT be removed. 71 vote(s) 44.4%
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 vote(s) 4.4%
Ender pearls should be removed. 29 vote(s) 18.1%
Ender pearls should NOT be removed. 129 vote(s) 80.6%
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 vote(s) 3.8%
Nexus bleed should be replaced with the original double nexus damage in Phase 5. 94 vote(s) 58.8%
Nexus bleed should NOT be replaced with the original double nexus damage in Phase 5. 66 vote(s) 41.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. buurt Emerald

    The thing is, I like the idea of bringing back x2 nexus damage, but when it comes to clanwars im just not a fan of it.
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  2. shajunghoon Silver

    Original double nexus damage is such a bad idea, teams won't rush in p4 anymore. Why rush when u can wait a couple more min and get double the damage off. This means that in clan wars you only have to do 38 hits to finish a nexus which is very easy compared to 75. Also nexus bleed was added to stop games from lasting 2.5 hours where teams just defend and no one is gearing to actually finish the game. The game ends when enough people on 1 team go afk/leave
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  3. Hingey Platinum

    Void scorp-
    As something that has almost always existed in the game I have never found it to be a problem. Its fairly easy to avoid and is a good way to punish a geared player for getting too greedy. Or punishing a team who didn't build a defense around their enderfurnace/base.The only really unbalanced part is getting voided while you are changing classes which again could have been avoided if you built a defense. If there is a change though a like Columbians idea of respawning back at your base.

    Ender pearls-
    I don't think ender pearls are that big of an issue. After all of the swapper nerfs in recent years it probably doesn't need to be in Anni anymore. It just gives sweats another way of getting out of a well crafted trap to finally kill them.

    Nexus Bleed-
    I remember when this didn't exist and teams would play way too passive and drag games out for hours. I think that mental pressure of the bleed has generally warn off on the new crowd but nexus bleed adds an extra element of strategy to the game that we wouldn't have with a 2x damage.
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  4. STEVE1010101 Regular Member

    I like 2x damage and bleed at same phase
    here s my suggestion

    Give bleed time pool
    Like when time pool have 300 seconds that mean
    If no1 attack nexu In 300 seconds
    nexu start bleed every 30 seocnds
    and when a team nexu get attack add 30 seconds for time pool
    when a team get eliminated time pool reset to 300 seconds
  5. Cupu Platinum

    I REALLY don't think nexus bleed should be removed. Games become a 2+ hour grind fest already sometimes, I would rather that not be the norm. It's also obvious that the majority of the player base was not here when that was part of the game, games were super long and could take upwards of 3 hours. It came down to who had the most free time to play would win the game.

    The vote is going to lopsided on the forums for damage over bleed, since most people who participate in clan wars and other events are on the forums at least a little. But for regular games, this would be terrible.


    It should be stated that I'm only comparing it player wise to a couple years ago. Granted, there was much more to do on the server. Off times of the day used to have 3-4 games going of 80-100 people.

    I think Nexus Bleed and double damage phase 5 would really speed up pace of play, encouraging people to be productive and give them some sort of time limit.

    Another idea is maybe after 20 mins of phase 5 bleed, you add a 6th phase where it's double nexus damage but remove the bleed. That way, if a team is still hanging on, they do in fact have a shot.

    Please, for the sake of everyone's time, do not remove bleed.

    I have no issues with void scorping or ender pearls. Ender Pearls are already pretty expensive, and I only see people them every once in a while. Void Scorping lets teams without armor get back into the fight somewhat, forcing them to waste/reacquire gear. It is also very satisfying watching someone leave afterwards, like yes that was me who just ruined your day :)

    Some Class changes I would make:

    -Game Wide
    +I don't think you should be able to hold down your mouse button and get a free void kill, I think you should have to repeatedly click, especially with classes such as swapper/immo/merc
    +I like the free classes each week, and the opportunity to play new ones from time to time, but I'd like to be able to try out new classes all the time, instead of getting miner and warrior as the free classes for the week. Kind of a nitpick, but I think it'd encourage players to try new ways to play and increase play time naturally.

    -Immobilizer is weird. I'll see it work as intended and work well one game, then watch as it gives the attacker the last boost they need to win the next game. If you're going to give them absorption or or other protection buffs, at least let them immo invisible players, since they need another player to act on their immo in the first place. Being 2v1'edas an immo I'm pretty sure is still really the only counter, or just being able to over power them after the immo.

    -Robinhood is cool, but dying once means you have to get all your arrows again. I'd give Robinhood an archer book that doesn't give as many arrows as archer, but enough to where I don't have to mine gravel for 5 mins to die by a scout in 2 seconds.

    EDIT: Robinhood is kinda OP in the beginning of the game I've realized, especially since 95% of players are leather. Idk how to really balance the class, since giving them an archer book might make the the best beginning of the game attack/rush class. I personally would switch the Power 2 for getting Punch 1 first, just because I think 2 kills is just too low for Power 2.

    -Transporter also needs a combat timer, since I don't think the purpose of the class was to be an escape route more so than a fast travel to a destination.

    -Defender's alarm should be louder, you should be able to hear from anywhere in your main base area, if not at least to the ender furnace.

    -Healer. I can't lie lol, that weakness is awful and basically makes you a free kill in combat. I understand that it wasn't designed to be a tank and a free healing rift, but by taking away one of the main ways of getting xp from a player, you objectively make them not want to play the class. I would say take away the weakness, but remove the AoE ability and just have the right click ability. That would still give players the opportunity to heal, as well as having to be strategic about who they heal.

    -Scorpio is alright, but I think it could be a top tier class again with a reintroduction of fall damage with the hook. I don't think that people should be able to just rain them down from a skybase, but I do think that a range of 15 blocks or so would be fair for fall damage, and force players to think about feather falling enchants when playing.

    I have not played like half the classes, so I can't really give an opinion on most of them. But those are def some Q.O.L. changes I'd make

    I'm also blissfully unaware of the complexity of coding any of these, so I'd understand if these just aren't possible or would be too time consuming to pursue.
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  6. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Honestly this. Let the players vote for more things on a per game basis like nexus health, class bans and so on, you could also build this feature into premium users as a perk. Personally I'd put double nexus damage in only phase 3 to encourage early rushes and early defense. Then a successful rush in P3 could secure you the victory over a more geared team that over committed to diamond farming. Give players the means to tweak the rules and you'll find it will get leagues more engaging.
  7. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Free classes for the week can be the unlockable classes via ranking? That sounds really dumb. This should be fixed.
  8. Cupu Platinum

    Pretty much every week at least 1 of my free classes are one of the unlockable ones. The other ones are usually ones I've purchased as well. Every couple of weeks I'll get a class I don't have, which I think is too long if you're trying to encourage new play styles.
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  9. RambamRevolution Platinum

    How About Ender Chests? one in each base in every map

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