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Suggestion Annihilation Class Updates

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Av0VL, Mar 20, 2021.

Suggestion - Annihilation Class Updates
  1. AmberMittens Platinum

    I noticed that many classes have become under-used or outshined by other "similar" or better classes. For example, Acrobats niche of taking no fall damage is awesome, but due to the high cooldown for double-jumping, the mobility and fun of the class is impaired, whilst Scouts' can run around and fling themselves up for a measly 2.5 second cooldown.

    I have added my suggestions below on a a few classes which I think are underperforming and could use some love from the Annihilation Developers.

    Decrease double jump cooldown from 10 seconds -----> 6 seconds.

    Re-add the active item berserker had that negated knockback for a few seconds.

    Defender is an extremely underwhelming and poorly designed class in my honest opinion. Defender should be a viable class to pick throughout every phase, that does not rely on an "un-defended & damaged nexus" to be more bulky to actually get picked as a class. This is just counterintuitive.

    Proposed changes:

    (Ability to gain hearts the lower the nexus health is removed).

    Defender gains a new bonus each Phase, allowing Defender to get progressively stronger the longer the game lasts.

    Phase 1 - Defender spawns with the usual gear and permanent Regeneration I whilst near the nexus.

    Phase 2 - Defender gains 1 heart.

    Phase 3 - Defender gains 2 hearts.

    Phase 4 - Defender gains 2 hearts.

    Phase 5 - Defender gains permanent Resistance I. Whilst in combat, the Defender gains Regeneration II for 3 seconds (refreshes in combat).

    - Username is invisible to enemies when out of combat.
    - Footsteps are silenced.
    - Ability to go invisible for 5 seconds when the smoke-bomb is used on themselves.

    (Remove cobweb ability)
    - Has a 33% chance to inflict poison for 2 seconds (same as bloodmage, but fits the Spider class better)
    - Spider Eye item that inflicts nearby enemies in 5x5 blocks with poison damage for 1 and a half hearts.

    Vampire does not feel like it fulfills the fantasy of being a strong class during the night.

    - Vampire regains Resistance I during the night, with a 20% chance to steal half a heart from enemies.
    - Vampire keeps blood-sense, but instead all marked enemies receive 12% extra damage from the Vampire.
    - During the day, Vampire losses the life steal, resistance, and the ability to use blood-sense (becoming a normal Civilian class player during the day).
    - No de-buffs (like weakness or extra damage received) are not needed as this will incite people to just change class during the day). This allows players to keep using the Vampire class during the day if they want.

    Please leave constructive and substantive feedback in the comments. (i.e. I don't like this because x, y and z reasons; or I think this stat should be lowered/increased/removed/added because x, y, and z reasons).

  2. JonnyDvE Jr. Developer

    Everything I say here is my opinion and I’m happy to discuss about it.

    I think you wen a little overboard with the changes for Vampire and Defender.
    Resistance 1 negates 20% of incoming damage, and you gain half a heart for every 3 hits and you deal 12% more damage.
    I didn’t do all the math but that’s like a 40% advantage and would cause everyone to play the class.
    Regen 3 plus resistance is a gapple without cost. Not gonna happen.
    A slight cooldown decrease for Acro would be nice
    Spider is in a Good Place right now (being used in mid all the time)
    Ninjas footsteps being silent sounds nice, I wouldnt like to remove the name though as it’s a vital part of Minecraft. Maybe few seconds of invis like assassin or spy on left clicking the smokebomb might be a possibillity
  3. AmberMittens Platinum


    I changed the % life steal from 33% ———> 20% (I never said the numbers were final, this is just a draft of what abilities I think each class should have, numbers can be changed as needed)

    Vampire may seem strong, but some adjustments to the life steal percentage and blood sense damage percent could be changed as needed. Vampire is supposed to be a strong class at night, so the resistance should be brought back. Vampire needs to be a strong and viable class at night, while being powerless during the day.

    Defender is supposed to be strong during phase 5. This allows the class to be able to stall diamond rushers with strength II + god apples. Regeneration II (never said III) whilst in combat is supposed to give defender some survivability and extra durability to fight off the rushers. Of course the defender would lose without a god apple, but it’s role is to stall the attackers with those buffs (resistance included) to receive aid from teammates.

    Again, I don’t see the issues you’re pointing out for Defender (with vampire, the numbers could just be lowered as needed, this is a suggestion as I said), as defender only receives these buffs whilst defending.

    Lastly, Spider is not in a good spot. It is one, if not the worst designed class and least used one in the whole game. Climbing walls and throwing cobwebs adds nothing of value as a class, and does not benefit you and your teams whatsoever.
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  4. ILoveTinkerer Silver

    From what you tell some classes are you just balanced enough related to others, but you also can't compare classes, for example, it's not the same thing to fight with a Scout vs Archer that Scout vs Miner. They are just too different to compare them, all of them are good depending on the strategy you use.
  5. AmberMittens Platinum

    Sure, but you can compare them to others that have similar roles. Both Scout and Acrobat are mobility classes. One gets chosen all the time, whilst the other is neglected.

    And why are you comparing different class types like Archer (long-range combat) and Miner (resource-gathering) with Scout? That’s just a bad analogy. My suggestions in the post are to improve neglected classes (Vampire, Defender, Spider) that don’t get used at all, or rarely, whilst buffing some uncommon/common classes like Acrobat and Berserker to make them more viable to play.

    Saying all classes are good depending on how you use them is extremely narrow-minded when there are some that are too weak to perform their role (majority of classes are good, but there are a few that need small or major changes). Especially with defender, spider and vampire which are in a bad state. Classes like mercenary and immobilizer being better at defending, and bloodmage, warrior, and pyro being better brawling classes than vampire at night (no incentive to even use vampire at night, which is the point of the class).
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  6. daveyo10 Regular Member

    I definitely don't think these are the classes that are the most underused, but I agree that some more class reworks would be good.
  7. PixelatedCalvin Silver

    I think that vampire changes are too strong. Life steal and +12% damage to AOE marked enemies is like giving the class free regen 1 and str 1 at night. On top of that the class is getting resistance too?

    This class is gonna be like old succubus that can rush and just sustain for really long without needing much preparation for gaps and pots. Between the +12% damage and resistance, I think that one of them should be removed. If resistance is kept, it should be tied to the blood-sense ability. If players want longer resistance buff then they still have to make gaps.
  8. PixelatedCalvin Silver

    I agree with defender changes, though! That class feels underwhelming especially early game when the nexus HP is high and you don't get extra HP. It is not good that merc is a better than defender early to mid game.

    I have an interesting suggestion. I'm thinking that defender should not be too tanky so that strategies like tp and assassin rush are still viable later in the game.What if instead of resistance and regen II at phase 5, defender gives AOE mining fatigue for 2-3 seconds when he dies? It will stall enemies for a little bit so that your team will lose less HP before they can run down to the nexus.
  9. Tobi472 Platinum

    Defender is a good class. Giving the class resistance 1 is way over the top! Even leather geared defender will be tanky!

    For Berserker I see no reason to not add the old or even another active ability.

    The name tag vanishing is a not needed feature imo.

    Spider is not meant to deal damage. Its a support class!

    Vampire is actually very strong rn but just not played that much.

    I think Arcobat could need a slightly lower cooldown but I would think 8 seconds would be more fitting.
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  10. columbians Emerald

  11. Ivandagiant Silver

    Really the only thing I could possible agree with here is the acrobat change. Might be overkill though.

    Acrobat: Has the least potential out of the mobility classes (Scout/Dasher), but it is also the easiest to use. A slight buff to cooldown would be nice I guess, but only slight.

    Berseker: I actually really liked that ability, but I think they had to remove it due to the anti-cheat/people thinking that berserkers were hacking.

    Defender: Your suggestions are absurdly OP. Permanent resistance, extra hearts AND regen II when hit??? That is insane. Defender is already the best class for defending against sky bridges, and it is also very powerful if you have a proper wall set up. You can go and fend off rushers outside the wall, and then when you are about to die you simply teleport back to the nexus and heal up and fight from there. I have been able to stall games for so long using this tactic.

    I will agree that I don't like how defender only really gets strong once the nexus is near dead, but honestly maybe it's a good thing. It makes things more intense, and gives people more of a chance to actually score some hits on the nexus near the start of the game. It's just more fun this way.

    Ninja: I like your suggestions, but maybe they are better suited for spy. I think ninja would become an extremely strong ambush class with all these changes.

    Spider: dude what. You literally turned spider into a shitty bloodmage. The passive poison and ability poison wouldn't even stack. It's just a bad concept.

    Vampire: Never liked the concept of vampire before, so idc what they do to it. I would rather it not be in the game at all. The whole "oh this class is strong at night" is such a lame idea to me. It would be cool if it interacted with light, that way there is SOME strategy to it but I don't think there is. The bat ability was really unique, I wish they would bring it back but tone it down to only be used for short bursts of movement
  12. donnerblitz_1 Artist

    I would rather give Defender the ability whilst being close to nexus to use an Ability that he gets no knockback, although mentioned already it might just be not a good ability for reasons

    While thinking about abilitys one always has to keep in mind what 5-10 people can do with it, leaving mining fatigue 2-3 when dying? you can just stack it with other abilitys and potentionally even the defenderability itself, defending should be 70% helping out with different classes to hinder the enemy and 30% just brute force, where the attacking side can show their skills/teamwork whatever.

    Definitely not every aspect of defending because it cant tick off every scenario, just my bit

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