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Discussion Annihilation Class Teirlist

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Mysterious_Seven, May 22, 2019.

Discussion - Annihilation Class Teirlist
  1. Mysterious_Seven Platinum


  2. SaltyPasta472 Platinum


    I didnt use any special ranking system. This is just how I look at it from my point of view.

    We have Tier S which is a must have to win games the easiest way.
    Tier A+ supports the most broken solo/ mobility classes
    Tier A are the best teamwork classes, which in combination can kill any player.
    Tier B contains overall good classes with more or less really strong use.
    Tier C are classes which mostly get outclassed by other combat classes in the tiers above.
    Tier D comprises some fun classes which are not that powerful than others.
    Tier E are the ones which dont grant any real use/ benefit to the player.
  3. connor564 Platinum

  4. targetaquired Platinum

    Healer and thor I hope are on s tier as a joke right

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  5. targetaquired Platinum

    There horrible but tp is honestly s rank

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  6. targetaquired Platinum

    Builder would be funnier in the D class since it’s one of the better classes in anni so it doesn’t make sense in the joke tier list to put it at s rank.

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  7. Champion_Guiga Gold

    I put my previous tier-list into a template here

    The important part aren't the classes themselves, although my guess is that not a whole lot has changed since it was created. The important part is the template itself. Having nine tiers allows you to go deeper, and the letters have a specific meaning for the classes that make up the tiers.

    My original definition for each of the tiers went like this:
    • SS: Kits with the innate ability to be placed into any role, with any team, and end the game alone. Only a handful of classes have ever reached SS.
    • S+: Quintessential top-tier picks. These classes dictate meta stylings and forces players to adapt in order to offset the high amounts of perks given to these kits.
    • S: Above the point of balance. These classes provide high pressure and influence game planning and should comprise the bulk of teams looking to stay competitive.
    • A+: Slightly above the point of balance. Provides alternative playstyles to classes in the S Tier with noticeable drawbacks. Generally is self-sufficient and doesn’t need any classes built around them to work.
    • A: The focal point of balance. New players should flock to this tier, given that there should be no changes to the balance or playstyle of the kit. Works well in a variety of roles, and has the potential to be powerful under the grip of experienced players.
    • B+: Relatively weaker than the balanced kits, and requires careful planning to function on a team. Higher amounts of proper planning or strategy may be needed to fit these kits onto a team well.
    • B: Below average kits that don’t really change the gameplay of a match all that much. Situational and more unreliable given the current meta, given there are generally better picks.
    • C: Weak overall. Teams of players would have to build around these classes for them to correctly work. Generally requires a player to be a master of using the kit to correctly work.
    • D: Not at all viable in any situation and overshadowed by all classes. Few classes have ever fallen to D Tier.
    Usually the middle seven tiers are the only ones in play, but SS and D are always there to describe ones that are unbelievably broken or unbelievably useless. The idea is that if a class scores an A or A+, then they are in a great spot. Anything below can be improved on, and anything above is over-performing. We want classes ideally to be average or slightly above average. Saving letters C and D for the bottom gives the connotation of all other classes being worthwhile in some sort of way, just in less situations than others, which is absolutely true.

    Having seven middle tiers gives us a way to differentiate between how urgently there needs to be a shift. If a class is outside the range of the middle seven, then they need a change immediately (exception being Civilian). If they are outside the middle five, then they need to be changed in the next update. If they are outside the middle three, they could use a tweak.

    Hopefully this makes it easier for people to get their opinions out there. This was just my formula for ranking the classes that I used for all the tier lists I made when I played. Time to go back to hibernation for me. :zsleeping:
  8. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    I seem to have overwritten my original teirlist with the power curve one. [Fixed]
    The main point of this is to make teirlist creation easily accessible to as many people as possible.
  9. SaltyPasta472 Platinum

    But guiga than we have a class in SS Tier right now...
    Its alc not making you drunk but regen 3
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  10. Ungenes Platinum

  11. ralphypuppy Regular Member

    Personally I rank:

    Miner somewhere in A tier as it can get an entire team Iron by the end of Phase 1 + can get a crapton of exp

    Archer somewhere in B-C tier as the infinite arrows are SUPER useful

    Builder should be in A-B tier as infinite blocks are awesome if building walls/bridges

    Warrior should be C tier as it makes literally no sense and is hard to use (might be pretty useful if you’re a pvp god)

    Robin Hood in D-F tier as there are no infinite arrows and it takes forever to level up the bow
  12. SaltyPasta472 Platinum

    why is arcobat so highly overrated? I think its only good on some maps and on others is gets simply outclassed by dasher or scout.

    So next step would be making map tier lists?
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  13. jinl3e Platinum

    Acrobat gives you increase stamina AND an addition of no fall damage. No fall dmg is super op in anni and there is some of it on all maps. Acrobat also gets a free jump every 10 seconds. Compare that to assassin who has a 40 second cooldown to get a jump and no fall dmg. This makes it seem assassin belongs lower on the list but what makes it good is the invisibility. [IMG][IMG][IMG]My list:

    S+: Enchanter, Scout
    S: Pyro, Acrobat, Alchemist, Immobilizer
    A+: Thor, Transporter, Dasher, Spy, Berserker, Farmer
    A: Archer, Riftwalker, Assassin, Vampire, Mercenary, Miner, Succubus, Handyman
    B+: Iceman, Healer, Scorpio, Bloodmage, builder, Defender
    B: Warrior, Swapper, Wizard, Tinkerer, Bard, Sniper, Ninja
    C: Robinhood, Engineer, Lumberjack, Spider
    D: Civilian, Hunter
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  14. SaltyPasta472 Platinum

    Sry but the stamina thing got removed. Taking no fall damage on maps like coastal is just not worth it. Where do u fall more than 8 blocks and fail ur water bucket?
    Every 10 seconds a doubblejump. Nice I would rather use a dash every 10 seconds which is way more powerful or use my grapple 5 times before ur second doubblejump.

    I am sorry but arcobat is not top tier on most maps!
    We can argue A tier on maps like canyon or skylands but not overall.

    ps alchemist ss tier
  15. jinl3e Platinum

    Near phase 1-3 Acrobat isn't really played because by then people are getting iron and enchanting items with miner and enchanter. When people get their diamonds and pots they obviously wouldn't go a support kit or dumbass kits like hunter. Most of the time it's Acrobat or scout. Why? Because they are the two most mobile classes in the game. Usually I pick Acrobat over scout because you lose the speed from scout, which is a -1. The speed on scout is just 10% of the mobility scout has. The 90% is from it's grapple but since it's late in the game it probably is taken away by builds, water, fire, walls, terrain based on the map, etc so scout just overall feels bad to rush with. Acrobat on the other hand has the jumps every 10 seconds either to escape, run away, chase, etc. and it can't be taken away. You don't understand how much no fall dmg is super good in anni. Every map has it. I'll name it too since i have nothing else to do
    Coastal: Trees, Towers, Nexus, structures
    Canyon: Canyons, Structures, landform
    Andorra: Lots of trees, structures, towers and you can even do hit and run nexus. Hit the nexus run off without being dmged and jump
    Hamlet: Trees, buildings, jumping over rivers
    Cherokee: I find acrobat especially useful on this map since there are lots of high points to low which can make a great escape. Like if someone is invading your middle base you can just jump off. There are buildings, canyons, structures
    Kingdom: High structures you can jump off of, towers, nexus, base
    I can go on but I won't.

    TLDR acrobat is another mobilie class than scout and is a solid A+ to S and maybe even an S+ in some maps
  16. SaltyPasta472 Platinum

    Thank you for completly ignoring dasher. Not like I mentioned it before. I just dont see a reason, as long you dont rush on andorra etc, to pick acrobat over dasher or scout.

    Again both have 10 second cooldown. One is a doubblejump maybe 6 blocks, other is a instant 20 blocks dash.
    I mean what are we talking about. And we did not even speak of alchemist and noone rushes as acrobat on coastal! Its jist not good
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  17. drewko09 Mini Builder

    Enchanter best class
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  18. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Dark spirit Alchemist1337 has invaded!
  19. jinl3e Platinum

    oops srry for long response. Dasher just doesn't have the same vibes as acrobat and they are two different gameplays. Yes dasher can dash every 5 seconds but they can't dash while in combat but acrobat can. It's just really unreliable to shift and click when you are trying to escape too. (They should remove the shift) Dasher has so many bugs right now but if they were fixed I think they would be a little bit towards S.
  20. SaltyPasta472 Platinum

    Sry but I just think you havent played the new dasher. If you were speaking of the old dasher I would totally agree with you. But the new dasher has a 10 not a 5 second cooldown, doesnt get combattacked and doesnt receive any negative effects while dashing.
    This just makes it a better ability than the doubblejump

    Btw I loved playing acrobat but rn you loose vs dasher and scout...

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