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Suggestion Annihilation Class Suggestions

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Jarool, Sep 14, 2023.

Suggestion - Annihilation Class Suggestions

Should every class be viable on every map?

Yes 1 vote(s) 16.7%
No 5 vote(s) 83.3%
  1. Jarool Mini Admin

    Edit 1: Changed Berserker slightly and added Miner suggestion. Edit 1 changes are marked in dark blue.

    - Double jump cooldown is reset on MELEE kill.
    I wanted to give Acrobat a fun way to get into a fight and get out when they win. It's also only given on melee kills so it'll be a little more niche, but could be a lifesaver in a 1v2 situation.

    - Removed extended Regeneration II potion
    This one potion is way too much. I don't believe there shouldn't be "guaranteed" ways to win games (what I refer to as 'win conditions'), but leave that to the gapple.

    - Shackle's Slowness II -> Slowness I
    Slowness II is very, very powerful, and it's non-stop until the box is gone. This ability needs to be tuned down.

    - Max hearts reduced from 20 -> 17
    - Melee kills give 1.5 hearts from 7 -> 10 hearts
    - All other kills give 1 heart from 7 -> 10 hearts
    - Melee kills give 1 heart from 10 -> 14 hearts
    - All other kills give 0.5 hearts from 10 -> 14 hearts
    - Melee kills give 0.5 hearts from 14 -> 17 hearts
    - All other kills give 0 hearts from 14 -> 17 hearts
    I truly think Berserker is very strong, especially in the right hands, but I don't believe reducing the hearts back to 15 would be good for it either. That said, bow kills shouldn't reward easy hearts. The class should be a risk/reward class. It's hard to really figure out the best numbers for it, but I think 17 might be quite fair, especially with a speed-granting ability.

    - Teammates can right-click a Civilian with an empty hand to open a crafting table
    - Civilians are marked with a © in their nametag (to help distinguish them)
    Civilian is NOT meant to be a good class at all, but in the few niche circumstances, it should be helpful in supporting the team. This is just a fun ability that doesn't make Civilian useful, but doesn't make it a waste.

    - Outside of nexus range, Guardian's Warp will recall the Defender back to base
    - Immediately outside the range, the timer for recalling is 3 seconds
    - Increases by 1 second for every 10 blocks out, up to 12 seconds
    Nothing that makes Defender useful outside of the base, but if they do need to leave the base, they have the ability to get back easily, without the use of a Transporter. This also allows the Alert Item to stay in the nexus area, so if someone else is nearby, they can still hear it and tell you.

    - Gain Haste I for 10 seconds on ability use
    Speeds up mining a little.

    - Has a passive fall damage reduction of 25%
    - Makes no sound when taking fall damage (will still reveal if invisible)
    Ninja is a Ninja. They should be good with taking a fall, and being silent while doing so.

    Rift Walker
    - Players cannot wear diamond armour for 7 seconds after a rift
    - To ensure a player isn't left behind, a rift will fail if a diamond player is attempting to be rifted, warning that player they cannot be rifted
    This doesn't remove rifts, but makes them a little more dangerous. Rifted players already receive weakness from the rift, so the heavy diamond armour is too much to wear until the weakness is gone (and then a little more).

    Robin Hood
    - The Steed is half as healthy (hearts cut in half)
    The Steed is a little much. It's very fast, and very healthy. Now it'll be very fast and somewhat healthy.

    - Combat Tag applies on respawn
    You did just die, you were in combat. This just makes sense.

    - Combat Tag is reset on kill IF there are no enemies visibly within 20 blocks
    - This means invis players and players behind walls will not affect the Combat Tag reset
    Allows the Scout to immediately move on from an encounter if they get the kill, while also making sure they don't just immediately get away in a 1v2 situation.

    - Portals placed using another portal are linked
    - This means, if a second transporter places an entrance portal, and then goes through a portal to place the exit portal, that second portal is linked to the first, and both are broken if the first is broken
    - The first will not break if the second is broken
    Having a multi-tp rush is not fun. This just makes it a little harder for the rush to easily succeed.

    - Spells cast are no longer instantaneous, but now move at 30 blocks/second
    Spell spam is way too much. It's very easy to reduce someone's hearts in an instant, something many other classes only dream of being able to do. This still allows the spam, but makes it harder at range.

    Enchanting Table
    - Can no longer enchant books
    Except for Tinkerer, books shouldn't be able to be enchanted. It's a niche thing on very few maps, but it's just not right!

    Ender Pearls
    - On teleport, gives the player Slowness II + Glowing for 1 second
    This just gives a little teeny bit of counter-play, but doesn't make it really easy to do so.

    These are my personal suggestions. These are mere ideas, and nothing more. I'm not looking at all these to say they should be added, but maybe to spark some ideas of your own. Leave your comments below!

    As a question: Should every class be viable on every map? For instance, should Iceman have an ability that makes it useful on maps without water too?

  2. lPirlo Mini Admin

    From my humble opinion:

    Acrobat: Nice idea, but I think assasin should included it too.

    Alchemist: I like the idea taking care that the biggest win condition should be the gapple. (More expensive to get than enhanced reg 2 potion)

    Bard: I think bard is nice like it is now

    Berserker: It's a bit op now, but I think your nerf is too much, before the last update berserk had no importance in the meta and with these changes I think it would stop being used.

    Civilian: Could be good but nobody uses civ and nobody will use civ never, its just a temporal class while ure getting others like miner, and with the random free classes weekly its difficult someone have to use the civ.

    Defender: I guess that this back to base tp is only possible if the player is out of combat and he dont move. Otherwise, people would use it to minerush and run away in case of danger, just as they use the TP.

    Miner: If you give haste I with the miner skill, people will use it to mine nexus, I think its fine as it is, very very useful to get resources.

    Ninja: Good idea, but I think now the Ninja has some other problems, as you have to have a lot of items in the hotbar to use it fully and a lot of then are useless. Surikens do 0 dmg and smoke bomb radius is too small. I think changing surikens and smoke bomb first could help the class get more use.

    Ritfwalker: The nerf its too much, maybe reduce the amount of players a only riftwalker can tp is the way, its a very important class to play anni correctly, also this change can be confusing, it only forbids you to wear the diamond armors, the boss buff armors if it lets you? and the prot 4 iron armors? Its a bit confusing as I said.

    Robin Hood: Youre suggesting nerf the robin hood, but my opinion its that Robin Hood is not abusive enough to nerf it.

    Scout: Your firts idea I think its fair, the second one I think will be confusing. By the way, I think the scout its very balanced now, I think it dont need changes.

    Transporter: Tp its not broken to nerf it, its a class that make what promises, you can create a tp for tp your team mates. I think the change its very confusing, why if I broke the second the firts dont destroy itself? How the enemies know what of both have to destroy? If I protect very well the first TP using delay blocks/team door, the problem of multi tp will persist.

    Wizard: One of the reasons the old wizards never had be used was that the spells were too slow. Maybe now is too easy hit the spells, but I think the wizard have to be changed in other way, for example, with this change you dont reduce the spell spam in a closed place, for example, when wizards are defending a nexus rush.

    Enchanting table: If you nerf the enhanced reg 2 from alchemist, you dont allow enchant protection books with enchanter to get high prot, there are no way to end a stacked team without multiples rushes and makes the games very longer. I think enchant prot books its not a problem on the game right now, every single player have the option of enchant books to get good gear without depend of his team mates or friends.

    Ender Pearl: I like the idea of make ender pearls a bit harder to use, but 1 second of Slowness 2 and glowing is irrelevant, maybe increasing this numbers works, but if a player can buy an ender pearl probably he can buy milk too to remove the debuff from using the pearl, so its a bit difficult to manage.

    And anwering your last question, it is inevitable that some classes have more utility in some maps and less in others, it is the magic of anni, to choose the best option for each moment.
  3. Jarool Mini Admin

    Good points in your response. I especially agree with the RiftWalker one. There's one in particular I'm looking at

    I actually believe shurikens and smoke bomb are good. The smoke bomb's radius could be increased a little, but it's good enough to force a fight. Shurikens, however, if used correctly, can essentially be used like how players used to use rods in pvp. They stop the momentum of the enemy, allowing you to get the first hit more easily. Again, shurikens can be very useful in pvp situations, if players could figure out how to fully utilise them (and that would be scary). This does only work with the knockback shurikens. The magic ones are pretty much useless (though, someone might find a use).

    Your other thoughts on Wizard, I thought another idea might be to combine the damage spells together and just have one spell, replacing them with some support/utility spells. Maybe a quick healing spell? Just because it's so easy to rack up damage on an enemy with 3 spells in 10 seconds.

    Civilian change isn't meant to make Civilian useful, or played. Just there because it's a silly idea, but the idea of it could be useful on another class (for instance (don't actually do this), Miner opens efurnace on right-clicking on them). Just to give people an idea of what classes could do.
  4. squallythewally Obsidian


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