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Announcement Annihilation Clan War Montage

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by JACOBSMILE, May 31, 2020.

Announcement - Annihilation Clan War Montage
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  1. JACOBSMILE Jr. Developer


    Happy June everyone!

    The Film Crew is proud to announce the creation of an Annihilation Clan War Montage! In the next couple of weeks, we will be working on a montage with the best, funniest, weirdest and coolest moments of the recent clan wars! This montage will be posted on the official Shotbow YouTube channel.

    How to Submit

    There are a couple ways to send us your favorite moments.
    1. Post on this thread your favorite moments from the stream archives you can find on the Shotbow YouTube Channel. Please be sure to include the timestamp of the moment, or we may not consider it!
    2. If you recorded a match in your first person perspective, feel free to upload your favorite moments and send it our way.
    Please submit the clips and moments on this thread. Be sure to include a short description of the submission to help us out in the creation of the montage. While we may not feature every clip or suggestion, but we will do our best to include as many as we can!


    Submissions will close on July 1st. This thread will be locked at this time as well. Work will begin on the montage over these next few weeks, but all submissions posted within this month will be considered equally.

    In addition, there are going to be more clan wars hosted, and potentially livestreamed from June 5th through June 9th, with specific details being released as we finalize the team rosters. Favorite moments from the streamed tournaments will also be considered.


    The Film Crew is going to continue to work with the community on several projects in the future, and this is just one of our first steps. From everyone on the Film Crew, we want to thank you for your support, and hope to deliver you with this montage, and many more in the months to come!

    Thanks for flying Shotbow!

  2. Outra Localization Lead

    Nice! good initiative, I’m already waiting to see it :)
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  3. LegendaryAlex Platinum

    Can't wait to work on this
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  4. Spavky Platinum


    Here's a clanwar montage by me. Feel free to use the parts of the video you like. :)
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  5. Ungenes Platinum

    "they cant rift to him" and 8 people rift to him I thought was pretty funny haha

    Also if you want to use anything then for sure
  6. Ganzatron Platinum

    Clan Match #1 - 12:55 -Murg Entering the call and being a bad boy
    32:24 -HMKY Begins their walk on all the teams(36:45 & 42:11)

    Clan Match #2 - 11:20 -JTG getting a little too excited for two invs players
    29:38 - Dear's Iron P3 rush against Mizu
    32:44 - HMKY's rush on Dear
    34:15- WonderLand rush on HMKY
    36:31 -Mizu rush on Wonderland
    One right after the Other! Pop! Pop! Pop!
    Also I think JTG has some of the best Audio clips in this match

    Clan Match #3 - 28:49 OBLV rifted mid on MIZU
    32:26 - Sevy realizes their oops
    45:05 -JTG's question gets answered from yellow
    1:01:30 Murg tried to tell you blue
    1:15:42 Murg "Meme Defense" - Only if he knew the games to come
    1:33:18 Ungenes On his chase for Dutch

    Clan Match #4
    26:14- MrChicloso Quad kill DJ "That's a lot of Damage"
    32.44 - APL Rushed mid
    39:16 -Mizu rushes Alice with their signature acro on tent
    51:33 -Mizu x2
    1:06:03 -APL rifted????????

    Clan Match #5
    29:10 - HMKY's p3 rush on Oblv. Wp
    34:47 - HMKY's perfection timing with another rush
    43:30 -Murg calling out soto for parkour(He isn't better than that)
    44:00 -The new Meta wall
    47:34 -Motumbo with the SNIPE
    57:26 -Cute little Bar fight/Cross Teaming

    Clan Match #6
    2:35 -Galap Praising himself for the Godly Team Door
    12:30 -The Begin of IceBlast3's Run
    16:54 -Everyone's confusion activates

    Clan Match #7
    43:01 - SaxaphoneWalrus appreciating the skins
    49:12 -Murg trying to pull a dad joke
    1:02:34 -Murg amazed by a game mechanic with the timed out suspense
    1:13:14 -IamDefender:lmao: firing Gielemoos as defender
    1:16:45 -Murg getting mad at people who rush with resources. Also 0w0UwUOwO with his solo rush
    1:33:26 -My personal favorite of TMC doing an assassin rush

    Clan Match #8
    8:08 -Ungenes Playing with Fire
    14:31 - Oblv with the awesome P2
    26:09 -How did Mizu mess this up ->27:45
    39:43 -JonnyDvE with the steal of pots
    44:40 -Rawr with the Op Skybridge
  7. Ganzatron Platinum

    I would also ask HMKY for their first person rush on us in Clan Match #9 because that was pretty awesome and well timed.
  8. Darth_Bachious Retired Staff

    This seems like enough material for 2 montages and a murgtage.

    Those murg moments are actually quite good, I did watch them.
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  9. kirukyi Media Creator


    You can use this video.
    but this video is difficult to edit because black belt and very short part.
    If you want to use my perspective,contact me.
    I can send you my any perspective record(with no editing).
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