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Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Murgatron, Apr 29, 2017.

Discussion - Annihilation Beta - Feedback thread!
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  1. Murgatron Network Lead

    Hello everyone,

    This is the forum thread for all feedback in relation to the Annihilation Beta. Please report all bugs on our Report a bug forum!

    The class changes are below - all changes in red are tweaks we've made since the initial beta and based on feedback!

    Robin Hood [IMG]

    Brand new class:
    • Permanent Weakness 1
    • Bow can be leveled up to become more powerful, dying will remove 1 tier of your bow!
    • Starting bow - Power 1, 12 arrows
    • Tier1 : 10 Kills = Power 2, Unbreaking 2
    • Tier2 : 15 Kills = Power 2, Punch 1, Unbreaking 3
    • Tier3 : 30 Kills = Power 3, Punch 1, Poison 1, Unbreaking 3
    • Tier4 : 40 Kills = Power 3, Punch 1, Flame 1, Unbreaking 3
    • Tier5 : 55 Kills = Power 3, Punch 2, Flame 1, Unbreaking 3
    • Tier6 : 70 Kills= , Power 4, Punch 2, Flame 1, Unbreaking 3
    • Tier7: 90 Kills = Infinity 1, Power 4, Punch 2, Flame 1, Poison 1, Unbreaking 3
    Based on the forum suggestion, we wanted to add another bow based class to the game. This class is intended for those who just want to get straight into the action - no enchanting, no grinding - just get out there and PVP!

    In initial testings we found that RobinHood's class bow was quickly out classed in early gameplay by a bow you could make and enchant yourself! This clearly made no sense so we buffed his starting bow and reduced the kills required to progress through the first few tiers. We also tweaked the penalty for death as we felt it was a little harsh.

    Sniper [IMG]

    • Any bow can now be used in Sniper mode - left click on a bow
    • Sniper mode:
      • Arrows have no drop off
      • Arrows have 1.5x velocity
      • Costs 3 arrows and 7 bow durability when in sniper mode
        • Infinity bows have no arrow cost but cost 10 durability
        • Each level of unbreaking reduces the durability cost by 1
    Previously only the sniper bow could be used which limited gameplay and forced players to carry 2 bows - the sniper bow and an enchanted bow late game. We decided to allow all bows to be used in sniper mode to improve the gameplay of the class.

    Tinkerer [IMG]

    • Gold Block - Haste 2 for 15seconds
    • Emerald Block - Absorption 1 for 20seconds
    • Diamond Block - Speed 2 for 20seconds
    • Pads will now reapply the effect when stood on, even if you have the current effect. (Note - ingame XP is only awarded when a player uses the pad WITHOUT the current effect).
    We felt that tinkerer required more functionality as bard currently outclassed it with it's own speed and regeneration buffs. We hope that these new pads will encourage more use of this class.

    Mercenary [IMG]

    • New mark effect - Glow effect and creeper firework signalling a player has been marked
    • Damage when marked for death fixed to now only allow X% more damage
    The old mark of death meant it was tricky to determine how strong your foe was as all their armour was hidden. The new glow effect resolves this issue and even allows you to track marked players out of your line of sight. Fireworks have been added to draw even more attention to the target!

    Mercenary was incredibly powerful previously, we've now patched this so the damage multiplier works properly.

    Transporter [IMG]
    • Sign to spawnkit
    • Message and sound effect when teleport is destroyed
    • Time duration of teleports removed
    • Unset (inactive) teleports removed upon death
    We felt that transporter was often abused to where a teleport could be kept up almost indefinetly as long as the transporter was alive to reset their teleport. We removed this in exchange for a permanent teleport for as long as you are transporter and no-one destroys your teleport. This means you don't have to babysit and reset your teleport every 5 minutes. We added a sign to spawnkit to allow you to quickly say where your teleport leads to and a notification and sound message to alert you when your teleport is down!

    Spider [IMG]
    • 14 Throwable cobwebs that last for 25 seconds on the ground and then regenerate into your hand?
    • Made vine ability toggleable
    We made the vine ability toggleable to come inline with other classes like Iceman. Vines will last for 10 seconds after spawning, allowing for teammates to follow on behind.
    Spider's only ability meant it's viability was lacking, so we added the ability to throw cobweb blocks - spin a web, any size, catch your enemies, just like flies! :zanonymous:

    Healer [IMG]
    • New class icon
    • Permanent Weakness 1 (as before)
    • Added new class item - Bloodbag:
      • 2 abilities - both abilities are on the same cooldown:
        • Right click - AOE healing effect of 2.5 hearts (1 to other healers) to the 3 lowest health teammates in a 6 block radius, cooldown of 15 seconds
        • Left click - Single healing effect on a teammate you look at within 10 blocks, healing 7.5 hearts, 45 second cooldown.
    The old healer forced you to sacrifice your gained hearts to heal your teammates, meaning you were unable to participate in the action. This sucked and we felt healer should be able to throw itself into the fray!
    The 2 abilities allow you to save a teammate from death with a huge burst heal but forces you to wait longer to use the smaller AOE healing.

    Riftwalker [IMG]
    • Ability to rift back to base
    What inter dimensional planes walker cannot even find his way back home!?

    Thor [IMG]
    • Knockback 2 enchantment to Axe
    • Permanent Resistance 1
    • Lightning effect can only be used with right click action, to allow players to use the Axe with KB2
    Thor's main active is still extremely strong so we added a small buff to his axe to allow him to knock people around a little more! We also made him tougher, he is an Asgard God after all!

    Wizard [IMG]
    • No fall damage for 5 seconds after whirlwinding yourself
    • Enchantment to your wand to make it shiny!
    Taking fall damage after blasting yourself off the ground to reach higher places sucked, so we made it more fun!

    We've limited this update to only a few classes to reduce the burden on our development team, so they can quickly patch any bugs / tweak any changes and roll them out faster. We will be releasing further updates to Annihilation with respect to more class tweaks and some core mechanics of Annihilation. Stay tuned :zanonymous:

    Scorpio [IMG]

    • Particle trail to thrown hooks, client side only!
    Long ranged hooks always went out of render due to the hook being an item and not an projectile (snowball or an arrow). We therefore added a simple particle trail to thrown hooks so you can adjust your aim for those long ranged hooks.

  2. Quiglet Platinum

    Healer needs to see teammate health in order to use it's abilities effectively. Ablities shouldn't activate for healer if they are full health too. Also I believe you need to swtich the mouse keys for the healer abilities because they aren't listed correctly.
  3. Maashg Silver


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  4. Creeperker Obsidian

    Spider can glitch with their net to ally. It should be no effect for them.
  5. DutchBartje Emerald

    I absolutely love Tinkerer! I am also happy to see that Mercenary has had a tweak. Robin Hood is fun, but hard against full irons. Very well balanced so far! I would absolutely love to test these new changes on the new maps. :wink:
  6. BrickWaflle Platinum

    Seems interesting...
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  7. LegendaryAlex Gold

    Tinkerer is absolutly a great kit now! You can use the diamond block for speed 2 if you are going to rush or if you are going to do a hit and run! I am sure that spider is now one of the most fun kit to play. I think you guys should boost the radius of Bard like Guiga said. Sniper is also a cool card now, I am sure that people are going to use this card more! I have a feeling mercenary is still kind of OP, but that is good because I know gapples got nerfed but if you still have a ton of gapples ur enemy still need a mercenary to defend so I am happy that they didnt kill the kit. I think Robin Hood should be a buffed a little bit. It was a smart decision to nerf transporter, its more balanced since u cant do /kill to get to base again.
  8. Kronoz Platinum

    I think Wizard need more Spells, like (Teleportation) or (Deception) and also Riftwalker need more things!.
  9. Maashg Silver

    Buff to Succubus and re-add old bloodmage and old vampire and Paladin class please :D

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  10. Murgatron Network Lead


    We've limited this update to only a few classes to reduce the burden on our development team, so they can quickly patch any bugs / tweak any changes and roll them out faster. We will be releasing further updates to Annihilation with respect to more class tweaks and some core mechanics of Annihilation. Stay tuned :zanonymous:
  11. Kronoz Platinum

    Sounds great! ^_^
  12. BadAdministrator Retired Staff

    Can we make Spider more OP than Scout and remove the slowness when passing through cobwebs ?
    Otherwise, the test games I played were tons of fun.
    I love the fact classes like Healer, Spider and Thor are viable again.
    Wizard is going to be even more OP now you don't kill yourself by using whirlwind.
    Glad to see Sniper and Mercenary working properly again.
    Tinkerer now does not feel so boring, it has variety now, which is good.
    Robin Hood is promising, but like many said, please make it so you can see how many kills you have.
  13. Hasenfuss Mini Builder, Qubion Moderator

    Very good update in my opinion, you finally removed warriors passive true damage and nerved mercenary! +1
    Some classes like spider might not be that balanced but they are incredibly fun, so who cares :stuck_out_tongue:
    Well done!
  14. Bupin DBV Admin

    I'm loving the new changes to these classes! It breathes fresh life into classes that were barely used. Some things that should be noted:

    There should be counters for both the amount of kills you've gotten with the Robin Hood bow, and when you will be able to get the next tier, as otherwise it's a bit of a guessing game if you stay alive for long periods of time. Not only that, the bow should get a self-repair option (something like repair 50 durability instantly) when the next tier is reached, as it can be difficult to reach the bow's full potential for players with a not-so-good aim. (Like me)

    The new power pads you can make with tinkerer (emerald, diamond and golden blocks) should be able to be crafted in a crafting interface with a pressure plate so that they function the same as the first two power pads you spawn with. In it's current state it can be a pain to have to mine and replace both the block and the pressure plate.

    Other than that, looking forward to these new changes to be implemented! :)
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  15. HungerHealer Regular Member

    I like the new sniper
  16. Valadro Gold

    I wasn't able to attend the closed beta, but this is what I think just looking at the changes.

    Robin Hood: I like the idea, but looking at a number of kills it takes to get a fully upgraded bow, it seems like the player will be stuck using that class all game trying to get their bow upgraded. Can you upgrade the bow with just general bow kills? For example, if I have a power II bow, and I get 5 kills with it, will that upgrade the class bow? Just a thought of mine.

    Sniper: I haven't been able to play test it yet, but it seems pretty good to me, considering there is no arrow drop off and the arrow speed is increased.

    Tinkerer: YES YES YES. I like the fact that we are adding more buffs to this class. However, I would like to see some possible changes to it. One of those being that you can step over the pads at any point of time while you have its buff to regain the effect. The old tinkerer was made so that you had to wait for the full duration of the buff you get to reactivate it, but I would like to see it so that if you have 5 seconds left on a buff tinkerer has given you, you can step on the pad to reactivate the ability then. Also, this may just be me, but the absorption effect that you get from the emerald block seems a little clunky to me. I'm not sure what else I would give it in place of that. Also, why not add a buff like depth strider for a block of lapis?

    Mercenary: Seems to be okay. Again, haven't actually seen this in actual gameplay, but the new visual effect I would hope is better than the current one. Hopefully, the tweaked damage done to the marked target is appropriate.

    Spider: YES. Haven't seen the cobweb mechanic in-game, but seems to be more fun now. Also, should spider be allowed to break their own cobwebs and walk through cobwebs faster? :stuck_out_tongue:

    Healer: I like the changes, but when we're talking about 7.5 hearts and such are we talking 7.5 out of 20 hearts or 7.5 out of 10 hearts? Sort of changes things if it's like that.

    Riftwalker: I didn't even know that you couldn't rift to your own base. Glad it does now!

    Thor: I like the KB 2 enchantment on his axe. Will be great for voiding people. :)

    Wizard: I always loved being able to whirwind out of certain situations, but hated the fall damage you took from it. I like this change.

    Proposed Changes:

    Iceman: When an iceman shoots an arrow and hits someone with it, the person hit will gain a Slowness effect for 1 second. Similar to how Pyro has a flame effect added to his bow regardless if it's enchanted with flame or not.

    Work in progress, I may have more of these. For now, that's all I can think of. Hope you look at my comments and take them into consideration.
  17. Haichao Platinum

    Robin Hood:
    - It seems underpowered. Sure you might be able to get 100 kills in a game but the earliest I reckon you would get the top tier bow is phase 5, perhaps phase 4. Enchanter, especially in 1.9, can easily get a great bow and lots of iron/gold by phase 3. In addition to that enchanter doesn't have weakness I and can just switch to another class. Robin hood just doesn't come close to this level of power.

    - Please make it so that the bow shoots normal arrows when not fully drawn instead of giving the message "You have to fully charge your bow in sniper mode".
    - Not having your arrows drop feels weird and requires adjustment. The benefit of not having your arrow drop is, in my opinion, negligible since estimating the vertical distance your arrow will drop is much less of a limiting factor than estimating your enemies horizontal movement when it comes to long range shooting.
    All in all this class seems underpowered compared to Archer who also gets a damage boost (afaik) and on top of that has Punch I and unlimited arrows (essentially).

    - Please make the spells toggleable on the fly, for example by left clicking your wand.
    - The direction of the whirlwind seems somewhat unpredictable so strategically launching yourself is impossible.

    Other than that I think the class updates are fine. Spider, especially, looks like it will be tons of fun but I'm not sure how effective it will be in actual combat.
    The sound effect when your TP is broken and the new tornado spiral kill effect are neat!
  18. DutchBartje Emerald

    I had an idea for Sniper and Robin Hood. I have played both classes in the closed beta test for premium players only. Once you hit an enemy with one of your arrows, you get that arrow back, so you basically don't lose any arrows.

    For example, I shoot LegendaryAlex with my bow and I hit him, I get the arrow I shot back. If I miss, nothing happens.

    EDIT: Bard gets absorption 1 when wearing a gold set. (People told me this was from HCF, so I guess it is)
    Let me know what you think of my class suggestions.
  19. WildWargasm Platinum

    Been waiting for that subtle Thor change for a century! Glad to see some changes! Can't wait to try them out!
  20. Litnetti Emerald

    the sniper dream has come true
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